You, with nowhere to go and nowhere to return…

               I grant you a place to belong. 

                          My name is Yato/Bishamon  

              Bearing a posthumous name, you shall remain here, with this name, 

I make thee my servant. 

Wiith this name and its alternate, I use my life to make thee a Regalia. 

                                  Thou art Yuki/Mine! As Regalia, Setsu/Ryo! 

                                                                                                                      Come… Sekki/Ryoki! 


Ryner Lute Appreciation Post– for izuuchi 

“People hate dying. They hate killing, too. They don’t like making others cry, or crying themselves. How must it feel not to be able to choose one’s life? What about when a noble dies? Or when a loved one dies? Nobody wants those things. Yet the world laughs and hungers for such suffering. I’ve never had any burning desire to change something, but it would be sad without change.I don’t want to lose anything else… It sucks, but I think it’s about time I moved forward. I’ve averted my eyes until now, but… If I have to, I’ll take a hard look at my own past. To achieve a word where nobody ever loses anything. One that doesn’t make that child or Kiefer cry. One where Tahile, Tony, and Fahle don’t die. One where Sion doesn’t have to brood. A world where everyone can laugh… and just take afternoon naps all the time.”