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I seem a post from a while back where you called zayn a group mom by scolding the others and being protective and I can see it, but can you think of any times where he particular showed it or do you have a masterpost??

I don’t think I did, but have a mini-masterpost:

Zayn sticking up for Niall and telling him he doesn’t have to do something during an interview.


Telling Niall he can spit out his vegemite after he tastes it for the first time and finds it really not to his liking.

Taking Liam to task for not coming up with genuine compliments about Niall during an interview section.

Feeding Niall against the rules during 1D Day because Niall is always hungry and it was a very long day.

Worrying about Louis falling off the stage and trying to corral him.

Fixing Louis’ sleeves for him during one of the hotter concerts.

Tying shoes.

Being careful about water safety.

Protecting Liam when the jokes get a little too rough.

And again.

Watching out for Liam after he broke his arm.

And again when Liam was under the weather.

Saving Harry from becoming a shish kabob.

Standing up for Harry’s reputation during an interview.

And again.

Making sure Harry didn’t poison himself.

Active Larries

So further to the big boycott list that we periodically reblog, someone wondered a couple of weeks ago whether all the Larries on the list were still active as we’ve seen such a drop in some of the big ones. I’ve found myself with a bit of time on my hands after meeting a deadline earlier in the month, so I thought I’d go through the list and see what I could find. Lucky me getting to click on all those toxic blogs!

16meets18 - this redirects to, still active, has blogged today
2tiedships2 - active, has blogged today, is a prolific gifmaker but ~weirdly~ enough only makes gifs of Louis from nine hundred years ago
aaronexplainsitall (was aaronbutterfield) - Aaron flounced off Tumblr soon after Louis’ promo started at the beginning of the summer, then wrote this post in August about how he wasn’t going to blog about 1D anymore, has actually blogged about 1D since then, but is pretty inactive. One of the London bloggers who all appear to have dropped off Tumblr 
aboutchopsuey - fairly inactive, the front page of the blog has posts dating back 2 months, dropped off when Louis’ promo started in July 
alw4ys-you (was summer5tars) - on permanent hiatus, last blog is dated 3 months ago. Says they’re on hiatus due to anon hate and needing a fresh start, may have got a new name  
anchoredlou - hasn’t blogged since the end of August 
annalarrie - is the artist for all those fucking rainbow bear drawings that pop up, so may be a sideblog for someone else? I’m not sure. The latest post has tags about how the Azoffs aren’t saving Louis or Harry and how Jeff’s friendship with Harry is a stunt, so that’s how they’re looking 
annulloamato (was thendowncamethelightning) - no longer at this URL, anyone know where they went? 
ashavahishta - hasn’t blogged in a month but that’s not that unusual for Asha, she may be back. Has been really inactive since like February.
astolenchild - now afireforaheart, it redirects though. Still active, reblogging foetus gifs a lot 
bakagamieru - still active, is also a Ziam and has a hilarious post on the front page making some leaps of logic between Liam saying he likes the song Englishman in New York and shading/hinting at his true sexuality 
bananastagram - still Larrying
beautlouis - is now thelovejandles, hasn’t posted in three weeks but one of her tags says “hospital queue” so may well be in hospital (and if so, I hope she’s okay) 
beccasafan - still Larrying, still active 
betterstllbemywindingwheel - still active 
birdonahotdog - still active 
bitofbanter - was active earlier in the week 
blouehjob - now at deepindeniall, still active 
bluemetgreen - still active 
boyfriendsofficial - is no longer at this url 
britishhusbands - still active
bromanceshmomance - still active, although I think she had a bit of a hiatus? 
bulletproofhalo - we discovered this week that BPH has links to Rolling Stone and can make them write articles about the covers Harry plays, but can’t make them investigate Hollywood’s Baby Faking scandl! Gosh. 
bunboyfriend - still Larrying 
buscandoelparaiso - still Larrying, being particularly gross about Briana deleting photos 
business-direction - still pretending to be nice, still a gross Larrie underneath 
certainthingshappened - not there anymore 
claudiyah - hasn’t blogged since August so possibly gone 
claudiyah-art - ah, the above blogger’s fanart tumblr. Hasn’t posted anything 1D related since the beginning of August, may have moved on 
cliffordnlouis - not there 
conscious–ramblings (yeah, 2 hyphens, fam) - had a hiatus for about six weeks I think, just after Louis’ promo started, pleading mental health issues. Has posted a bit, but isn’t completely back. I feel like her powers are diminished since Aaron and Verily went AWOL. 
coolbreeeze - was actively Larrying this week 
curlyhairedcuntandboobear - still has the mantra “THERE IS NO BABY” in their header, where very clearly there is now A baby, regardless of who he belongs to 
dailydoseofziam - still Larrying, still Ziaming 
daysundercover - still Larrying, also reblogging foetus pictures from 900 years ago 
diggingandfluff - Fluff bowed out a few weeks ago didn’t she? Iftheresnolove made sure to post a message from her that said she was still a Larrie, but I’m not altogether convinced. Fluff always seemed the most likely to actually have music industry connections, I wonder if she finally saw the light 
directionereg - still Larrying 
droppedmyburrito - hasn’t been active for a couple of weeks, but was still Larrying then 
droppingtheveilofmaya - oh, still one of the most disgusting humans I’ve ever come across. Tends to get very angry when anyone casts doubt upon all her industry connections 
dunkirknews - now appears to be a spam blog? 
elceeu2morrow - still Larrying 
evenstarsinthesky - still active 
everythingstylinson - still Larrying, posting manips of Louis being on stage with Harry cos that’s not creepy at all 
felicitetomlinsondaily - Fizzy update blog so generally stays away from Larry stuff but I’m sure bigger brains than mine can say why they’re on this list? 
ferninism - is still friends with a lot of Larries, but hasn’t actually posted anything Larry related in quite a while. Still one to blacklist though. 
fireprooof - still active, still Larrying 
fluffyyorkshirepudding - are you kidding me that this woman is 49 years old. Still Larrying, has a wild story in her tags today about Harry glaring at Briana at a show two years ago 
freddieismyqueen - hasn’t posted on Tumblr in almost a year, since November 2016, but I’m sure I saw some Larrie this week talking about a new YouTube video from her, so she’s still out there 
fuckyeahlouis - gone, no longer there 
gaynkles (was lcighade) - no overtly Larry posts that I can see, but, well, they’ve still got that URL 
gaysilk - still Larrying 
gemma-daily - like the Fizzy update blog, I don’t know how they’re a Larrie, but yeah they’re still updating on Gemma 
genderneutralsongs - hasn’t posted since May 
geneticistlarrie - still active 
gigglelou - still Larrying 
goodmorningtoyouuniverse - still active 
happy1days - still active 
happytinylou - still active 
haroldslovebites - still active 
harryandlouisarehappilystrong - still Larrying 
harrysdimplesarethedeathofme - doesn’t appear to have posted about Louis in a while, although I can’t be bothered going back overly far. Is still friends with Larries as proven by the blogroll linked. 
heterophobiclouis (was worththewhiletweet) - still a Larrie 
iamlouistomlinson - still Larrying 
idareyoutotakealook - still Larrying 
iftheresnolove - still gross and disgusting, not even going to say anymore. Still updating her spreadsheets of lies 
intenselouis - still active 
investigatewsrm - redirects to investigaterainbows, still a Larrie 
itsastorm - still Larrying 
itwilltoteshappen - still active, can’t be bothered going far enough back to find any Louis content though 
jhoappreciationblog - is now password protected 
jimmytfallon - still active 
justinjaymie - one of the absolute worst Larries, I hate even going on this blog 
just-kind-of-happened - hasn’t posted in a week but that might be normal 
kindofsharethat - still Larrying
knightchanges - still gross 
lads-laddylads - still terrible, although she seems to be an outlier in the fandom now. She’s had some harassment recently about being straight and writing gay fanfic, and just seems to have some unpopular opinions. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ducks out soon 
lapelosa - has been missing for a lot of the year. Looks like Angela finally gave up fighting the Big Gay War! 
larrienation - used to be kaylornation, so it looks like they’ve got form in other tinhat fandoms too. Lovely 
larryalbum - still a Larrie 
larryappreciation - not a lot of Larry content but still has the URL so 
larryftdua (was vansandburberry) - still Larrying 
larryownsthisass - empty tumblr now 
lattebiscotti - still Larrying, writing posts about how Harry will be “MIA” when Louis is doing pro, they just know it! 
lawyerlarrie - still Larrying, still pretending to be a feminist 
laynefaire - still Larrying 
legohousedea - still Larrying, insisting Louis is wearing a nod to Freddie Mercury when wearing a shirt with a lighhtning bolt on 
lesbianslovelouis - of course she’s still active, the day she gives up I’m throwing a fucking party. Got EVEN CREEPIER in the last few months and has Barbie dolls to act out her creepy fantasies 
lhrry - still Larrying 
lhrryart - fanart blog of above blog, not particularly active this year 
loneozner - still Larrying 
lornasaurusrex - still Larrying 
lostjams - still active 
lottiesource (was lottie-source) - like the other updates accounts for the girls, I don’t know about this one being a Larrie blog, but it is still active 
louisandthedagger - still using the tag “my gay son” to refer to Louis so you know 
louisbravado - still active 
louisea - calling Camilla a trash bag so you know still Larrying 
louissbbtomlinson (was veteranlarrie) - still a Larrie 
loumos (was anchoredlou) - has been to a meet up of several Larries mentioned here (bulletproofhalo, srslycris, anchoredlou, firstmatesheera, olieolieoxnfree, too-old-for-this-ship) recently 
lsanchor - sideblog of janree, appears active 
lucystarkid - currently convinced it’s not Harry’s decision to play the Victoria’s Secret show, so yeah, still Larrying 
lululawrence - still active 
m3llybaby - hasn’t been active since Harry’s Dunkirk promo a couple of months ago 
mellygrant - somewhat active, second post says that she’s been on and off. Appears to be a Ziam tinhat too 
miss-you-sweetcheeks - not very active but sidebar still says they’re a Larrie 
nerds4life - still active 
nsfwtomlinson - still active, says Harry is a gay icon so I’m going to say still a Larrie 
oiiiioiiii - still active 
onmykneesforlarry - sideblog for nauticallyrics, apparently. Hasn’t been active since last December (NB nauticallyrics is definitely still a Larrie)
oopstatt - still active 
organictm - …interestingly, has this post calling out Big Larries…. still definitely a Larrie though 
ot5alwaysinmyheart - still Larrying 
otpwhatever - still active, can’t be bothered to find any Larry on there as it’s not recent 
pass-the-pencil - still active 
paynespider - still a Larrie, also hates Taylor Swift 
paynoisbatman - still active 
perfectionlouis - still Larrying 
proudoflou - still active, nothing overtly Larry on the front page currently 
quietasides - still active 
quirkyharry - nothing at this URL 
rainbowbears - nothing here either 
saracha33 - still active, still gross 
seahorseharry - still a Larrie 
seasurfacefullofclouds - still a Larrie 
sexatoxbridge - extremely sadly still Larrying 
shadyshit91 - one of the worst of the current crop. I feel like she slid into a power vacuum left by Verily, Aaron, Lapelosa etc, and is revelling in it. Also the author of the masterpost about how much Freddie looks like Brett and “is a Clark”. Totally disgusting human 
since-he-was-eighteen - now at pinkhalo, still a Larrie 
srslycris - lol of course she’s still here she likes the power 
sslarrybullship - using the tag “Harry is an LGBT icon” so 
sslarrysettingsail - flounced two months ago during Louis’ promo 
stephaniesoteriou - hasn’t been on Tumblr since last December, but this is th woman who writes for Yahoo, right? I dunno how recently she’s done that 
straightguysdont2 - still active 
stylinsin (was m-rmaid) - still Larrying, thinks the Victoria’s Secret show is a cover for something else 
suitsdirection - still active 
tdoj - nothing here now 
tellmethisisnotlove - of course Gabi is still active, she’s another one I’ll throw a party for when she leaves 
that-regular-chick - flounced in th middle of August 
thetommmo - still active 
theirstoryofevents - still a Larrie 
thembutterflies (was areyougoodwithyourhands/nelligans/handslows) - still active 
thetomlinsondaily - still active 
thesparkleboots - now at styles2017, but that says it’s a saved account with no posts 
thestylinsoncrew - password protected 
thisiskatsblog - is part of Rainbow Direction 
thispigeonisntgivingup - still a Larrie 
thosedamnbears - still active 
tmlinsons - inactive most of the year, not been seen since April 
tmlnsn - still a Larrie 
tomlinsins - not found at this URL 
tomlinsoz - redirects to louistomlivson, but that blog is on hiatus 
tommosgun - still active, reblogging foetus gifs 
tommosloueh - posted recently but before that hadn’t been active in a while 
tommosmiddlefinger - may have flounced today! Gosh 
tommosnips - nothing at this URL 
twopoppies - still Larrying 
unintentionalarry - flounced at the end of June, has a new URL which isn’t given 
urfookinjob - still active 
verily-i-say - Vee flounced at the beginning of the summer, but was back briefly in the middle of September. Not been seen since then so let’s hope she’s fucked off again. One of the worst; Vee is the originator of the “let’s make out like Briana had sex with her stepdad” grossness 
wankingloueh - now thegayankle, which is active 
waitingforthatday - still active 
watchyourattitude - still Larrying 
wellingtontat - is now theageofhaquarius, still a Larry 
whimsicule - hasn’t posted anything Larry in aaaages 
whisperedlouis - still active 
whiteknightonasteed - still active 
withoutacuppateaaa - thankfully, this horrendously disgusting Larrie hasn’t posted since December 2016 
yeezydoodles - still active 
youfuckingloosah - status: dark Larrie 
zenlikejen - still active, still gross 
zourry - still, most definitely, a Larrie 

Phew! And don’t worry haters, I still had time today to paint my kitchen, do som washing, watch a film, make a shepherd’s pie, AND spend time with my significant other! 

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So you missed late 2014 when the infliencer blogs were spreading lies about Zayn being on drugs and going to rehab "in 2 weeks." That didn't happen of course and then they raised hell when he left. You should check out bakagamieru's 'zayn leaving is a stunt' tag and the Zayn leaving masterposts.

Yep, anon, I missed all of that.

I also missed when there was a group of Big Larries in a private blog or group chat or something who all talked about how to influence the fandom by agreeing to blog/not blog about certain things. Was that early 2015? I don’t remember, but I got a link to a site with the screenshots. I got through only about ¼ of the screenshots before the site disappeared.

I know @bakagamieru‘s blog and follow it. I know that before I dive down into the Ziam, Zayn, or Zayn leaving is a stunt tags, I’m going to need to finish all of my homework and brew a huge pot of tea. I don’t necessarily agree with their conclusions about everything, but I love, love, love how they clearly research and backup all of their opinions. Also, I think it takes guts to blog like they do, going against popular opinion, so mad respect.

bakagamieru  asked:

Will you be my Ziam friend? I've been a Larry supporter for a few months now and I always wanted to find out what was behind the Ziam rumors, but this is the first time I've seen these videos, just one easy click and so much evidence. And my Larry friends... I don't think most of them are ready for a second rabbit hole.

Uh, yes? Totally? Always???? Yes. Let’s talk about Ziam forever.

What I find extremely interesting about Zayn and Liam—what caught my interest initially—is how much their dynamic differs, both publicly and on a private level (from what we can tell), from Louis and Harry’s.

But like Larry, it’s plain to see, if one looks at the available information. Everything from Zayn’s Aunt Zileh and her fangirling over her nephew’s relationship on Instagram to the tragicomedy that is the Zerrie fauxmance leads to the conclusion that these two are in lurvvvvv.

I believe somewhere in that video series you got turned onto, there’s a note about how one couple’s existence doesn’t make the other couple’s less likely—there’s no limit on how many in a group of five can be attracted to the same gender. I think that’s something strictly Larry-only or Ziam-only shippers tend to ignore.

For me, there’s a lot of stuff that really cements the concept of Ziam not just as possible, but probable.

And I encourage you to browse and find some Ziam blogs you like, if you haven’t already. Two of my favorites are twistericecream and that-regular-chick.

See you down the rabbit hole, friend. 

bakagamieru  asked:

Everybody thinks it must have something to do with Zayn. It seems reasonable to me, but no one has found a specific pattern to link it to yet, so we're in the dark. I'm trying to find patterns, but I think it could have to do with little things like media stories that I didn't keep track of. It'll be hard to go back and catalog that stuff to see if it matches up. I'm hoping someone else will have the information off the top of their heads so it's easier to put together.

hello out there! anyone feeling a research bug and wanna get their zayn timeline on??? publishing this because i had at least one anon about the hoop

here’s the site for prop references

and i did some preliminary stuff found here and in my yellow sticker tag (documenting all zayn-related rbb things)

Armstrong’s Elimination

I just got a chance to see today’s show and as far as I’m concerned, that was no voting decision.  That was a sacrifice.

There’s never going to be solid proof for it, but that was the undeniable feeling I got while watching what went down.

The second Louis knew that Armstrong was in the last 2, he started acting like he knew Armstrong was gone.  He had his head hung, he wouldn’t look directly at the camera, his introduction was more of a dirge and not at all focused on the present, and he gave Armstrong a standing ovation before he even started singing as well as giving him one after.

Armstrong acted like he knew it was over too.  He bypassed the judges to sing directly to the crowd as if turning his back on the judges and enjoying his moments with the crowd for the last time, and then he sang one of the last bits of the song directly at Robbie in a rather emphatic way.  When he was standing and waiting for judgment, he wouldn’t look at the judges as they made their comments and it took him several seconds to say anything to Dermott as if he was trying to figure out how to phrase his message and how much he could get away with saying.

It seems to me that Robbie was the swing vote.  Ayda was never going to vote against her own act and I would bet Louis knew Simon would screw him over.  Robbie was the one that could have gone against orders, and I think the way Armstrong sang at him had to do with that.  I think he was either daring Robbie to break orders or calling him out because Armstrong knew he wouldn’t.

Something else that contributes to my impression is that Robbie refused to give any justification for why he sent Armstrong home.  He claimed he was going to keep it “short and sweet”, but that’s not really the time for it.  If people are being sent home, they at least deserve to know why.

Robbie and Simon both at various points said something about Armstrong’s SOML performance “not translating” and about how it was “the wrong song”.  I think he sang the 2nd half of that song amazingly.  The first half was shaky because his timing was off and the softer tone didn’t work on the chorus, but the 2nd verse rap and the later chorus was perfect.  There’s no reason for saying that song didn’t work for him or didn’t connect.  True, the first half didn’t work due to performer error, but the second half was more than enough to prove the song wasn’t the issue.  To me, their comments just sound like a warning to Louis that Armstrong was leaving because of the shade they put into the song.

After Armstrong was officially eliminated, Louis was up on stage with him and maybe it was the angle, but I thought I saw Armstrong smiling, teeth showing and all.  If so, that’s a rather odd emotional reaction to being eliminated.  Most people can manage a close-mouthed smile when they’re upset, but an open-mouthed one is harder.  

Louis was also trying to cover his mouth with his hand, clearly making double sure that nothing he was telling Armstrong could be heard or seen.  That makes me think that whatever he was telling Armstrong is something the public isn’t supposed to know.  It could just be a reassurance that Louis is going to help Armstrong with his career regardless of the show, but it also gave me the impression that Armstrong leaving tonight was expected and wasn’t nearly as much of a blow as Simon would have wanted.

This goes along with my theory that Armstrong must have known the consequences his SOML performance could have before committing to it.  For one, I don’t think Louis would have let him take that risk unknowingly.  Also, if he had, I’m sure Armstrong wouldn’t have been nearly so complimentary in his livestream today because he would have figured it out by that point.

I don’t think Armstrong was ever aiming to win The X-Factor.  I don’t know if Louis had a talk with all his boys about how the industry and The X-Factor really works or if Armstrong already had an idea of the BS, but I think Louis only let Armstrong throw shade like that because he knew Armstrong wasn’t attached to staying in the competition.

Louis seemed rather down about the elimination, and that still makes sense.  For one, having all the other judges gang up on him, knowing which side Robbie really sits on, can’t be fun.  For two, seeing Armstrong get screwed over, even if they counted on it probably happening, also can’t have been fun.  It’s also possible that they wanted Armstrong to stay in the competition for at least a little bit longer to get more exposure and potentially have a chance to throw more shade.  

However, what I’m really thinking about is their game plan.  If Armstrong getting eliminated isn’t that big of a deal, Louis probably still doesn’t want Simon to know that.  If Simon knows his punishment didn’t work, he probably would try to do something else.  It’s for the best if Louis and Armstrong play their parts, act sad, and Simon thinks he succeeded.

That’s why, to me, this was a sacrifice.  All the judges and Armstrong knew that Armstrong was going to be sacrificed, whether they thought it was to Simon’s ego or for the sake of Louis’ cause.  Armstrong held his head up high defiantly as he went out and Louis honored him as best he could.

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love, kisses and well wishes to that-regular-chick, li-z-and-zayonce, bakagamieru, nerds4life, twistericecreamand all of the members of the zquad; they're all incredibly supportive of ot5 and are calm and collected when dealing with rude anons. they don't deserve it for simply stating opinions that focus on all the boys :) xx

So today I ran into a follow-up to the “big boycott list”.  This new list is for providing a list of “Active Larries”  I still don’t understand why I’m on said lists but that’s neither here nor there.  I’m currently lmao at how they described my blog.  

@2tiedships2 - active, has blogged today, is a prolific gifmaker but ~weirdly~ enough only makes gifs of Louis from nine hundred years ago.

Well that’s not so bad really.  Considering my Louis gifs from ‘900 years ago’ is actually part of my favorite series.  But thanks for that compliment of being a prolific gifmaker! Sidenote: @16meets18 should have gotten that in the boycott description too with such beautiful gifs.  I’m offended on Stela’s behalf.

And yes, they did go through every blog to follow-up on the content and activity of each.  If you would like some blog recs and amusement of the descriptions continue on! 

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i'm an exhausted larry. i should probably not take this step towards what will inevitably be my doom. but do you believe that zayn and liam are currently in a relationship (or have ever been) and if so, would you please direct me towards some trustworthy sources?

Ohmygiddygod’s trousers, R.I.P. ::clutches you to my bosom:: Today is Ziam Day in this trash heap, so I shall cradle you gently and lead you boobs first to your inevitable ruination, so we can be ruined together!

 I do, in fact, believe Zayn and Liam are currently in a relationship and have been since 2012. 

There’s a fuckton of evidence and proof about Ziam ( to the point where I want to eat my own head trying to think of where to begin), BUT i will do this as a public service and try my very best (this is long af, I am suh sorry).  I invite you to be your own Hoevestigator and take to the Google & Tumblrwebs, but I’ll try to lay down some key facts fer you.

Since today is Ziam Day in this landfill, the first place I would recommend you start is to watch ILikeYourSkirtMary’s The Story of Ziam videos. Someone give ILikeYourSkirtMary a Pulitzer for investigative journalism, because they are the most comprehensive in terms of timeline, proof, and analysis:

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6C I Part 6D

Putting the rest of this under the cut, because we have tattoos, accessories, and other assorted emotional kicks in the boob to go over.

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I just wrote all this in the tags of a post, but I should probably put it in a post of it’s own.  Anyway, it seems to me that Niall just confirmed he had a long term secret relationship with someone spanning from sometime in 2010 or 2011 to sometime in 2013 or 2014.  

The language he uses isn’t completely airtight, but he said he was in a long relationship, he mentions the rather specific age range of 17-20, he talks about the relationship maybe ending because of him being on the road, and he mentions unintentionally being selfish with a 17-18 year old’s mentality.  That seems to add up correctly.

There are 3 interesting things about this:

1) This confirms that Niall has in fact had a long term relationship that the fandom hasn’t found out about and/or recognized.  Considering that Niall was often portrayed in the past as a bit of a no-strings-attached and/or the-other-man type of guy, and also considering that many people who believe in Larry and Ziam see Niall as the perpetual single member, this is quite different.

2) Niall had several PR relationships smack in the middle of that period (that were clearly PR regardless of this new information).  That time period should definitely cover Amy Green, Zoe Whelan, Ellie Goulding (along with Ed Sheeran’s stunt song “Don’t”), and Louise Thompson, and it could cover Barbara Palvin depending.  The only thing standing between this being a 100% confirmation of the BS of those “relationships” is that his wording about the timeline isn’t explicit.

3) I think it’s important to note that Niall did use the word “person”.  There are many potential reasons for him to use this, so there’s no way to know why he did, but I have noticed that he’s used gender neutral terms several times lately and I think it’s important to note that just as we would for any of the other boys.

anonymous asked:

Hi, are there any blogs like yours that you recommend people to follow? I'm getting sick of all the larries and harries i'm currently following.

Hi anon! Sure. I hate doing this on the one hand because I’m going to leave off a million people. Ugh. Sorry. Please note that I’m not saying these people would endorse or agree with me. But here are some people I follow. Many (not all, I dunno?) are Larries, I think, with varying levels of support for solo endeavors.

Blog about things like I do (pretty critical about stuff):
@mynameisntwalter (huge Liam fan, also into Niall and Louis)
@thewestendgirl (Louis fan, also into Liam and Niall)
@realwonder (lots about fandom)
@popfan4ever (fandom stuff)
@1doublethink (fandom stuff)
@certainthingshappened (Louis fan, fandom stuff)
@annie-pie (fandom stuff)

@myownsparknow (no-drama, low key blog, reblogs about all of the men, supports creative work from all ships, great writing)
@mcqdj (huge Liam fan, Ziam too, great writing)
@quietasides (lots of gifs with limited interpretation/commentary, encourages people to think for themselves)
@bakagamieru (huge Zayn leaving was a stunt proponent, OT5 to the end, proposes theories you won’t see on Larry blogs)
@dailyniall (all Niall)
@thedailypayne (all Liam)
@zaynsbus1tattoo (Zayn)
@oh-no-its-elle (Ziam)
@nasalouis (fanart!)
@theseawalker (low key, blogs about everything)
@selyts-yrrah (blogs about everything and reblogs meme posts and things I tag “tumblr fun” and basically I just scream at her because her reblogs make me laugh)

OK, I’m missing a ton of people. Oh God, I hate doing these things in public. I have so many mutuals and people I really like that I’m not mentioning because I think you are probably trying to get more than Larry on your dash. Ans there are others I’m just not mentioning because of space. Ugh. Eek. Sorry.

(If anyone has recs for more Niall-centric bloggers who aren’t antis, let me know.)

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I always feel really bad when I'm not hyping up Zayn's album and everything- but it scares me. I should be more excited, considering he's my fav and everything, but it just scares the crap out of me to think that he's actually happy now, instead of him being happy all along in 1d. I thought he was happy, maybe I was wrong. I'm just really stressed out about the entire thing, and I feel like crap about being stressed about it. Sorry for ranting, thanks 😘


don’t feel bad about it allllllll! It’s honestly kind of a shit narrative all around,  this whole idea that Zayn always had one foot out the door the entire time he was in One Direction. Do I think he had moments where he wasn’t 100% enjoying it? Maybe not here when he and the other boys temporarily appear to have joined Blue Man Group:

I kid, I kid. Honestly though, the whole “Zayn was miserable in One Direction especially during OTRA” myth* does a real disservice to both him and ot4 and also ever so mildly chaps my ass. 

@bakagamieru did a pretty thorough job of compiling over 100 gifs of Zayn during the first leg of OTRA in 2015, but here are some of my favorites that prove that Zayn wasn’t the sad trombone in One Direction, especially in those last months according to band folklore. If you have ovaries, you may want to place a lead guard over them because they may turn to dust:


Is he LAUGHING…with his bandmates…at MULTIPLE CONCERT TIME PLACES? Hurry call the constable I think there may now be a shift in the earth’s core:

Ohmygiddygod’s trousers is that Zayn… (badly) dad dancing…? What a scandal! WHO COULD IMAGINE IT, CERTAINLY NOT A HUMBLE HOE LIKE ME:


*that’s a really long worded and not at all catchy myth

Liam Talking About Zayn

(Best Song Ever was the last song of the encore at Croke Park during WWA, the fall below happened right at the beginning of Best Song Ever)

(By saying that, Liam basically told everyone to go look it up)

(Louis is from Yorkshire, but Liam uses the plural and Zayn is the only other one from Yorkshire)

The “9 1D predictions for 2015″ Metro article analysis

One Direction had yet another colossal year in 2014 but after the boys cut loose their long-standing tour manager following an alleged row with Zayn Malik, we’re expecting an even more eventful year for 1D this year.

Here’s what we think fans can expect from their favourite five-piece in 2015…

1. Zerrie will fizzle → check

OK, so they did the whole NYE fancy dress thing (which was awesome, btw) but when was the last time we had any real update on these two? I know they like to keep things private and all but do they even see each other?! They say the wedding’s on hold but we can’t see it happening. Not now, not ever.

2. Zayn will take a break → check (interesting enough they talk about a « break », so was the solo push a new team’s narrative ? To keep him in the headlines and roll on his newly gained exposure, using it for a rebrand ? Sounds like it.)

Think Nathan from The Wanted but without the throat surgery. Let’s face it, he’s looked totally uninterested for yonks. Simon Cowell obviously won’t let him quit so maybe he’ll just take a little breather instead.

3. Liam gets engaged → check(they did push the engagement narrative but it got denied, maybe by the new team, which aborted the stunt ?)

Liam seems to know what he wants and if we’re not getting a Zerrie wedding he probably ought to step up to the plate and pop the question.

4. Liam and his new wife Sophia relocate to NYC → no(see above, the narrative has been killed and so does the quiet life narrative. Is this the reason we got Attitude ? A rushed new stunt to drag him, when the opportunity came [when he got 3rd position in their Hottest poll] ?)

Celebs don’t get papped in NYC and Liam would get in to a lot less bother if a quieter lifestyle was attainable.

5. Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder announce they’re expecting a baby → check(but clearly Eleanor refused to play the rôle, ; might add the new team seemed to kill the stunt with Larry baiting and conflictive informations from the US press, definitely undermining the narrative)

This would put a major spanner in the works but we wouldn’t put it past Louis to be this reckless…  Louis and Eleanor have been together since the beginning of time so you never know!

6. Niall and someone, anyone, make it official → check (EDIT : thanks to @bakagamieru –> Melissa is the first confirmed girlfriend since Barbara Palvin)

It’s time Niall got himself a good solid girlfriend, don’t you think?! The likes of Barbara Palvin, Zoe Whelan and, hell, even Katy Perry have been lurking in the background for ages but it’s time we saw some full-on PDAs and SOON!

7. Zayn Malik’s facial hair fills his face. At last! (Hm, I guess « 8 predictions » wasn’t a cool headline…)

It’s been a a long time coming but he’s almost there…

8. The boys will announce their fifth album is their last → check(and the new team pushed the « coming back » narrative I think)

Harry’s already mapping out his solo career. (Well, we did have a Harry VS OT3 narrative and solo rumors blowing up regularly, even they didn’t seem to stick, maybe thanks to conflicting informations again from the US press) Betcha!

9. Fans will abandon them in favour of X Factor boyband Stereo Kicks → check (if we consider the narrative pushed here is that One Direction is over, it fits nicely and X-Factor new boyband ? Isn’t it lovely ? EDIT : Stereo Kicks broke up this year, something that wasn’t planned I think and they decided to stick to 5SOS, even if it bothers them since they belong to 1D. Maybe it’s the reason they used Liam to push a new boyband ?)

You never know it could happen…

EDIT : 7 accurate predictions out of 9 (but the 8th got undermined and the 9th is irrelevant)

Conclusion : All things above are stunts, planned by old team a long time ago. (but fuck ! how did metro hear about that and how did they fucking get away with publishing it ??)

EDIT : (thanks to @bakagamieru again ^^)

Zayn’s departure (he missed some events back in November), the Zerrie break-up (engaged since forever but no wedding plans), the Sophiam engagement (logical next step) and solo Harry (nothing new) could have been predicted by anyone (with some pretty good luck though).

But, the official Niall’s girlfriend (never been since Barbara, why now ?), the pregnancy (it shocked everyone !) and the end of 1D after their last album (the official story in 2014 was that they owned 2 other albums to Syco after Four) couldn’t have been predicted.

Overall, everything is so on point it’s really suspicious and the author of the article never referenced to her article once these events happened. And since “One Direction’ or any of the boys aren’t tagged in it, you can’t find it by a search on the Metro website. It got buried, basically. If I could have predicted 1D’s events so accurately, I’d drag about it ! Except if I didin’t get these informations officially…

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Any blog recs?? I'm new here and need some cool blogs to follow; like cute chill people who are ziam stans? Thanks love Xx


im probably gonna miss out on a lot of ppl, who i also love and cherish, it’s not intentional and ily 


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so anyway treat this like a follow 5ever, ur all super awesome

(3x9) +2=29 where is the missing one??

So I don’t know how tho say it I just shoot all my suggestion at @perfectroes (thanks love)

So you tell me out of 5 we get 4 and we should look for the missing one???

Are you kidding me bc
Do we know someone who’s been missing??
Like… Idk?!
Should we look out for zayn bc that’s what I get from the read between the lines thing here

And thx RBB
OT5 is still alive and breathing

Tagging you guys bc I don’t know what to think!?!? Sorry for that
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