OKAY BUT IMAGINE when Hide comes back and he likes to annoy Nishiki:

Hide: Nishio-senpai!

Nishiki: “Shut up and stop calling me that! We’re not in school and I’m not your senpai anymore”!

Hide: *gasps*


Nishiki: *tries to throw something at Hide who’s running out of the room but misses on purpose cuz then Kaneki won’t be happy if Hide gets hurt lmao rip* 

“Tch! Bakachika!”

 *shakes his head and grumbles but has a fond smile on his lips BECAUSE HOW CAN YOU NOT BE ENDEARED BY THE SUNSHINE BABU*

Muse Sleeping Headcanon (pt. 1 - NozoEri)


  • Eri is not used to the temperature in Japan, hence why she sometimes kicks the covers away in the middle of the night
  • or she might really hold onto those fuzzy and warm covers
  • Nozomi is a really, really light-sleeper. She wakes up from the slightest movement in her surroundings
  • ((Erichika isn’t able to grab some chocolates anymore at night))
  • The first time they slept together (i’m talking about the innocent sleeping!!!), Eri kicked the covers away, waking Nozomi up.
  • She thought that the covers might’ve been too hot for Eri, so she ignored it and went back to sleep.
  • An hour-ish later, Nozomi was awoken again due to Eri curling up to her arm. She was about to go back to sleep again before noticing how Eri shivered and gritted her teeth. Her hands are cold, but that’s normal for the blonde.
  • She pieced everything together and decided to pull the covers for them.
  • Nozomi gave light teasing to Eri the next morning, but bakachika was being her oblivious self and not understanding what the teasing had meant
  • so everything that had happened the night before is still only known to Non-tan :))))
  • Since then, she kept on getting awoken up each night, about two to three times in one night, and pulling the covers up, but she doesn’t mind.
  • ((sometimes Eri make silly poses at night, and man, Nozomi wouldn’t want to miss those blackmail materials, but shhhh this is just between you and Nozomi, don’t let anyone know, okay? ;) ))

anonymous asked:

Touka and Hide friendship headcanons? Also would he get along with Koma and Irimi? (Sorry I keep pestering you for headcanons, feel free to ignore this)

No problem, Anon! I have fun trying to come up with them!

  • Hide’s contact information on Touka’s phone is under the name of “Bakachika Idiotyoshi” Hide snorts really hard the first time he sees it, and Touka blushes but doesn’t change it. She puts a sunflower beside it to make it sound less agressive, though.
  • Before they became actual friends, Hide kept writing his number and name on a clean handkerchief and leaving it beside his cup when he left Anteiku. Touka always pretended not to notice. 
  • Whenever Touka needs to buy new clothes, she calls Hide to accompany her. He’s always awfully honest and never sugarcoats it when he thinks that a shirt or a pair of pants look horrible on Touka. She usually says thank you by trying on ridiculously frilly and feminine clothes she would never buy for herself, and smiles at the way Hide would blush down to his neck at the sight.
  • No, to be honest she just does that to mess with him. Touka is not such an ingrateful asshole. She properly thanks him by buying him ice cream afterwards.
  • Hide never asks for Touka to return the favour when he buys his clothes because he’s aware that his fashion sense is… errr… not for everyone.
  • Touka would never admit it, but being friends with Hide does ease a lot her loneliness. He always seems to know when she feels touch-starved and surprises her with long, comforting and warm bear hugs. 
  • Having had experience with Kaneki, Touka has come to learn the signs of someone who puts his own feelings in second place. Being an extremely straightforward person, she always confronts him about it and pushes him in the right direction. Hide like this a lot about her. 
  • Hide would never have the guts of saying it directly, but a friend like Touka is the only reason why he’s not yet sunk in his own negative and stagnant thoughts. 
  • When they play video games, Touka is usually the one who kicks his ass. Hide always says that it’s just beginner’s luck, but she keeps winning even after months. 
  • It’s just that Hide sucks at video games in general. He only ever won against Kaneki because they weren’t his element. But he enjoys playing against Touka nonetheless because he can tell she’s never had a normal childhood with proper friends. 
  • Every time Touka visits Hide’s apartment, she goes in mom-friend mode and checks if he has the necessary nutrients to survive beside the stupid human junk food. She usually stays for dinner after a visit to the convenience store with Hide, and sits with him at the table, enjoying the family atmosphere even though she can’t eat anything. It reminds her of Arata.