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Okay so Yuyu is having terrible laptop issues. And Elys, Kit, and I being the people that we are wanted to try and start a fund to help her either getting a new laptop or fixing her craptop. And we’re still arguing laptop but anything you can give would be totally fucking great. Help Girlfrien…


I’m doing another fund but for someone OTHER than myself.

I’m doing to for my lovely Girlfriend-chan who’s 5 year old laptop is basically shitting itself (I mean it was ALREADY but well now it’s reach maximum shit levels.) and she needs it for school and stuff so yEAH WE CAN’T HAVE IT DO THAT. 

So Elys, Kit, and I wanna try and raise the money for her to get a decent new one. 

Please, Please, Please if you can and it won’t hurt you, donated just a little. I know a LOT of people here know my girlfriend. Any little bit counts! We really appreciate it, lovelies and I know she does as well!

But yeah, Kit and Elys will be doing commissions for this fund! So if you wanna spend the money toward art, GO FOR IT! We’re totally okay with that! 

But if you can’t we have this gofundme page! And please, please, please consider helping out or spread the word! 

Thank you guys so much in advance! <3

Sitting here, I think about all the memories I have made with you, like when I first teased you, and you teased back, when I fell off a wall and you kept asking if I was okay , when I ‘forgot my keys’ and we learned about each other in about 5 hours of walking, when I knew I was falling for you, dispite the fact we were so diffrent and you were pretty scary. I have all these memories, and I make more all the time, and I can’t even begin to express how much you mean to me. So when people stare at me for having a big goofy smile on my face when Im sitting all alone at a table, let 'em, cause I am so happy when I think of you, and our times together.

you know what doesn’t make sense to me in Tokyo Mew Mew

Why do they go to pollutants to try and kill everyone when they’re trying to take the land back?




Can you imagine how happy Homura would be if she got attached to Hitomi instead of Madoka?

If instead of getting into the Puella Magi world, she’s sipping tea with the rich girl and going on cute dates and sleepovers. And Hitomi braids her hair often or goes with her when she needs to go to the doctor.