ha kövér vagy ,baj
ha sovány, baj
ha vissza szólsz, baj
ha hagyod magad, baj
ha túl kedves vagy, baj
ha túl köcsög vagy, baj
ha mindenen nevetsz, baj
ha semmin nem nevetsz, baj
ha szép vagy, baj 
ha csúnya vagy, baj
ha élsz, baj
ha meghalsz, baj.



Ivory Nunn | 17 | Caring | Atlanta, Georgia | FC: Bahja|Closed

Bio: Ivory is a real caring person. She puts people before herself most of the time and really cares for her own needs. Some people try to take a advantage of her because of that. She’s a sweet girl with a caring personality. She loves to do make up and hair on the side as well.

Why are you here?:“Meet people who actually don’t want to take advantage of me.”

Connections: N/A

Ray Ray Imagine: Fly Away!

Fly Away!

“Now I brought you girls here to talk, since you two haven’t been getting along” Ray says sitting you and Zonnique down in his living room. Ray has been dating Zonnique since the summer and you’ve been angry with her every since! Yeah yo’ve guys argued at each other but the arguments started to get worse…

“I don’t have anything to say to this bird” You snap. “Bitch, the bird jokes are getting old” says Zonnique smiling then rolling her eyes. “Like your stank weave” You smile back at her. Zonnique starts to talk but Ray covers her mouth. “Look, Y/N you are my best friend and Z you are my girlfriend. You guys are going to be around each other a lot so shut the fuck up yelling and be nice…ish” he smiles.

“Anything for you Ray” Zonnique says kissing him on the lips. You roll your eyes. “Problem?” she ask. “Yes, you” you mutter under your breath. Zonnique rolls here eyes and looks at your shoes. “I like you shoes. Where did you get them? The Goodwill?” snickers Zonnique. “Nah I got them from FootLocker. Were did you get your hair? For the blue water in the toliet?” you smile.

Ray smiles and Zonnique looks at him. “What I was thinking about…something” he laughs. She stares at him and looks away. You smile and go into your purse and pull out some sunflower seeds. “What some guys?” you ask pouring some in your hand. “Sure” they say in unison. You pour some in their hands. Zonnique eat’s her while you and Ray look at each other smiling. “These tasty different..but good! What kind are they?” she asks still eating. You and Ray look at each other and laugh. “Bird seeds”. She nods then stops. “EWWWW! WHAT THE FUCK!” she screams spitting out the seeds. You and Ray burst out laughing. “RAY! YOU’RE JUST GONNA SIT THERE AND LAUGH! DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR Y/N” she continues. “Sorry I cant. It was kinds my idea too!’ he laughs. "Wait till I get Bahja on y'all asses” she screams. “Bahja? Bubblegum brain ain’t gone do anything!” You laugh. Zonnique screams..again and run’s out the house.

“Y/N, we a good team” says Ray giving you a high five. You both laugh and just joke around.

(Just so you know I have nothing against Zonnique or Bahja or the whole group, just a joke :) )


Don’t forget I do request for Prodigy, Roc Royal, Princeton and Yo Boy Ray Ray :) Bye and Stay Mindless….