bajau people

:D more character doodles! This lovely young lady needs a name! She is a nonbender bodyguard / Dai Li agent. Post your ideas!

It was important for me to include Black / African-American / African characters in my version of the Avatar universe. My headcanon: when the water tribe split, some groups went south along the western coast of the Earth Kingdom, but another group went east and landed on the eastern-most peninsula/islands. They were welcomed by the indigenous population (a people with a black/African phenotype and a culture based very loosely on the Xhosa, the Maasai, and the seafaring Moken & Bajau peoples). Eventually, the waterbenders intermarried with the peninsula’s population. This has resulted in a unique mix of tribal customs, as well as a population that has earthbenders and waterbenders naturally born in the same communities. They are a minority in the Earth Kingdom though, and their relative isolation from the rest of Earth Kingdom society has allowed them to retain and preserve their unique culture.