I realized that it’s been a while since I last showed a ‘Radical Raid’ Design. Last one was probably the.. I forgot. Do you remember?

Anyway. Here’s a rather unusual Raid Mazda RX7 FD3S. “Raid-X7” if you will.
I know, it looks pretty low for a raid car, but let’s look at it this way - It’s lowered only for now. Just to show on off on the dull grey background. It can, and will be lifted when it’s in Raid mode, of course and there’s a set of bigger tires, in case you fancy some more extreme offroading.

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Ella tenia baja autoestima y el espíritu roto, era de esas personas que siempre decían ‘vamos, no tires la toalla, todo mejorara, no quiero verte caer’ mientras ella misma y todo su mundo se estaba cayendo a pedazos.

When Steve Irwin was filming a documentary near Baja, Mexico in 2003, he overheard on his radio that two scuba divers were reported missing in the area. He called in a search plane, his entire crew stopped filming to aid in the 2-day search and rescue operation, and he personally escorted the sole survivor to safety. Source