bait wraps

May I Have This Dance?

Here ya go @chloeshep

You never minded undercover work, coming into town a few days before the team, slyly gathering what Intel you could and passing it along to Hotch before moving to the next job.
This job had been different. You’d been here for almost a month already and had just gotten word that it was probably going to be another week. Since the UnSub hadn’t struck in two weeks JJ had decided that a case with kids missing needed the Team’s immediate attention. You had agreed wholeheartedly and agreed to stay and gather more information. What you weren’t expecting was the knock on your apartment door. You pull your gun then head over to the door and peek through the peephole. You’re surprised to see Hotch standing there. You tuck your gun and pull open the door, Mrs. Krol is peeking out her peephole, god she’s nosey.
“Aaron!” You exclaim pulling him into the apartment then shut the door. “Not to be rude but what are you doing here?”
“There’s been a threat against you.”
“You showed up on the UnSub’s website.”
“Well shit. I mean I knew I was his type but didn’t see the photos.”
“Garcia said they showed up last night.”
“So what’s the plan.”
“I’m taking you home.”
“No. We can get this guy Hotch. He’s a hunter. Mid thirties, white. Athletic build and has to be attractive and a smooth talker because he’s been able to get his last three victims away from their friends.”
“Okay fine. But where you go I go.”
“Then we’re going out tonight. Separately. Otherwise he’s not going to approach me and we need him to approach me.”
“Fine.” He sighs and you get ready to go out.
You slip on your favorite black dress. It falls mid thigh and hugs your curves perfectly. You pull on your red heels and grab your little red clutch then twist your hair up so its off your neck. You head out into the living room. “Ready?”
“What?” Hotch stares at you for a second, with a dazed look on his face.
“Are you ready to go?”
“Is this okay?”
“Loose the tie and unbutton it.”
“Do you have your gun?” He asks and you roll your eyes at him.
“Come on Hotch, I’m not a rookie.” You slide your skirt up a bit more and show him the small gun strapped there.
“Alright. Let’s go.”
“Separately.” He nods and you head out. He follows five minutes later, tracking you on his phone. You meet up with some friends and spend most of the night talking and laughing. Managing to make your one drink last for a couple hours.
“Girl that guy has been checking you out all night.” You look and she’s motioning, not to a stranger like you were expecting, but to Hotch. “Go ask him to dance.”
“What no.” You laugh, “this is girls night!” You shoot him a text to be more discrete because he’s been busted by one of your friends. You turn away from him and get back to chatting. A few minutes later you feel someone come up behind you.
“Excuse me.” Hotch? What the hell is he doing? You turn toward him. “May I have this dance?” He holds out a hand and you take it.
“What are you doing?” You whisper once he leads you out onto the floor.
“You look stunning. I couldn’t stop staring at you.”
“This isn’t good for being bait.” You mutter wrapping your arms around his neck, his hair is soft under your fingers. Hotch has a hand resting just above your ass. You’re pressed against him and he spins you causing you to laugh in surprise. He grins down at you as the two of you continue to move to the music. Then he does something else that surprises you and presses his lips to yours.
You respond to his kiss instantly. Wrapping your arms around his neck you get as close to him as you can. You feel his hand on your ass with a small groan you open your mouth to his. His tongue brushes against yours and you hear a whoop that sounds suspiciously like Morgan. Hotch pulls away.
“Shit.” He mutters. “I didn’t know they were coming.”
“So what do we do?” You ask hardly daring to breathe.
“Whatever we want.” He kisses your forehead, “And I want to take you out. For a proper date when this case is over.”
“One stipulation. We go dancing.”


-Dominant Seokmin has a thing with butts

-I mean you have an amazing ass so it’s no wonder????

-He loves more than anything to have you bent over in front of him

-Except when you’re actually doing it to provoke him

-Short shirts, not even bothering to bend your knees to get that mixing bowl in the bottom cabinet

-Seokmin walks in and let’s out the largest groan and you know he’s taken the bait

-He wraps his fingers around your wrist to make you stand up and his pupils are blown

-He pulls you into the living room without another word and just points at the couch

-You assume the position: palms flat on the cushion, bent a full 90 degrees. Except you wiggle your ass a little bit; You can’t help yourself

-A resounding SMACK is heard as Seokmin spanks you

-You wince at the pain at first and then appreciate the rush of heat that’s left behind

-“You’re testing me today,” Seokmin warns you

-He undoes your shorts and pushes them and your underwear to your ankles

-You step out of them neatly and shove them out of the way

-“Seokmin please!” You whine a little because you want so much more

-He mutters to himself but you don’t get another smack

-Instead he’s fondly peppering kisses on the cheek that he hadn’t hit yet

-You roll your eyes but smile because Seokmin is such a sweetheart

-But that’s not what you want right now. Cuddles can wait until afterwards

-Dirty talk is the key

-So you say “I’m so wet right now.”

-You hear the sharp intake of breath as the words sink in and suddenly the kisses stop

-“Do you want more baby?” he practically purrs

-“I want more”

-He alternates between each cheek and you’re just letting him know how good it feels

-But Seokmin worked himself up

-Seeing his handprints on your ass so flat out does it for him

-So he’s shoving his pants down only far enough down his ass so he can pull himself out

-He rubs two fingers against you just to make sure you’re ready

-And then he’s pushing himself inside of you

-Once he’s filled you to the brim, there’s no more tenderness

-His sharp thrusts that hit the end of your cervix is exactly how you like it

-He goes hard and fast because you’re an impatient mother fucker

-He’s got such a hold on your hips that you know there will he finger bruises there but you do not care in this moment

-“Fuck, I’m going to cum!”

-He lets you because he’s so caught up in the moment

-Your orgasm rips through you it’s so intense

-But instead of cumming inside of you, he pulls out and finishes off on your back

-You wish you could see him fisting his cock but you’re to boneless to move even your head

-Seokmin cleans you up and lifts you to the bed to take an impromptu nap

-And boy do you need it