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This week, we return to “The Clover”, a stand in for the real karaoke bar Heidi and I visit. This strip also introduces the first extra supporting character that ISN’T an actual person. Laurie here is, like the Clover, a stand in for a couple of real people but fictionalized to make storytelling (And likeness rights) easier to manage.

As for the content of the strip itself, it is largely inspired by the fact that while Hollywood is currently enamored with Trans women and our stories, they are still insistent on hiring cisgender men to play us. If I’m LUCKY, I would get Seth Rogan. Maybe that Zack Galifiwhatshisface. Their careers could probably use some award-bait in them, right? Le Sigh.


Remember after Friendship Games came out how I made that post about everyone in the movie being gay for Sunset? The saga continues!

Bonus blurry background gays:

Oh, I’m sorry, I meant “BFFs.” You are not fooling anyone in either universe, you two.


About Atomic Blonde’s Delphine and her death, I don’t believe that it was meaningless, or a part of queer baiting for that matter. Yes (as a queer), I was very disappointed that she died and wished that Lorraine saved her in time, but her death emphasized the war’s cruelty. Delphine was innocent, idealistic at times, and young (only worked for a year), and this world tore her apart because Percival had to cover his tracks. Looking at the bigger picture, the Cold War destroyed so many lives due to distrust whether that be between countries or neighbors. Those who were too naive to trust their surroundings, like Delphine who blasted music on her headphones, didn’t make it. On top of all of that, her death wasn’t quick and bloody. She fought back and even hurt Percival slowing him down. It also characterized Lorraine, giving her more of a heart. She mourned and cared for Delphine, despite knowing that it was expected. Delphine’s character and her death gave Lorraine some warmth. Her death wasn’t a deliberate add on to the “bury your gays” trope, and in fact it pushed the plot (there wasn’t much plot anyway). Lorraine avenged her death, and got to escape. In the end, Delphine’s death characterized Lorraine, Percival, and the war as a whole because it brought out Lorraine’s heart, Percival’s ruthlessness, and the war’s devastating impact on the youth.

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I love your post about what the es characters are like at a party can you do one with what they were like in high school

thank u omg that was like, one of my first posts ever in this fandom lmao how far we have come!!!! ok so this isn’t exactly what u asked for but i’ve had a post in my drafts like forever so here it is, 4 u

endless summer characters as highschool staff & parents

quinn: the young art teacher who wears elaborate themed outfits on holidays and there’s a rumor going around that she once dated a CW star but no one knows if it’s true

grace: librarian, u can’t even argue with this one

diego: over-excited parent volunteer, DJs all the school dances under the name “Go DJ-go Go”

lila: that one lady in the attendance office with big acrylic nails and a bedazzled travel mug who gives you the stink eye when you show up with an excuse note

iris: the loudspeaker

estela: the vice principal that you get sent to for disciplinary hearings. you don’t come back.

craig: gym teacher that just wants to play dodgeball all the time and makes everyone refer to him as “coach” even like his own wife gotta call him coach

sean: the actual football coach who also teaches health and is very concerned about all his students having Safe Sex™ like u guys good? u been tested? how about some condoms just in case guys please

michelle: president of the PTA and record holder for most money ever made at a bake sale ($96,450.52 just don’t ask)

jake: the janitor (i hate jake)

raj: the ~cool~ substitute who keeps acting like the star of an inspirational oscar-bait urban education movie motivating his students to explore shakespeare thru rap even though this is an upper-middle-class suburb with like two paneras and a jamba juice

zahra: teaches computer science and her students are like 78% sure that she maybe fucked edward snowden once? like not 100% but they would bet on it

aleister: rich dad who shows up in the administration office when his kid gets in trouble and says “how much to make it go away”

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So I just read Twist and Shout and don't know if I'll ever be okay again...



  • What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn’t Allowed to Eat Pie? by Annie D (scaramouche) | 16,188 | Dean gets turned into an octopus. It’s really great. 
  • Sex is Weird by artsyUnderstudy | 1,826 | He thinks maybe he’s been falling for a long time, now.
  • Professional Couple Only by saltyfeathers | 37,153 | There’s a haunted apartment building in Vermont, and the ad says “Professional couple only”. Dean and Cas rise to the occasion.
  • The One Thing You Can’t Lose by MajorEnglishEsquire | 4,955 |  You know what I like a lot? The thought that Dean can just tug Cas anywhere at any time and Cas, who can lift tons without effort, who can demolish things with the light of his grace, who has battled and gone to war, has defended and broken, will just let Dean do it.
  • The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester by tuesday | 11,171 | Angelic marriage rites were never intended to go quite like this.
  • Thank You For Noticing by suspiciousflashlight | 3,004 | They “make it official” on a Friday at Cas’s house, with Dean stammering and blushing his way through the stereotypical I-really-like-you-in-a-different-than-friends-way speech and Cas listening, terrifyingly impassive, right to the end, at which point he grabs Dean by the shoulders and kisses him.
  • The Breath Of All Things by KismetJeska | 65,404 | Dean Winchester was twenty-six years old when a car accident killed his father and left him paralysed from the waist down. A year and a half later, Dean is in a wheelchair and lives in a care home in Kansas, where he spends his days waiting to die. It’s only when Castiel Novak starts volunteering at the care home that Dean starts to wonder if a changed life always equals a ruined one. (This sounds depressing, but it’s a beautiful story of healing and recovery and love.)
  • Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) by kototyph | 23,878 | Dean’s done some pretty stupid things, but getting drunk-hitched in Vegas to a colleague he barely knows might just take the cake.
  • Convenient Husbands by Annie D (scaramouche) | 39,283 | “It’s only temporary, right?” Dean says. “Just until you’re healed up, and then we’ll never have to see each other again. So what do you say, Castiel, do you want to marry me or not?” (Marriage of convenience and grumpy telepathy!!)
  • Minty Fresh Kisses by almaasi | 7,905 | Dean teaches a newly-human Castiel how to brush his teeth properly. Things don’t go according to plan – but for once, the unexpected development actually presents a more promising outcome.
  • Softly Spoken, Softly Received by TamrynEradani | 3,357 | Cas tells Dean he can’t speak so that when Cas tells him he’s beautiful, Dean won’t argue with him. Also, touching and sex. But mostly feelings.
  • Creature of Habit by trinityofone | 5,197 | The more you love someone, the more you want to kill them. Or: How Cas developed some bad habits, and Dean coped surprisingly well.
  • How to Romance a Human by CloudyJenn | 4,433 | Castiel consults Cosmopolitan magazine in order to win Dean’s heart.
  • lights, camera, action by donutsandcoffee | 3,560 | If Dean’s life were a movie, it would be one of those cheap, bait-and-switch movies. The ones that look like they are of this one genre, but when you get around to watch it, it turns out to be something completely different. Dean’s life right now would totally look like a romantic comedy.
  • PWP: Pie Without Plot by MajorEnglishEsquire, orange_crushed | 82,517 | Team Free Will opens a bakery. There’s pie and kisses.
  • Failure (to Cuddle) is Not an Option by Annie D (scaramouche) | 3,766 | All Castiel wants for Christmas is to cuddle, is that really too much to ask? 
  • The face of heaven. by orange_crushed | 9,772 | Castiel is a fallen star.
  • Someone New by whelvenwings | 2,942 | When they’re left stranded in the middle of nowhere together, Dean and Cas talk about stars, and birthdays, and becoming someone new. 
  • hummed low by mishcollin | 3,250 | Dean pulls the Impala over at a cider barn about thirty miles out; doesn’t really think about it, just sees the hokey orange lettering off the roadside and lets his hands guide the Impala off the interstate with gravel spitting under the wheels. 
  • As You Wish by alullabytoleaveby | 1,682 | Dean’s not good with words, never has been, not like Cas. He has no idea how to dress this up, soften the blow, so he comes right out and says it: “I accidentally adopted five kittens.”