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You look like that one guy…aka You got dem JAWS

Center of Cartoon Studies Week Workout Day 2

As amazing as Vic’s movie Bait is, I am disturbed by the tumblr tag for Bait.  I mean… what.  No.  It is not the movie LET ME TELL YOU.  I plan to start doing stuff with it later this week/this coming weekend now that I have at least the region 2 DVD. (STILL WAITING FOR OCTOBER). I’ll be tagging all of that with “bait movie” to spare everyone and myself.



Hi, I decided to open commission

(i need money for the school).

Please read carefully

I DRAW:Ocs, Fanart, real people, animals, fantasy creatures, het/gay/lesbian couples.

I DON’T DRAW: Mecha, architecture.


SKETCH:  5 € for one character

                  7 € for two or more characters

LINEART: 7€ for one character

                9€ for two or more characters

BLACK AND WHITE: 9€ for one characters

                                11€ for two or more characters  

COLOURS: 12€ for one character

                    15€ for two or more characters

+3€ for the background


  • Send me an e-mail to with the request an all the useful materials (references, photos, description, and all the infos about the characters )
  • I’ll ask for the payment BEFORE starting the commission
  • For more info about the prices send me an e-mail          


  • I accept only payment via PayPal
  • I want at least half of the payment in advance  
  • Before paing by Paypal please select the option NO ADDRESS NEEDED
  • Write “commission for… (your name) in the PayPal message


  • I will show you the initial sketch, i won’t finish if i don’t get an ok from you. So if you want me to make changes tell me then.


I am feeling optimistic, however, because after Christmas and New Years comes AWARD SEASON.

If I took awards season way too seriously before, graduating this year with a degree in creative writing for entertainment has made me a fucking maniac.

Music and traditional Oscar-bait movies have SUCKED this year. The only OB movie I’ve really liked so far has been The Revenant, and the only good albums to come out were Carly Rae Jepsen and Grimes.

TV, however, has been FUCKING AWESOME. I’ve been binge-watching everything and I have soooo many series and performances that I’m rooting for (ahem RAMI MALEK), even if a lot of my faves got ignored. Critics are complaining that there’s too much quality TV content these days because platforms are expanding like crazy (not to mention the long-awaited decline of reality TV and a higher than ever before demand for quality scripted drama), but I don’t care because *coughcoughcough* you can stream all that shit for free whenever and wherever you want it, TV companies just need to catch on. So I’m excited to see what wins what.

And watch Game of Thrones go and win fucking everything again because Hollywood is a fucking boy’s club cesspool and people always vote for the same shit year after year even if it actually had to fucking go and say GEE MAYBE USING RAPE AND SEXUAL ASSUALT TO BE ~*DaRk*~ AND ~*eDgY*~ IS A BAD IDEA AND SHITTY FUCKING WRITING, WE SHOULD THINK OF A NEW PLOT DEVICE.

Sometimes I brainstorm hypothetical characters Tigris could have played in hypothetical movies that would exist in this world.

Mostly he’s just anti-being-typecast and he’ll turn down a starring role for a secondary character or even a bit part if they’re something completely outside the realm of what he’s done in the past because he knows he’ll turn it into a scene-stealer either way. He tries to ride that line of popping up in enough places that people don’t forget about him but being enough of a chameleon about it that they don’t get sick of him and want him to stop appearing in every movie they see. Like “Oh yeah that scary evil knight in Oscar Bait Fantasy Movie was also Sarcastic Tech Guy in Cult Classic Workplace Comedy and Sappy Shy-Guy Romantic Lead in Overblown Teen Romance.