bait bus

It really bothers me that when ppl talk about gaybaiting on blizzard they don’t even address Hog n Rat…… idk, I can’t help thinking if Hog was skinny and JR’s wasn’t ugly ppl would be as vocal of the whole “find someone who looks at you the way (Junkrat) looks at (Roadhog)” and “guess who’s really on top” and all the other stuff, as they’re of baited ships w/ skinny pretty people.

matching design/skins, unique dialogue and most interaction than most other pairs, “femenine” interests, together in next to all their official art, JR wearing patches related to RH’s interest on the back of his pants, matching nail polish, Hog breaking his “scary” persona only to remind things to JR or tell jokes/ keep him safe, Rat getting angry when others defeat Hog since he is the “only allowed” to do so, blizzard joked at least 2 times comparing them with a romantic couple….. not to start anything bu…. the baiting been rather strong with them for a while and before any other pair……. im sure if Hog was skinny you’ see more people addressing it as much as with the very recent m*h*nz0.

Reblog again because I’m on my weekly “joking about two men having a relationship but not confirming it is really sketchy” and “fandom only cares about gay ships when it’s hot”  rant