Dad!Connor x Reader fluff headcannons

Hi guys this is my first request and I love getting them so send more in if you want! ————————————————

 -You would have a little girl that Connor would be SO protective of

 -her nursery would be really yellow which you had to talk Connor into doing because the guy doesn’t exactly love bright colors 

-during the labor Connor would have been freaking out more than you 


 -he would go with them when they do the check up on her cause he’s already like “no way is anyone gonna hurt my baby" 

 -he would see this duck stuffed animal on the way back to the room and he gets it because it reminds him of the nursery

 -the baby really helps him open up even more than you did. It makes him more protective but more caring than usual

 -she cries in the middle of the night ALL THE TIME. But like what baby doesn't 

-"I’ll get her” “no Y/N you got her last time go back to sleep”

 -you walk in and Connor is bottle feeding her while singing ba ba black sheep and you’ve never seen your daughter more content

 -Connor reads to her every night before bed. Her favorite is Mrs spiders sunny patch kids books 

-on her first day of kindergarten Connor did her hair in these little pigtails and she was so adorable. 

 -one day after Connor tried to teach her to ride a bike she got a really bad skinned knee and Connor freaked out “oh my goodness! That’s it no more bike without training wheels” and he smiled and picked her up to get her a baindaid and you went out for ice cream to make her feel better  

-you wouldn’t rather have anyone else be the father of your child

I’m not going to lie to you guys: it gets pretty sickfic-hurt/comfort pwp from here on out (minus the sex part). You’ve been warned.


When Nico woke up again it was because he was freezing. He shivered under Will’s embrace, wrapping his own arms around his shoulders in an attempt to keep warm. It didn’t seem to help much, so very slowly, Nico extracted himself from Will, noting how sluggish and exhausted he still felt. Overseas jet lag was the worst, he decided.

He went to the bathroom and splashed some water on his face, frowning at the pale, haggard expression that greeted him in the mirror. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days, and the way his body dragged, he almost believed it.

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winndigo-deactivated20170718  asked:

THIS IS SO CUTE!!! ok how bout the tmi crew's little ways of taking care of each other and doing each other favors


Clary: I feel like Clary has like bandaids on her at all times. Like basic medical necessities. But it’s not like a whole “i always come prepared” thing, she just always happens to have stuff in her purse. She’s that one friend that’s like “oh yeah i have a fucking box of baindaids in my bag nbd”. I also feel like she’s that really chill friend who has no problem with getting people water and stuff. Like they’d all be hanging out and she’d get up to get some food, and Jace and Simon and the others would all be like “oh can you get me some chips and water etc” and she’d be like “dude yes i will definitely do that”

Jace: Jace would always have a way to comfort everyone. Like it’s not just that he’s an empathetic person, he’d just know everyone’s specific way to be comforted. Does that make sense? Like, he’d know that Clary likes logic, Alec needs space, Simon needs emotion, etc. It would be really refreshing. He’d always know how to comfort you.

Isabelle: SHE IS THAT FRIEND WHO ALWAYS HAS GUM. Like oh my god. It makes so much sense. Like she’ll always have gum at all times ALWAYS. Also she’d always have a comb on hand and a hair tie. I also feel like Isabelle is really honest with her money like if someone asked if she had fifty cents she’d ACTUALLY TELL THEM YES (i don’t). What a kind soul

Alec: I feel like he’d always have a way to cheer the others up. Like he’s not exactly the “comic relief” of the gang, by any means, but he’s sassy enough that he could make a casual comment and it would get everyone to smile, even in the darkest situation. This also works if someone is upset about someone else, he could easily trash talk whoever hurt his friend and make them feel better.

Simon: Simon would always know if you’re not okay, somehow. Like, even if you’re not obvious about it. For example, Jace is always sorta grumpy and snarky but if one day he changed even the slightest bit, Simon would notice and approach him like “is something wrong today?” LIKE SOMEHOW HE JUST KNOWS. it’d be really refreshing for the others.

Magnus: Well, with his magic, he could do little things to help everyone out. I don’t really know how extensive his magical powers are, but if, say, he could move things, he’d like levitate Alec’s phone to him if it were across the room 😂 or like he’d bring Clary’s milk to her (because Clary drinks milk) (just like me) like little things like that. Also, he’d be a really good comforter.

Sebastian: aww baby doesn’t really do too many favors. I think he’d do subtle things, like pay for their lunch or other items. He wouldn’t do it in a super showy way, either, he’d just sort of “nah, i’ll handle it”. it’s actually really sweet when you think about it.

Okay so I wanted to make some head cannons of the bros along with a ref sheet so i remember how I draw them all

These are just a few of the headcanons I have for them all and if you guys like them thats fine I don’t expect anyone else to abide by these since it’s just personal thoughts! If you guys have any of your own please tell me! I’d love to read of some more!

Written Head Canons listed below~

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i picked up this pack of bandaids last time i was in japan, and i find it so amusing just thinking about how the merchandisers decided who would be together on each bandaid bc like


‘well we have 5 bandaids and 9 characters. luffy is the main character, so he should get a baindaid to himself.’

'what about chopper? he brings all the kawaii to the series and he’s already on more merchandise than luffy. he should get a bandaid to himself too. he’s the doctor, after all.’

'hmm. you’re right.’

'zoro and sanji should be on a bandaid together. they’re already on practically every other strip of merchandise together anyway. besides, nothing heals a cut like homo ship tease.’

’…or bewbs either for that matter. let’s put the girls together as well. boobies fix everything.’

but then…



'CAUSE HE’S THE KAWAII DOCTOR, YOU JACKASS. kay, here’s what we’ll do… we’ll cram the remaining three onto the final one together.’


'do you think they’ll notice?’

'no. bitches won’t notice. bitches wont care.’


the moment i saw this i was like 'ok kewl…cool…what- ARE THOSE MY FAVOURITE THREE CHARACTERS ALL SQUISHED ONTO A BANDAID TOGETHER???’


now aid my recent shaving mishap