Quiet morning in the Hawkins’ house. Starting my Thanksgiving break off with something hot. Shout out to @hairapysalonstudio for fitting me in yesterday after work. She removed my extensions and blew out my hair. Thank you Aqeela! #winddownwednesday #relaxingthebodyandmind #preparingmyselfforthegluttonyiwillpartakeintomorrow #itwillbeepic #imexcited #readytoeat #btw #stillteamnatural #relaxerfreehair #hotchocolate #bailysirishcream #goingbacktobed

Do what makes you happy, drink more coffee and SMILE!!!

Good morning, afternoon, evening and Happy Sunday folks!!!  Another day, another missed football game.  Guess who has to work today? LOL  But it’s all good.  Why you ask?  Because I am doing what I want and love to do.

Becoming a chef has to be in the Top 10 things I’ve enjoyed at this juncture in my life.  My family occupies the first half of that list.  When you enjoy what you do, being tired is temporary.  When you enjoy what you do, people having attitudes or just a bad day doesn’t bother you as much.

Also, you begin to notice that you don’t have as many bad days as you may have had when you were doing something you really didn’t want to do.  I work to make everyday in my life a GREAT day.  I hope that all of you strive to do the same.  Don’t forget, drink more coffee.  Add some Bailey’s Irish Creme and it will make everything alright. LOL

Make it a GREAT day people!!!