What I carry with me in my duty bag as a flight paramedic. (warm weather). 

clockwise, from top left.

-extra paperwork
-various references
-calculator for mathing

-medical directive/standing order book

-extrication gloves

-duty belt
     -leatherman fuse
     -leatherman raptor shears (friggin awsome btw)
     -large and small hemostats for clamping stuff, or getting a fish off a hook.
     -LED flashlight
     -sharpie, pen.


-dry sack with a change of clothes, spare razor and toothbrush all bundled up.

-random and constantly evolving collection of snacks and treats
-hand warmers
-pit stick

-ipod, earbuds and usb charging battery, and a lighter why not

-foam earbuds, tums, ID lanyard, laundry detergent for use in hotel sinks, small led light and small folding knife.

-Taxi charge slips

Exterior of the bag has sharpies/pens/pencils a pen light, a S-biner for iv bags and stuff, a small thermometer.

..missing from the photo is my phone and charger and my wallet.  I usually have a bottle of water with me too.  Bug spray will be added soon. I squashed the first mosquito of spring today.