The Tennis Court Oath (Jacques-Louis David)

The Tennis Court Oath, June 20, 1789, by which deputies of the new National Assembly vowed to write a Constitution. This celebrated depiction by Jacques- Louis David well illustrates the spirit of ’89 and the extraordinary fervor with which patriots supported the Revolutionary changes. The president Bailly stands on a table to administer the oath. One can distinguish the abbé Sieyès, sitting just beneath Bailly; Mirabeau (right foreground, in a dark coat, striding forward); Barnave ( just behind Mirabeau); Robespierre (right of center, baring his breast with his two hands); Pétion in front of Robespierre with his back turned; Barère (sitting at left, writing his newspaper); and the trio of the Protestant Rabaut Saint-Etienne, the priest Grégoire, and the monk Dom Gerle (center foreground). 

The Coming of the Terror (Timothy Tackett)

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Refined compositions, beautiful patina and subtle aesthetic choices. Everything is important.

Taken somewhere in the Sagano district near Kyoto, I am finally reviewing images taken during a remarkable aesthetic adventure in Japan last fall. 

槐安国語提唱(Kaiankokugo teisho) :
“In this temple Hakuin (a prominent zen master) ’s literature is taught”