baileys milkshake


darlingdiver and I just went to see Jupiter Ascending. We walked out of the theater, into the lobby, and literally bought tickets for the next showing. We’re in a theater that serves alcohol, we’re sitting and drinking and waiting for this masterpiece of human engineering to start again.

I have no words that do justice to this movie. It is so ridiculously bad, it cycles back around to being amazing. It is the most flawless scifi cheese ever crafted by man, this movie is space brie with ackee fruit coulis.

We might go see it a third time, depending in how many Bailey’s milkshakes I drink.


Baileys milkshake

For anyone who likes baileys… I just created the best thing ever - a baileys milkshake. TRY IT.

Microwave some ice-cream for 10 seconds
Mix the ice-cream with a spoon, start by trying to chop up the icecream, this helps to mix it
Mix it till its a creamy texture, but still thick and not too runny (like the texture of the ice-cream at pizza hut)
Then add some baileys! You can choose how much…
Stir it and pour in in a glass

It was delicious my friends