Late night Monhun doodle.
I was playing Freedom Unite on my PSP because I wanted to try an older entry in the series (I’m a 4U babby).

 I was doing a gathering quest where I had to snag 3 Popo tongues. Turns out this is the quest where you have your second run in with the infamous Tigrex. I ran past him the first encounter and then beat up some Popos in the next area, unfortunately I only got 2 tongues. So I go to the next area to beat up some more. I take care of them but soon after I hear the thunderous stomps of the Tigrex, I spy it coming around the corner so I book it in the opposite direction. Unfortunately there was a wall of snow blocking the exit in this quest. So the Tigrex quickly caught up and gave me a clean swipe back to camp. Least I didn’t have to walk there myself.

Hhhmmmmmmmmmmm first contribution to Starco (even though I’ve been shipping them since episode 1! Aged up a bit because thats just kind of how it came out

 I can’t fucking draw torsos so yep you get a scarf and the collar of a red sweater because I bet Marco wears red sweaters in the winter :3

I totally gave up on the background can’t you tell?