A new friend has appeared! As Bailey rushes to the next trial, she meets someone in some unusual circumstances… Though considering it’s Bailey, it’s probably not that unusual in the grand scheme of things.

Apologies for this update taking so long, but it’s finally here! And even with how long it took to finish, I really enjoyed working on it. Some of my favorite tidbits includes something I don’t think I’ve revealed in asks or any comic posts yet: the name’s I’ve been calling the two Team Skull Grunts that always show up! Farkas and Eugene, named after the most iconic duo of bumbling bullies of our time, Farkas Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovitch from Power Rangers.

That, and drawing Hapu was incredibly fun to draw!

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crazinessofauto  asked:

How would Bailey and Hector react to Ash Ketchum? I get the feeling that even Bailey would cringe when she heard about his "training style".

Bailey’s rating: 7/10 He has spirit, but needs work in the strategy and training department. Reminds her a lot of Hau, which is good, but he definitely needs something to help him stand out.

Hector’s rating: 2/10 Thinks he’s very similar to Hau, but Hau has at least a bit more brains to him. He needs to calm tf down and relax. Keep him at a safe distance where Hector will not be overwhelmed by him.

manifi  asked:

Will we ever see Bailey and Hector as smols? Like in pictures around the house?

Here are two that are on the walls in their kitchens:

Bailey and her dad! Bailey’s hair was much shorter when she was younger, and as a result, much more poofy. She was often covered in bandaids and such, cuz she was (and still is tbh) always exploring and climbing things, ending up with scratches and scrapes.

Hector and his mom! Hector was quite the shy little bab, usually clinging to his mom everywhere they went. Even now, he’s still quite the mama’s boy. This photo in particular is a favorite of his mom’s - she just thinks he looks so cute.