While Bailey searches for her next challenge, Hector looks for the fastest way to the exit… though what he finds instead is something he isn’t entirely apposed to. Including his newest team member, Bolt the Magnemite!

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After Hector got his solo comic last week, here we have Bailey’s! A bit more on the lighthearted side to give some breathing room after last week got a kinda serious.

Unlike Hector, Bailey acquires the Zygarde Cube from Dexio and Sina. Twitch evolves during her battle with Hau in Paniola Town before having some fun at the ranch, and then it’s time to meet the edgelord and defend Hau’s honor. What will be the result of their battle?

Oh, and Bailey also occasionally has the power to break the fourth wall!

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Feelin’ Uncomfortable? is a short comic I did for my year 11 art class.

It was a part of my theme ‘Things that make society uncomfortable’ and features:

Ryuu - a bisexual blind man

Hitoshi - a pansexual boy recovering from anorexia and battling depression

Zahra - a muslim feminist lolita

and Cas - an agender Mexican tattoo artist.  

There is no set storyline and just consists of one page comics  (a lot of the content inspired by tumblr posts so please message me any sources you happen to find!)

I also really rushed this so please forgive any silly mistakes and the art

Pages 1-2

Pages 3-4

Pages 5-6

Pages 7-8

Pages 9-10

Pages 11-12

Pages 13-14

Pages 15-16

Pages 17-18

Pages 19-20

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