Avatar AU yeahhh~ They’re wearing outfits that I feel best represent their element/nation or whatever but NOT their culture.

I… guess there is a bit of a story/idea to this though but ehhhh I don’t think y'all need to hear about that since this is probably a one time AU thing.

Also this is an old pic that was half lined so - even though I drew Omi a little bit too small (at least compared to Kimiko and Clay) - I… can’t really be bothered to fix him… especially since I’d have to change Rai’s pose too and yeaahhh no.

The completed illustration of Critical Role’s Vex’Ahlia! (With a little Raven Queen and storm-arrow flair.) I love creating more involved pieces for Critical Role, this is my second one, and I hope to do the whole cast.

Really happy with how this turned out. This was created on my stream. If you are interested in watching work like this be created, consider following me over on twitch!