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A Glimpse of The Future

I wrote this for Omelia week a few months ago….

This wasn’t the first time Amelia Shepherd would be babysitting her nieces and nephew, and it certainly wouldn’t be her last.

Her sister-in-law Meredith Grey happened to be the surgeon on call that night and was paged for an emergency laparotomy on a patient who had a traumatic abdominal injury after a car crash. Unfortunately, Maggie, Callie, Arizona, Alex and Bailey all happened to be on call too that night, and they all had to be in the hospital. Which left only Amelia available to babysit for the Shepherd kids. Not that she was complaining. She really adored Derek’s children, all 3 of them, and she had sworn to him over his grave to protect every one of his children with every fibre of her being. And Amelia always keeps to her words.

When Amelia walked into the attending lounge, Meredith was already dressed in her navy blue scrubs with Zola and Bailey on either side of her, and little Ellis in her arms.

’ Oh good, you’re here! My surgery is about to start in 15 minutes….. Zola and Bailey have just eaten in the cafeteria, and Ellie has just been fed some formula….I just need you to bring them home, get them bathed and changed and tuck them to bed. My surgery would take about 5-6 hours max…. hopefully earlier….’ Meredith rambled.

’ Ok….shouldn’t be a problem’ Amelia reassured her sister-in-law, who seemed flustered.

‘Oh…and I have warmed up some cereal in a thermoflask for Ellie in case she is hungry….it’s in the basket over there.’ Meredith said as she handed over the 13 month old baby to Amelia and ushered her two elder kids towards their aunt. ’ There is also some formula milk if it isn’t enough..’

‘Ok…ok…chill down Mer….I’ve done this before, remember? This is not the first time I’ve babysat for your kids’ Amelia smiled while placing a hand on Meredith’s shoulder.

’ I know….’ Meredith finally relaxed and smiled back. ‘It’s just that everytime I have to leave them with someone else I get a bit worried, no matter how much I trust the person. I guess it’s just part of being a working mom. Thank you so much Amelia for helping me out with them…’

’ It’s no problem, they are my nieces and nephew after all’ Amelia answered sincerely. ’ Now go and save some lives and make your children and Derek proud!’

Meredith, finally reassured that her kids would be fine under her sister in law’s care, took Derek’s ferry boat scrub cap out of the locker and placed it in her scrub pocket.

’ Ok kids, mummy has to go and save lives. I’ll see you when you wake up tomorrow!’ she gave Zola, Bailey and Ellis each a peck on the cheek and walked out of the lounge towards OR2.

Now Amelia was left alone with her nieces and nephew.

She was looking forward to bringing them home to the dream house which she had brought from Meredith, giving them bathes, changing them, and tucking them in their beds which were still untouched ever since they moved back to Ellis Grey’s mansion ( or rather known as the frat house).

She felt a tug at her right hand. ‘Auntie Amy- I want some icecream…Can we go out somewhere to have icecream now?’ Zola was looking at her with pleading eyes.

Of course Derek’s children would learn from him and call her by her nickname.

'I don’t think so Zo, it’s late now and the weather is too cold for icecream. You might catch a cold. Furthermore your mom instructed me specifically to bring you and your siblings home and tuck you all into bed.’

'But auntie!’

Before Zola could protest any further a loud crash was heard. Before Amelia could react, Bailey was sobbing loudly. Amelia glanced down to notice that Bailey had accidentally toppled a glass which was on the table onto the floor. Luckily the glass was empty.

'Ok, don’t move Bailey.’

Bailey stood still at his spot, still crying, as his aunt, with his little sister still in her arms, took a dustpan and broom from the side of the room and walked over to sweep the broken pieces of glass. She didn’t know whose glass it was- she’ll have to explain to the person later. Just then, Zola decided that she would help her aunt too and bended over to pick up a piece of glass.

'No Zola, don’t!’ Don’t touch the glass- you’ll hurt yourself!’ Amelia cried out- more harshly than she intended, as Zola began crying too.

As if on cue, Ellis, who was still in Amelia’s arms while she was sweeping the mess, starting wailing loudly too at the top of her lungs.

Amelia was starting to get a throbbing headache. She had barely been alone with the trio for 10 minutes and already all 3 of them were crying. This evening was certainly NOT off to a good start.

Just then, the door of the attending lounge opened. Amelia couldn’t have been more relieved when she saw who it was. He was like her knight in shining whatever.

Owen was shocked by the sight that greeted him- his flustered looking wife sweeping frantically, with a wailing baby in her arms and 2 wailing children standing beside her.

’ Owen! Please save me from this chaos I got myself into!’ she cried out.

Owen smiled….she couldn’t look more adorable.

“Owen- I’m serious! I’m dying here! These kids are killing me!’

'Ok..ok… calm down Amelia’

Zola, upon hearing Owen’s voice, stopped crying.

'Uncle Owen- can you bring us for icecream?’ she asked with teary pleading eyes.

'Okay- why not, Zozo'…. 'Wait until your aunt finishes sweeping first’ Owen says, while taking Ellis from Amelia’s arms.

'Yay!’ Zola exclaimed loudly- giving Owen a high five, as Amelia sighed in defeat.


Half a hour later- they were all seated at a nearby icecream store, indulgling themselves in some icecream.

Bailey’s entire face was covered in vanilla, while Zola’s lips were covered in chocolate.

’ What adorable children you both have!’ a passerby smiled at Owen and Amelia, walking off before either of them could reply.

They both shared a look, knowing that they could very well be mistaken for a family.

Amelia shrugged, taking another lick of her chocolate icecream which tasted heavenly. She had been craving for anything chocolate lately.

'Auntie Amy, why do you look like that?’ Zola asked suddenly.

'Huh? Look like what, Zola?’ Amelia replied, puzzled by her niece’s sudden question.

'Look like your face and your tummy is rounder. My mummy also looked like that before. When I asked her, she said that there is a baby in her tummy. And then Bailey and then Ellie came out. Is there is baby in your tummy, auntie Amy?’

Amelia blushed a little, she couldn’t believe how observant her niece was.

’ Ermm….yeah…. you’ll have a little cousin in 5 months time.’

'Yay!’ Zola almost spilled her icecream in excitement. 'I want a girl cousin to play with!’

'We don’t know yet Zola – whether you’ll have a girl or boy cousin’ Amelia laughed.

'How did the baby get in your tummy, auntie Amy?’ Zola asked.

This question caught both Amelia and Owen off guard. They both looked at each other, unable to conjure a suitable reply. Apparently Meredith has been too busy to give Zola the birds and bees talk.

'Well ermm….’ Amelia began.

’ It happens when a man and a woman love each other very much.’ Owen finally came to her rescue.

'Oh so you two love each other very much’

’ Yes, Zola- we do’

’ Just like how my daddy loved my mummy very much’

'Yes’ Amelia replied sadly. Zola still misses her dad, and she still misses her big brother.

Luckily for Owen and Amelia, Zola seemed satisfied with the explanation and continued eating her icecream.


A couple of hours later, while Owen was upstairs tucking Zola and Bailey to bed, Amelia was in the nursery rocking Ellie to sleep , having just fed and burped the baby.

’ Hush little baby, don’t you cry…’ she sang softly as she rocked the baby in her arms.

Ellie looked up at her with big blue eyes which reminded her so much of Derek. It made Amelia’s heart ache, to see her niece look so much like her father whom she would never meet. But in a sense, it comforted her to realize that her brother had left a piece of himself in his youngest daughter. That way, he was never truly gone.

Ellie’s eyes slowly closed, and the baby drifted off to sleep in her arms. Amelia slowly began to lower her into her crib, taking great care not to wake the sleeping baby. She then stood there staring at her peacefully sleeping niece, not wanting to leave the baby even for a moment. It was amazing actually, this special bond she had developed with Derek’s youngest daughter even since she laid her eyes on her.

Suddenly she felt strong arms slide around her waist and a kiss on the top of her forehead.

She looked up at her husband, smiling.

’ She looks so peaceful, doesn’t she? Sometimes I wish I can be a baby again , not having a care in the world.’

'Yeah’, Owen agreed, his arms still around her. 'She looks so much like Derek’

’ I know’ Amelia felt tears filling her eyes at the mention of her brother.

’ You are so good with her, and with her siblings…I’ve no doubt you’ll be a good mother to our children in the future.’

'You sure?’ Amelia looked up at Owen for confirmation. Although she seldom mentioned it to him, she often questioned herself, and wondered whether she would be a good mother to their unborn child and any future children they might have.

'Yes, absolutely sure. Our baby is so lucky to have you as their mother’.

'And our baby is so lucky to have you as their father’.

They both shared a smile as they continued to watch in fascination Ellie’s chest rise and fall- both dreaming of the near future when they would be watching their own baby sleep.


Grey’s anatomy bloopers season 11

Thanks to camillalnews, you are the best!


I really dislike how Meredith is trying to date again and move on but then again I want her to be happy.
I just wish Derek was still alive…


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Accidents Happen

Based on a true story…


“What time did you say you guys were coming back?”

“In about fifteen minutes, Amy,” Derek said into the phone as he parked outside the hospital, “See you soon.”

“You’re gonna be at least an hour or two,” Meredith pointed out as they got out and unbuckled the kids.

“I know,” he acknowledged.

“Then why did you tell her fifteen minutes?”

“Because I know the tone of voice my sister uses when she’s up to no good, Meredith. She wants to know if she has time to do the non-consensual thing she is going to do,” he told her, “Which means she’s either going to shoot up or invite Owen over. I do not want that man in my house.” His angered feelings towards Owen were still fresh from a few weeks ago and had not changed in intensity at all. They could barely consult on the same patient, far less stand in the same OR together.

She sighed and lifted Bailey out of his seat, “You can’t control every aspect of her life, Derek. She’s a big kid.”

“Well, I can try.”


“That was not fifteen minutes,” Amelia said as soon Derek came into the house with a sleeping Ryan in one arm and Zola clinging to his trousers. She was sitting at the kitchen island on a bar stool, finishing a bowl of cereal as she narrowed her eyes at him.

“Sorry, there was an emergency,” he shrugged, putting that obnoxious smile on his face that she hated. She rolled her eyes and brushed him off, knowing he was trying to get a rise out of her.

“Bailey is alive and asleep,” she said sarcastically, “But you can check, in case you think I’m lying.”

“I have to pick Meredith up at the hospital later,” he said, ignoring her snarky comment.

“I can do that,” she said a bit too eagerly, adding quickly, “I have some paper work to take care of anyway, so I can do that while I’m waiting for her.” Derek looked suspiciously at his sister, his gut feeling telling him that paperwork wasn’t the real reason for her wanting to go to the hospital.

“Okay,” he reluctantly responded, “I’ll let you do that then.” She was up and out the door in 3 minutes.


When Owen got a call from Amelia, asking to meet a couple of blocks away from the dream house, he didn’t ask any questions. Instead, he turned the trailer upside down trying to find condoms and clean clothes to wear. He bolted through Derek’s backyard and towards the street. He hadn’t been this horny since he was 16.

“I have to buy condoms,” he breathlessly said as he threw his body into her car and closed the door behind him, “I couldn’t find any in my trailer.”

“Really?” she sighed, closing her eyes.

“Remind me why we’re going all the way to the hospital to do this? And why I can’t just drive and meet you there.”

“If you drive, Derek will see that your truck is missing and suspect something. I already told Derek that I was going to the hospital, so if he sees my car parked next to your trailer, our plan won’t work,” she explained as she put the car and drive, “Plus, I bought a new couch, for my office, which turns into a bed, and it needs a sexual christening.”

“A sexual christening?” Owen laughed, shaking his head.


As Owen walked into the small pharmacy/convenience store, he nodded at the cashier. To cover up the real reason he was here, he bought a bag of chips and made his way to the cashier. Normally, the condoms would be behind the clerk, but they weren’t, so he was forced to ask her if they had any condoms.

“By the pharmacist,” she said in the most disinterested voice. What store kept their condoms with their medication? He thanked her and made his way to the pharmacy at the back of the store.

“Hi,” Owen greeted the man, squinting to look at the various brands, “Can I get a pack of durex?” He pointed to the tiny pink package.

The pharmacist looked at the size of Owen’s hand, “That’s not gonna fit you.”

His face reddened at the comment and he immediately shoved his hand into his pocket, “What would you suggest, then?” The man stood up from his wheel chair and grabbed three boxes.

“We have XXL condoms, rough riders and Trojan bare skin,” he listed, dropping the boxes down one by one, “The Trojan one is almost like the real thing, so I hear.”

“I’ll take the Trojan, then,” Owen decided.


“What took you so long?” Amelia asked the second he got back into the car.

“I haven’t bought condoms in a very long time,” Owen confessed with a sheepish grin, “I tried to buy Durex, but then the guy said that wouldn’t fit me, so I got Trojan. I think you should continue to buy the condoms in this relationship. ”

“Well, he’s not lying,” she retorted. He scoffed.


“You walk in first,” Amelia said, handing her office key to Owen, “Make sure no one sees you when you go in.”


“I think an intern saw me,” Owen said the second Amelia entered the office.

“Doesn’t matter now,” she replied breathlessly.

“Why are you breathing so heavily?”

“Meredith almost saw me by the front desk; I had to bolt,” she explained, shrugging off her jacket, “Why aren’t you undressed already?” He watched as she took off her boots then pulled her jersey over her body, revealing a matte black bra. She paused to look at him.

“Oh right,” he remembered, pulling his feet out of his shoes and peeling out of his pants. He set the condoms down on a table next to the couch and was about to take off his polo, but the sight of her in only her bra and underwear distracted him. He grabbed her from behind her thighs and lifted her, their lips meeting instantly as her legs wrapped around his torso. He carried her to the couch, which had already been turned into the makeshift bed, and rested her down on it, grinding his pelvis into her. Her mouth opened to gasp and he took it as an opportunity to invade her mouth with his tongue. Already, she was grabbing onto the edges of his army green shirt and encouraging him to take it off. She wanted the skin-to-skin contact; she craved it. In one semi-fluid motion, Owen unclasped her bra and removed it before taking off his tee. While he pinched and teased one nipple, he sucked and bit the other, making her arch her body against him. Her primal need to feel pleasure, to feel friction, had her trying to grind her core against his erection while he had her pinned to the sofa.

“You’re wasting time wearing those boxers,” Amelia teased, instantly grabbing his attention. Owen looked up at her and smirked.

“I like wasting time,” he huskily announced, licking her from her sternum to the tip of her underwear.

“You like being a tease,” she corrected, squeezing her eyes shut as he licked her through her underwear. He hummed in agreement, pulling the fabric down her legs and discarding it in some unknown location of her office. She saw his member poking out from the opening in his boxers and saw the opportunity and grasped it, giving him a taste of his own medicine as she pumped her hand up and down. Her action had set him off and he couldn’t wait any longer. Grabbing the box of rubbers, he pulled one out and ripped it open, rolling it on in record time. He wrapped one hand around her back and flipped them over before lowering her onto his painful erection. This time, he gasped and a loud moan escaped his lips before she had a chance to cover his mouth.

“Someone’s going to hear you if you’re not quieter,” she warned, grinding her hips against him. She looked beneath them, watching the sheen of her juices coat the latex.

“I can’t help it,” he confessed, shutting his eyes and making a facial expression that resembled that of pain. He held onto her waist to stop her tantalisingly slow movements and started his own, quick pace, raising and lowering his hips as he thrusted in and out of her. She lowered her head and bit on one of his nipples. It was like she wanted the entire hospital to hear what she was doing to him.


The pharmacist was, in fact right; the condoms felt like the real thing. At one point, he could feel the heat from the friction of their sex.

“God, you’re so wet,” Owen moaned, making a mental note to never buy anything other brand except for Trojan. It was so close to the real thing, he almost forgot that he was wearing it. Too caught up in the sex, he didn’t notice when she looked down at his cock and froze.

“Owen,” Amelia said, pressing her hands against his chest to stop him, “Where’s the condom?”

“What?” he asked, the haze of pleasure clouding his thoughts. He looked down between them and didn’t see the ring of latex at the base. She lifted herself off of him and he grabbed his member, running his fingers along the entire length. He did it again, just to make sure, but mostly because he was still in shock.

There was silence as two pairs of blue eyes stared blankly at each other.

“Do you want me to…?” Owen dragged on, not sure how to ask her permission to search her insides for a missing condom.

“My fingers aren’t long enough,” she said. He took her answer as consent and slipped his fingers inside of her, feeling around for the latex.

“Sorry,” Owen apologised when he heard a soft moan come from her, “Not intentional.” He pulled the outstretched condom out of her and said, “And here I was, amazed at how raw this thing felt.”

“Now what?” she asked, sitting higher up, by his abs.

He tried to ignore her wetness on his lower torso as he replied, “Plan B?”

“Yeah, okay,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“So…raw?” he suggested with a sly smile and slightly narrowed eyes.

“May I remind you that your penis is vulnerable and out in the open for me to punch,” she threatened, slipping off of him.


“Hi,” Owen once again greeted the pharmacist, “Can I get a card of morning after pills?”

“There’s only one or two in a box,” the pharmacist replied, grabbing a common used brand from the shelf, “When did the accident happen?”

He laughed at first, but the pharmacist remained with a straight face, so he answered, “Maybe a little under a half hour ago.”

“Take one now and one twelve hours from then,” the man instructed, “You know, birth control doesn’t slip like condoms.”

“Thank you,” Owen told the man, hurrying to the register before he could make a bigger fool of himself.

“Don’t you want a bottle of water to go with that?” the cashier asked when she saw what Owen had brought to the counter. He smiled and nodded at her, walking towards the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water. He had never felt this embarrassed in his entire life. Looking back at the pharmacist, an idea dawned upon him.


“Thank God,” Amelia praised as Owen entered the car with two boxes and a bottle of water, “Meredith just texted me to come pick her up.”

“Plan B, with water,” Owen said as he handed Amelia the small box and the water, “And this is also for you.”

“What’s this?” she asked, taking a larger box from him.

“Birth control,” he replied, “Because this is never happening again.”