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Bailey’s Disney Quote Challenge - Masterlist

First of all, I would like to thank the academy for this award…lol jk…

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this challenge - and those that are a little overdue, but that’s not the point - I have made some awesome friends along the way and you have become very near and dear to my heart, it really means a lot that you took the time out of your lives to celebrate my little milestone.

These writers definitely deserve some more recognition for their hard work with every piece they post.

Anyway without further ado, on with the fics…

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Bailey’s Disney Quote Challenge


Mostly fluff (I guess a bit angst for one minute)


“Have you ever noticed just how many times Tony and Bucky argue in one day?”

“Honestly Y/N I can’t beleive that you of all people haven’t noticed this yet,” responded Nat

“What is that supposed to mean? Just because I spend a lot of time here doesn’t mean I notice everything,” I said adding an emphasis to ‘everything.’ True I barely left the tower but if the only people you knew were in one place most of the time, why leave?

“More like you, my oblivious friend, are the one to always stop them from killing each other.”

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Slumber Party

Author: ceruleanbucky

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, detailed smut for all my fellow sinners, unprotected sex (I shouldn’t have to say this, but wrap it before you tap it.) oral sex (female receiving) and I think that’s it.

Word count: 2749 (this is an apology for not posting a lot)

Sorry to my followers; I know I’m shit at updating and posting but i hope you accept this sincere apology on my behalf. Enjoy the sin.

“Hey Seb, where’s the Bailey’s?” You yell down the hall of your friend’s apartment. You had just gone through a break up, and you wanted some drinks, and comfort. It’s not like it was a bad breakup; it was mutual, but you still didn’t want to be alone. And who better to be comforted by than your lifetime friend, Sebastian?

Plus, he has really good booze.

“There is no Bailey’s! It was just Christmas! You expect there to be Bailey’s left after Christmas?” He yells back, clearly amused at your obvious lack of thinking. Of course there’s none left.  

With a sigh, you plopped down onto the couch, waiting for Seb to get into his pyjamas to start the movie. You had settled on Star Wars episode IV, because neither you or Seb had seen it in ages. And if felt right, because Carrie Fisher was one of your favorite actors ever, other than the one and only Sebastian Stan. Obviously.

If you’re to be brutally honest, you were too busy spacing out to notice Seb had joined you, until a pillow hit you in the face, causing you to jump.

“Oh, is that how it is?” You ask, a smile creeping its way onto your face as you grab the pillow he just threw at you.

“Oh, that’s how it is.” He replies, and instantly jumps onto the couch to attack you. He has his signature smirk on his face, and you have plans to wipe it off. With a pillow.

Since you are a lot smaller than him, you have a bit of an advantage. It’s always been like that. You usually jump on his back, and slightly smother him with the pillow, but this time, its different. He has been training with Don, and he is a lot stronger than you, so when you jump on his back, it barely affects him. Instead of trying to throw you off, he just flops down onto his back, crushing you.

Hey; it’s not like you care. You can feel every muscle through his exceedingly thin shirt, and you’re basically in heaven.

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After Hector got his solo comic last week, here we have Bailey’s! A bit more on the lighthearted side to give some breathing room after last week got a kinda serious.

Unlike Hector, Bailey acquires the Zygarde Cube from Dexio and Sina. Twitch evolves during her battle with Hau in Paniola Town before having some fun at the ranch, and then it’s time to meet the edgelord and defend Hau’s honor. What will be the result of their battle?

Oh, and Bailey also occasionally has the power to break the fourth wall!

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“I Crashed into a Unicorn” Release!

After writing for the past three years, I have finally took the plunge and published this novella of mine. It’s not the first work I’ve written, but it’s something fun and I hope readers will enjoy it. 

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What should have been a routine drive home from Bailey Kim’s job ends up morphing into the catalyst for a chain of strange events. Events that will definitely ruin her hopes of having a quiet end of school year. Bailey is stuck with one distrusting unicorn prince, Yujin, who refuses to leave and claims to be powerless because of her. Hiding a person’s presence in her home, especially a male presence, from her mother’s notice will become another challenge she must deal with on top of school. 

As Bailey and Yujin forge a wary alliance, a bounty hunting duo known for their ruthlessness appear. The bounty hunters, Ophelia and Laertes, intend to establish a black market of talismans they have violently procured from all magical creatures except one. The unicorn. And while hiding Yujin’s presence from her mother is difficult, hiding him from two highly skilled bounty hunters is impossible. 

Not one to believe anything in the occult, Bailey has a hard time accepting that her life has been drastically upended. Until she becomes the source of a dormant power of her own. One that might help her get through the chaos and give her a fighting a chance at normalcy again. 

Once Upon a Time First Look: August Returns… in Which Realm(s)?

Knock on wood, Once Upon a Time‘s Emma will get a helping hand in the Wish Realm from a familiar face when the ABC series resumes Season 6.

Having missed their ride home at the close of the midseason finale (after Regina got distracted by the sight of an alive-and-well Robin Hood), Princess Emma now finds herself “partnered up with the person who killed the king and queen, so everyone — including their own son — is looking or them,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis previews.

Perhaps Eion Bailey’s August Booth aka Pinocchio, seen in the exclusive photo above, is in a position to offer the stranded Storybrookers some assistance?

“We love Eion Bailey, we love August and we love Pinocchio,” cocreator Adam Horowitz says of the upcoming encore. “We will get to see him in multiple worlds and realms.”

Bailey made his Once debut midway through Season 1, his character first known simply as The Stranger. He last appeared at the end of Season 4, when August provided insight on Author mythology.

“Part of the fun of being in Season 6 is we’ve met so many characters in the 120-plus episodes we’ve done,” Kitsis observes. “It’s always fun to bring them back.”

Once Upon a Time Season 6 resumes sometime in March.

There’s no milk in the house, but cutting coffee with Bailey’s Irish cream is not only delicious, it makes me feel sophisticated.