bailey no. 4


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Part 4: Sleepy Binger

Summary: Bucky came out of cryo and you’ve noticed that he’s been quiet. He spends most of his time in his bedroom but you want to help him out of his shell.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1573

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It had been a few days since movie night with Bucky and he had been spending quite a lot of time in his bedroom or in the living room late at night when you were sleeping.

You decided against checking in on him everyday, yourself, instead you asked Steve or Sam to do it for you. You wanted at least another familiar face to watch Bucky and help him with his recovery.

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The next time you see Bailey and Talon (hopefully tomorrow, I wanted to play today but I’ve run out of energy) there will have been a tiny time jump.  The last time they posted, they had just gotten engaged.  Since I really want to play toddlers and this is my “fun and let anything go save”, I decided it was the perfect one to do a time jump and not have to deal with the waiting around for the pregnancy, etc.

Emma is inquisitive and Emily is a charmer.

Two nightmares in one night and mama wakes up like this, lol! 

Both Bailey and Chris have the lazy trait. And I’ve found that lazy parents really struggle in this game. Child bed monsters and toddler nightmares, they don’t like their beauty sleep interrupted! They don’t like to clean up, either. 

I think she might be good and done with two kids.