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Desperate Dealings Episode 42: Vaxleth's Moment (Rated M)

Vax’s feet silently take the stairs two at a time as he thinks over the evening’s events. Did he make the right choice? He feels he has. Only time will tell. His major concern was that The Clasp would side with the dragon. Shen made it very clear that wasn’t their intent. For all he cared after that, The Clasp could fuck off. 

However, after everything that’s happened over the past few days, the attacks on Emon by the Chroma Conclave, the skirmish over the skull, the discovery of Uriel’s death, the almost death of his dear friend Gilmore, Vax is emotionally drained. Yet, one bubble of hope persists. That bubble is Keyleth. 

Surely he hasn’t been misreading her signals. He told her how he felt weeks ago. She said she needed time to figure her own feelings out. He’s given her space and time, lots of it; and yet she continues to pull him aside and grab for his hand in quiet moments. Surely he can’t be misinterpreting the meaning of that. Either way, he’s going to get to the bottom of it. 

His gait slows as he reaches visual of her door. He stops in front of his sister’s door and hears Vex’s voice softly whispering to Trinket. It brings a smile to his face and he steps back. He paces back and forth in front of Keyleth’s door a couple of times before he pauses. He takes a breath and knocks. 

The door opens and her red hair is down around her shoulders. She seems to have washed her face and changed into just a silken green robe that has bronze clasps up the front. Her eyes meet his and she gives him a look of sincere concern mixed with curiosity. 

“Hi,” she whispers as she folds her arms into herself. 

“Hi,” He answers back before pausing and taking a steadying breath to muster up the courage to say the next line. “I don’t want to be alone tonight.” At hearing his words, her breath catches and her eyes open wide before dropping. “Do you?” He asks, trying to keep the hopeful butterflies racketing around in his stomach from making him slip back into the comfort of the shadows. 

She softly shakes her head as she lifts her chin and looks into his eyes. “I haven’t been wanting to be alone most nights.” She looks at him softly, a hint of a smile forming on her lips as she steps aside and opens the door wider. 

He dodges in and the moment the door shuts all thought of Emon, dragons, The Clasp and everything in between leave his mind. Right now, it’s just him and Keyleth. He takes a step closer to her and rests his right hand on the left side of her face. Her left hand folds over his and she leans into it closing her eyes as a single tear escapes down to her right cheek. 

He leans in and kisses the betraying tear, the moisture absorbing into his lips. Her other hand comes up and wraps around the back of his neck, the skin of which is still a little sensitive from where she burned the mark off earlier. She twists her head and captures his lips in hers, kissing him with a ferocity that catches him off guard. His eyes pop open before snapping closed as he catches up to her intensity. His other hand grabs her around the waist and pulls her into him more. 

She extends onto her tippy toes and wraps her arms around his shoulders as his other hand snakes down and lifts her off her feet. He carries her towards, well…there’s a problem here. He frowns as he sneaks a peak around the room. 

“Umm… Key-key,” he says between heated kisses. “You don’t…seem…to have…a bed…in…your room.” 

She breaks the kiss and looks around. “Ah, yes… that.” She takes a step away from him. “Well… it was moved downstairs to help the refugees…” She turns back to him, her face apologetic. 

“Ahh,” Vax looks around and sees a plush looking rug in front of the fireplace in her room. “Well that will work…” He points to the rug as he takes a step toward her, his lips finding hers once more. She eagerly kisses him back but her nervousness has increased ten-fold. 

“Just one thing before we get…umm…carried away.” She interjects softly, pushing on his chest for emphasis. “Uhh… I had never really… umm…kissed anyone before Kashaw in Vasselheim. And then you, in Whitestone…” She trails off and looks down at her hands. 

“And?” Vax asks softly, taking her delicate hands in his. 

“And… I just don’t have any experience with…this sort of thing…” She whispers softly, daring to look up. 

Vax chuckles quietly. “Can I tell you a secret?” She nods and her face relaxes slightly. He bends down and presses his lips to her ear. “Neither do I…” 

Her head snaps back and her wide eyes meet his. “WHAT?!” She exclaims a bit too loudly. His hand snaps up and covers her mouth before he extends one finger over his own lips. Pulling his hand sharply away from her mouth she whispers, “You’re messing with me right?” 

He chuckles and shakes his head no. She laughs softly and takes a step towards him. “And why haven’t you…” she trails off, her awkwardness forbidding her from finishing the question. 

He smiles and wraps his arms back around her waist. “Well…a multitude of reasons.” He answers softly as he presses his lips to her neck. “Mostly because I never found anyone that meant that much to me. If you can’t tell… I like to keep myself guarded against strangers.” 

“Is that so?” She teases, her hands slowly running up his back. “I suppose now that you mention it, I had noticed that about you.” 

With that he gently guides her back to where the rug lays next to the small fire crackling softly in the hearth. Her hands begin to unclasp his cloak from under his chin and undo the ties of his leather jerkin. His hands run the length of her silken robe, feeling her body through the scant fabric makes the heat rise and the bulge in his pants becomes prominent against the tight leather breeches. She rids him of his chest armor and moves her hands down to the ties at his waist. 

He knows that they are about to cross a bridge that they may not be able to come back from and before they go too far he musters every ounce of will power and pulls away from their passionate embrace. 

“Wait-” He pauses, bringing her hands back up to his chest and desperately trying to catch his breath. “Keyleth… I… want you to be sure that what we’re doing means something other than a distraction from all the shit outside of this room. Because I truly do… love you. I’m yours.” He looks at her a tone of desperate sincerity driving every syllable. “I have been for a while now. And with everything that we’ve gone through over the last few days that feeling has been one of the only thing’s keeping me sane.” This time it’s her finger that presses over his lips in a request to be quiet. 

“Vax…” She sighs before pausing, trying to think over her frame of mind and put into words what she’s wanted to say to him. He remains silent at her request, but the silence is slowly killing him. “Vax… I… We both have witnessed so much destruction and death in a very short amount of time. I’d be lying if I said the events over the past few days aren’t affecting my decisions.” His eyes drop to the floor, a sinking feeling settling into the pit of his stomach. Her hand cups his chin and pulls his eyes to her. “But… why wouldn’t they affect me? How could they not? After all we’ve been through and the unforeseeable future that lay ahead of us. How can I be expected to know what’s going to happen tomorrow or the next day or the next? I’m tired of holding back my feelings if it means that I’ll never get to experience the moment. Because that’s all we have Vax. The moment. We have right now. We have us. And I don’t want to let it pass by because who knows what might happen in the long run.” 

Her words sink in and she’s quiet, staring into his eyes with a wisdom that he cannot argue with. The silence is palpable and quick as a whip he grabs her, digging his face into her neck, he pulls her to him with the strength of a man who is overcome with grief, with hope, with desperation, with love. She wraps her arms around his head and slowly strokes his hair. For a moment they melt into one another before he begins to kiss her neck up to her face, her lips and down her throat. He pushes his body over hers and his dexterous fingers begin to quickly unclasp the front of her robe. 

When the fabric spills off her chest he audibly gasps at the beauty of her body. Her lean musculature, pert breasts and the curves of her hips give him a new sense of hunger. 

“You are so beautiful,” He whispers sensually as his fingers trail across her stomach. She giggles slightly at his soft touch.

“It tickles.” She says at this new sensation, her giggling causes him to chuckle and he moves his hand up to softly cup her left breast and begins to kiss down her neck and shoulder before taking the small pink nipple of her right breast between his lips. She arcs her back as her body reacts to his touch. 

“Ah…Vax…” She gasps, her left hand reaching up to rest on his shoulder. He releases her with his mouth and looks up. He chuckles again and stretches back up to capture her lips once more. Their kissing becomes more intense as she feels an ache in her groin she’s never felt before. 

Vax, feeling a tightening of his breeches again shifts so that he’s between Keyleth’s legs, reaching down and with one hand he undoes the ties on the front of his armor. His lips never leave hers, her legs begin to hitch up of their own accord as that dull ache below intensifies. 

He finally releases the suffocating leather and manages to free himself, nothing but the soft silk of Keyleth’s quickly retreating robe between them. He pushes his hips closer to hers and she gasps at the feel of his firmness against her inner thigh. 

He looks up and catches her stare, their breaths intermingling. Both of them absorb the moment, realizing that after this, nothing will be the same. A peace washes through them and Keyleth runs her hands down to Vax’s hips and pulls her legs further up, bringing him closer to her. He takes her lead and reaches down between them, guiding himself into her. They both inhale sharply as he glides smoothly forward.

“Keyleth,” His words like a prayer, roll from his lips and she buries her head in the crook of his neck. 

“Oh Vax.” She whispers and runs her hand down his back. “Please don’t stop.” 

He nods and begins moving inside of her, the pleasure nearly overwhelming him. She moves her lips to his and begins kissing him, urging his passionate movements and grounding his thoughts. Keyleth, Keyleth. He’s making love to Keyleth. His brain short wires and he picks up the pace. He grabs her thigh and hitches it higher over his hip, relishing the look in her eyes at the new depths that this allows him to probe. Her breath hitches and her fingers dig into his arms and back. Her body bends, pressing her breasts into him. 

“Oh, Vax!” The feeling of ecstasy that she wasn’t aware could be felt before nearly makes her cry. She can feel something deep inside of her building. Building. Building until she’s begging, saying his name over and over, not sure of what she’s praying to him for. 

“Key-leth,” Vax manages to whimper as his climax edges closer and closer. 

“Yes, Vax!” She bites her lip as he continues to push into her. She feels as if she’s on the edge of a precipice and unsure of what to expect, but she’s trusting him to help take her there.

“Fuck, Keyleth, YES!” He groans as his hands grip her tighter and his hips dig in with his last forceful thrusts. The pain of his grip is ignored as the ecstasy and pleasure tear through her body forcing her to squeeze her eyes tight, her hands to grip whatever she can and hips buck up into his. Wave after wave of pleasure rolls through her as Vax begins to slow and still atop her. 

Both breathing heavily, their chests heaving, limbs entwined, sweat beading on their foreheads. She’s the first to break. She giggles, which turns into a laugh, her laughing escalates until she’s silently shaking, her eyes tearing up slightly from her hysterics. It’s infectious and Vax can’t help but smile. He knows why she’s giddy, he feels it too.

As her laughter subsides she manages to choke out, “If this feels that good even half the time, I understand why Scanlan spends that much coin and time in brothels.”

Vax laughs silently along with her, rolling over onto his back and pulling her into his side. Keyleth rests her head on his chest as the laughter finally bubbles completely out of her and her breathing returns back to normal. As soon as she catches her breath she looks up at Vax and they both burst into another fit of giggles. 

Eventually laughter does dissipate, and the realization dawns on them that this brief time of peace they have together won’t last. A heavy silence descends upon them. Keyleth cuddles into Vax and he hugs her to him tighter. 

“Vax,” Keyleth finally mumbles. “Do you think we can do this?” 

He understands exactly what she’s referring to. Her vague question is uttered from her trembling voice and he feels himself get choked up slightly. Everything he holds dear was almost ripped away from him. His sister, Keyleth, his friends, his own life. All of it could have been gone in an instant. The power of the Chroma Conclave was insurmountable. Up until recently, there was never any doubt in his mind that he and his companions could get through whatever was thrown at them.

“A week ago Keyleth, I would have said we can do whatever we put our minds to. But now… now I just don’t know. This creature, these odds seem insurmountable.” His voice breaks and his eyes sting with tears. 

Keyleth lifts her head, resting her chin on her hand which is resting on his chest. “Vax, I don’t know what to do next. I know we need allies, but Pyrah is gone. Syngorn is missing. Uriel is dead. Thank God Alurra wasn’t in Emon. We’ll need her guidance and connections. I don’t trust The Clasp.” Her voice breaks softly and she takes a breath before she continues. “Thank you, thank you for helping prevent Percy and Grog from making that wish. Thank you for talking Vex out of chasing those looters. Thank you for telling The Clasp where they can put their deal. Thank you for being you.” 

She extends up and kisses him softly on the lips. He returns the kiss and before he can even consider deepening it, she’s above him, her legs straddling his hips. Her lips are moving with his in the most delicious way and her hands are roaming over his chest. He lets his hand move to her rear and he can feel his manhood begin growing again. Her teeth gently graze his lower lip and she lets out an unmistakable growl. It sends a shiver up his spine and he can’t help but buck his hips up slightly. She smiles at his reaction and lets her lips drop down to his chest. She explores his lean but sculpted and hairless chest, trailing hot kisses to where his heart rests within his body. She stops and looks up into his eyes before she dips back down and leaves a chaste but firm kiss above his heart. 

With that, she has felt him grow back to his full size between her legs. She lifts her hips slightly and settles herself upon him, their mixed fluids from the first time helping her to guide him back to where she craves him most right now. 

“Oh Keyleth.” He whispers as he sits up and takes her breast in his mouth. 

She throws her head back and gasps as she begins to move her hips. His hot mouth greedily suckles her as his hands grope and kneed at her sensitive flesh. He lifts her robe over her head and discards it. His pants have made their way to his ankles and he kicks them off without causing her moving hips to be affected. She throws her head back and closes her eyes as that newly familiar pressure begins to build somewhere deep inside her. She finds a rhythm in her hips and just when she thinks it can’t get any better, Vax pushes her so that her hands are resting to the sides of his legs, it unlocks something inside of her and with every pass of her hips that wonderful pressure tightens. Vax lays back once more and begins pushing and pulling her hips with his hands, helping her movements to sharpen and intensify. 

“Vax…oh fuck…Vax!” She moans and a shiver goes up his spine as he watches her body undulate and grind above his. The firelight casts beautiful patterns across her skin and he can see every ripple of movement, every bounce of her breasts, he’s hypnotized by the sight of their bodies meeting, watching himself disappear into her over and over again. It’s something he’s imagined, but now that it’s happening, it’s beyond anything he could have pictured.

A sound she’s never heard herself make until now becomes the only way to handle the pressure that gets so tight that she can barely breathe let alone control her volume. Vax sits up again, grabs her swiftly by the hips and in one fluid motion is on his knees. Her body is still above his, but now he can push up into her with ease. She gasps again at the adjustment and he begins to pump up, pulling her down with every thrust. She buries her head into his neck as the coils that have tightened deep inside of her finally burst. She gasps loudly and her entire body shakes from the feeling that is overwhelming her being. 

Just as her climax begins to subside, Vax’s reaches its peak. He groans and shoves his face between her breasts, chest heaving, breaths ragged, moans muffled as he once again spills himself into her. Her hands roam through his hair and across his shoulders as she feels a very strong sense of pride and wonder. She’s felt powerful in battle before, but it’s one thing to kill a man. She’s discovered that bringing a man to his knees in this sense, is much more satisfying.

What seems like hours, but is probably only a few minutes pass as they both attempt to catch their breath. Once her heartbeat and breathing has normalized, she lifts herself from their current position. Her thighs are slick with the result of their love making. She walks to the water basin, picks up a hand towel and begins cleaning herself as best she can. She can feel Vax’s eyes on her as she finishes the task at hand. She doesn’t jump when his arms slip around her waist and his lips smatter butterfly kisses across her shoulder. She rinses and rings out the cloth before she turns in his arms and hands it to him. 

“Here, take this and clean yourself. I’ll be back in just a moment.” He chuckles and nods as he relinquishes his grip on her. She crosses to her discarded robe, steps into it and pulls it back up, making quick work of the clasps in front. 

He busies himself with cleaning his own body as she ducks quickly out of the room. She pads softly and as quietly as she can down to the dining hall. She opens the door to the kitchen and is quite surprised to find Laina cleaning dishes. 

“Oh dear, I’m sorry Laina. I thought you might be in bed by now.” Keyleth puts her hands up in an apologetic way. 

“Oh no dearie, it’s fine! I’m almost done. More dishes to clean with this many people in the Keep.” 

“Ah, well don’t mind me, I’m just going to make some tea and grab a quick bite to eat.” 

“Well dear, let me do that! I don’t mind in the least!” Laina quickly dries her hands and begins lighting the stove to heat the tea kettle. ”What would you like to eat? That lovely Farming couple brought some produce today.” 

“Oh…well….umm…” Keyleth stumbles. “I’m hoping to brew a certain kind of tea…” 

“What kind dear? Peppermint? Lemongrass? Lavender?” 

“Well, I was hoping for something like…. Uhh…” Keyleth wrings her hands and averts her eyes. “…moon…leaf…tea? Laina pauses and looks up at Keyleth. “Oh?” She gives Keyleth a curious, yet knowing look. Keyleth feels her cheeks flush and she clears her throat. “Yes, I know it has certain… umm properties… that can prevent certain… uhh… occurrences?” 

“You are correct my dear.” Laina turns back around and heads to the pantry. She quickly puts together a plate of grapes, cheese and day old bread. Keyleth grabs two tea cups from one of the cupboards and places them on a tray. Laina places the plate of food on the tray as well before crossing back over to another cupboard. She pulls from it some herbs that have blue-green leaves and white tips. They have been dried out and she tosses them into the mortar and pestle, grinding them up before depositing them into one of the teacups. 

“Do you have a preference for the other tea dearie?” Laina asks with no hint of awkwardness in her voice.

“Uhh,” Keyleth grasps for a memory of Vax drinking tea and is coming up blank. “Lav-en-der?” She finally asks, unsure of her choice but knowing it’s normally her preference when preparing to sleep. 

“Alright,” Laina nods and grinds the lavender herbs in the mortar and pestle as well. She deposits the crushed blossoms and leaves into the second cup and crosses just as the tea kettle begins whistling. She gently lifts and gingerly pours the scalding liquid into both tea cups. 

“Anything else I can get for you dear Keyleth?” 

“No. Laina you are too good to us. We are so lucky to have you and I hope we get to keep you here for as long as possible.” 

“Oh, well.” Laina blushes at the compliment and waves her hand dismissively. “You lot are like my own kin. I’m happy to do whatever I can to help.” 

Keyleth embraces Laina in a tight hug before releasing her and picking up the tray. She smiles warmly at Laina as she exits the kitchen and as quickly as she dares with the tray in hand, makes her way back up to her room. 

No sooner does she step into the hallway that leads to her room, then she sees Scanlan’s door creak open. She quickly dodges past him, lifting the tray high over his head so that he can’t see the two cups. He groggily asks “Keyleth? Is that you?”

“Uh, yeah.” She answers quietly hoping he’s too groggy to notice anything. “Just grabbing a quick snack from the kitchen, couldn’t sleep, hoping some lavender tea will help. Goodnight Scanlan.” 

“Night Keyleth,” Scanlan says as he makes his way toward the water closet, seemingly none the wiser. 

Keyleth slips into her room quietly closing the door behind her and breathing a sigh of relief. Vax has pulled his breeches back on and is sitting cross legged in front of the fire, fiddling with his Keen Dagger. Keyleth crosses back to him and rests the tray between them.

“Thank you Key Key.” Vax winks as he takes a piece of cheese and pops it in his mouth.

“Of course, your tea is the one closest to the food plate.” 

“Are they different?” He asks curiously. 

“Umm, yes.” She settles across from him, folding her legs to the side. “Yours is lavender.” 

“And yours?” He asks, picking his up and taking a sip. 

“Uhh… Just a random one from the cupboard.” Keyleth says as she brushes her hair behind her ear.

“You’re lying.” Vax states matter-of-factly. Keyleth taken aback looks at him and stammers, “No, I’m n-not. Why would you think that?” 

“Because my dear, you have a very big tell. Whenever you lie, you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear.” 

“I do not.” She answers before taking a sip of her tea. 

“Oh yeah? Then answer the question. What kind of tea did you make yourself?” 

“It’s… Lemon-” She pauses as she realizes her hand is already in the process of tucking another strand of hair behind her ear. Frustrated, she throws her hands up in the air before exclaiming. “Fine! It’s Moonleaf Tea.” 

Vax nods and takes a crust of bread. “No it’s not.” 

“What! Why don’t you believe me?” “Because darling. The cup that you told me was mine is Moonleaf tea. The one you just drank from is Lavender.” 

“Son of a-” She grabs her cup and switches it hastily with the one in front of Vax. “How do you even know what Moonleaf tea tastes like?!”

“I’m full of surprises, love.” He winks at her and grabs a grape from the plate.

“So then,” She muses. “You must know why I’m drinking Moonleaf tea.” 

“I do,” He nods as he takes a sip, this time of the correct tea. “To prevent my seed from taking hold in your womb.” 

She looks down at her hands, not sure what to say or how. He reaches over and rests one hand over hers, the other lifts her chin. “I’m glad you did. I was actually going to recommend it before you left the room.”

“Really?” She asks, a sense of relief washing over her. 

“Of course. We can’t go having babies willy nilly. Not with dragons taking over the world!” 

She smiles cheekily and takes a bite of bread with cheese. 

“Besides, even if the world wasn’t completely fucked right now, that should be a decision that is completely yours.” He pauses, staring at the floor, as if looking at something that’s not in the room. “I mean I would love to make that decision together…someday.” She stays quiet as she imagines what that decision entails. A sad smile crosses her lips and he looks back up at her, reaching out to touch her face. “But for now, it’s not in the best interest of you, or I, or…” 

She feels a tightness in her chest, she brings her hand up to his, gently pulling it away and down into her lap. “It’s a lovely thought…” She whispers almost inaudibly, the softest smile crossing her features and that bubble of hope that he had clung to, grows a little more. 

He smiles and continues eating quietly, both sipping their tea, not talking, simply enjoying being alone in their small sanctuary. 

Eventually they settle down to sleep, wrapped up in each other in front of the fire. Keyleth is the first to wake, she finds Vax has wrapped himself around her in the night and she smiles as she slowly reaches out and touches Vax’s face. Vax’s eyes snap open and in an instant he’s on his feet, squatting with a dagger out. His reaction startles Keyleth and she puts her hands over her head and towards Vax. 

“Vax, it’s me. Sorry I startled you.” She whispers urgently. Recognition dawns on his face and he sheathes his dagger before dropping to his knees before her. 

“Sorry,” He relaxes and he rubs his face, shaking off the last remnants of sleep. 

“It’s alright.” Keyleth answers shakily, before getting to her feet. Vax stands in front of her and takes her hands in his. 

“I don’t know what to say…” He looks at her for a moment, in the faint glow of light that filters in through the window, the mood shifts. “Thank you, for… letting me stay with you last night.” 

She blushes and nods. “I didn’t want to be alone either.” She mutters. 

“Alright, well…” He pauses, hoping his next words don’t sound too harsh. “Maybe we should keep this to ourselves for now?”

A look of relief crosses her face and her shoulders visibly relax. “Yes. I think that would be best. There’s enough Vox Machina has to think about for now. We don’t need them to know of this…” 

Vax drops his hands and looks down at his bare feet, nodding his head in agreement. Part of him is relieved, but part of him wants to shout from the rooftops. 

“…at least for now.” Keyleth steps closer and kisses him. Her kiss is light, but she holds it, Vax responds by placing his hands on her hips and kissing her in return. When they break, Keyleth rests her hands on his bare chest. 

“You should go see if the others are awake.” She nods to the door and Vax steps away from her. He picks up his cloak and chest armor and heads to the door. Before he opens it, he looks back, “I love you Key-Key.” And before she can respond he slips out of her room. 

In the hallway he turns and stops, seeing Laina standing there in her nightgown. 

“Ah, Master Vax.” Laina approaches seemingly a little embarrassed, but she composes herself. He catches her looking at the door and seeing the plaque with Keyleth’s name hanging on it. 

“Good morning Laina.” Vax coughs as he becomes very aware of the fact that he is only half dressed. 

“How is Princess Keyleth this morning?” She inquires, a slight blush creeping onto her face. 

“Uhh, quite well.” Vax answers before stepping away from the door. “Are the others awake?”

“Not that I’ve seen. I came to retrieve Lady Pike. We are in need of her assistance with one of the refugees.” 

“Ah, yes. Well then by all means, please don’t let me stop you.” He stands to the side of the hall and allows her to pass. 

“Thank you dear.” And with that she shuffles off down the hall towards Pike’s room, Vax slinking into the shadows and back towards his room to ready himself for the day ahead.

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lay your head

some valentine’s day fluff! featuring siegfried & zevran, plus some of my thedas lunar new year headcanons

1k words, part of the bird in the hand verse but can be read alone

He’s already cooking when she makes it home. She has to hide a smile – Zevran always takes the day off work to prepare. This holiday determines the rest of the year, he’d told her once. To skimp on one day and have a bad year? That would be no good.

She leans over for a kiss before heading into the other room to change. ‘How’s it coming?’ she calls through the wall, stowing her daggers beneath the bed. ‘It smells good.’

Zevran pokes his head around the bedroom door with a grin. ‘Come and taste for yourself.’

She couldn’t say no even if she wanted – Zevran’s cooking is still the best she’s ever tasted, and he always goes all out for Sathinar. He will have been to the market first thing this morning to buy everything fresh, and will spend a good few hours cooking before the day is done.

‘Anything I can do to help?’ she offers, though she already knows there is; it’s become something of a tradition for them to cook this meal together. The celebration is all about moving forwards together, after all. Surrounding yourself with the things you want to take on with you into the new year.

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I’m so in love with the idea of Lexie Grey getting ready for her wedding. Of course she’d look beautiful, and Meredith, her maid of honor, will be there supporting her because she knows they’re meant to be (her other sister will be there too). Everyone knows Mark and Lexie are meant to be, it’s a known fact. And even though Jackson and Lexie used to have a thing, he’d still be a groomsman because he knew there was no one better for Lexie. Derek would be the best man. Zola and Sofia would be the most adorable flower girls, and Bailey would be the cutest ring bearer. But do ya know what the best part of all of this is? Everyone would be happy.