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On today’s episode of ‘Holy @%$# I didn’t know that was you!”

1.) G.W. Bailey: M*A*S*H as ‘Sgt. Luther Rizzo’ (Recurring Character) AKA ‘Louie Provenza’ on The Closer/Major Crimes

2.) Barry Corbin: M*A*S*H as ‘Sgt. Joe Vickers’ (Episode ‘Your Retention Please’) AKA ‘Whitey’ on One Tree Hill/’Ed’ on Anger Management/’Dale’ on The Ranch

3.) Edward Herrmann: M*A*S*H as ‘Cpt. Steven Newsome (Episode “Heal Thyself’) AKA ‘Richard Gilmore’ on The Gilmore Girls

anonymous asked:

Hi. I didn't watch the teen choice awards but I've been hearing ab some injustice against the twins. I was wondering if u could tell me what exactly happened?

Hello lovely anon!

So basically, despite the Twins technically winning each category based on the vote count on Twitter where there was a massive disparity between the Twins and the actual winners (40k to 1k), they weren’t awarded the awards other than for Choice Comedian. Jake Paul and Logan Paul won the categories creating uproar because based on the vote count, they weren’t supposed to win.

Fans then figured that the system is rigged and based on the message displayed right at the end of the show, apparently whether you vote or not doesn’t really matter, ultimately the producers decide who win the nominations. So, the voting and all was for nothing. The produces manipulated fans (especially the Twins’ fans, since they have the biggest and strongest fan following) to generate media and hype up the awards, staging the presence of the Twins to continue generating buzz. The Twins were basically clickbait through out the voting process and the T.V Show, misguiding viewers, fans and the Twins. So, everyone is feeling quite cheated and disappointed, outraged and hurt on behalf of the Twins who seemed utterly shocked and upset too by the actions. (Their expressions when Logan was declared Male Webstar and Ethan deleting his tweets regarding TCA’s being some examples) 

Also, the fact that Jake Paul who is a horrible influence, has been in the press for all the wrong news, has spread negativity, displayed severe arrogance, shamed others and been an all round ass, was award Choice Youtuber, thereby somehow portraying that his kind of video entertainment is what everyone wishes to see. Again, the producers went for someone who would just generate more news and bring in more media headlines that award true talent, morals and hard work.

Hope this helps, love.

M xx