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TODAY WAS FUCKING LIT FAM. I had a BLAST and met my lovely Vax (Cole is wonderful) as well as VOX MACHINA! They loved our cosplays, and Laura looked like she was gonna cry when she saw my cosplay. She’s like, the nicest person on THIS WHOLE PLANET. Sam called me adorable, and Travis gave me a big hug. Liam was soooo fucking cool and told me to show off my cosplay to the panel and I near up and cried. Today was AWESOME.


Steampunk Worlds Fair 2014: Saturday, Part II

Saturday evening I changed into my vampy attire and made my first stop at Abigail Larson’s table. I had told her I was doing a fancy vamp outfit and would love to get a photo with her. She loved it, which made me squee inside. ^_^

I also had to get a photo with my very good friend, the Steampunk Doctor Who, and my two pieces that were in the art show. I didn’t know beforehand that it was the fair’s first ever art show. I was like, “What? No way!! That’s so awesome!”

I’m really happy to have been a part of it. It was a last minute thing that the owner of Steam at Harpers Ferry, another good friend of mine, had noticed a few days before the fair and asked if I wanted to take part. Couldn’t resist. 

Tbh I think the first cosplay I’mma try is probably Blackjack, just cause his shit would be rly easy to get

I mean I’mma cosplay Bailey too cause all I need for that now are his cowboy boots and his glasses so. Y’KNOW

Hi, I’m Arianna and in my spare time I make costumes.

In the last two years I made costumes from TLOS series by Chris Colfer, because he made me remember I wasn’t too old for fairy tales.
He deserves all the praise and celebration for his amazing writing talent, ‘cause people from all ages and countries got lost in his magic world.

This is my way of showing him how grateful I am, he deserves all the awards. I sincerely hope he’ll keep writing books for a long time!


Hi everyone!!! I’m looking for photos of my costumes taken this last Fanime weekend.  I was cosplaying Gamzee Makara  (Day 2/early Day 3) and Rufioh Nitram(Day 1)  both from Homestuck. My girlfriend was Tavros with me so I would appreciate any photos you have of her as well. I got quite a few photos taken and would love it if you sent any you may have to me! I was also in the three Homestuck panels, if you have any pictures or videos of that.
Hope everyone had a great time!