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We Had Sex {J.G}

Jack G imagine where the night before ya’ll had sex and the next morning you are walking funny and all the guys think you had a random one night stand because they don’t know you and jack are a thing. Then they tease you enough that you finally tell them you fucked there best friend😂

A/N: I haven’t written in so long like it’s not even okay, but I have 3 imagines coming so… yeah but I changed it so Y/N and Jack aren’t dating. Hope you guys still like it!😘

It had been a late night, we were just trying to have some fun. But I guess other plans had been in store. The night was supposed to be innocent…-ish. I had woken up laying next to one of my best friends, naked. That friend being Jack Gilinsky. Jack and I had a pretty flirtatious friendship, we went to prom together in High School and he was my crush all the way through High School. And it was no secret that we still liked each other, 2 years after graduating.

Jack was on his phone completely un-phased by the situation we were in. And I guess it didn’t surprise me all the much either seeing as we had always been kind of touchy with each other, it was normal for us to walk around holding hands and not caring. That was just how we were with each other. And it wasn’t until Jack cleared his that I noticed I was staring at him.

“I can feel you staring at me.” he says looking at me shutting off his phone and resting it on the bed. He looked down at my hand and laced our fingers together.

“Sorry.” I say, “Don’t make this awkward.” He says which results in me trying to get out of this situation, attempting to get off the bed and wrap a blanket around my body. But I had been unlucky given the fact that my thighs were so sore I fell to the ground. Jack’s laughs now erupting from his mouth. I given Jack the benefit of the doubt, thinking he would help me up was poor judgement.

“Gilinsky, help me up.” I pout. But all he had down was look down at me over the bed trying to hold in his laughs. “Guess I was a little too rough.” he says smiling, reaching down and placing a strand of hair behind my ear. I used his upper arm as leverage and limped my way over to the bathroom that connected to my bedroom. “Yeah, I guess.” I muttered under my breath.

I brushed my teeth and then my hair throwing it up into a messy bun adding a white head band. I washed my face and added some foundation, basic eyeshadow eyeliner and mascara. I walked back into my room to find Jack no longer in my bed and my door open, knowing he had left my room and probably went down stairs to see the guys or eat food, maybe both. I walked into my closet and took out a pair of black leggings and my Nebraskan Huskers sweatshirt and my grey bailey bow UGGS. I took my phone from the night stand and I was on my way downstairs.

Once I had gotten downstairs I wobbled my way into the living room to find Jack, Jack, and Sam sprawled out on the sectional couch we had bought together we when we moved in with each other.

“Hey guys.” I say to them looking at Jack who was looking right back at me. I limped over to the coffee table that was placed in front of them and picked up a coffee that had ‘Y/N’ written on it. “Y/N, why are you limping? Did you get some last night?” Sam says raising his eyebrows a smirk plastered on his face. “You guys went to Starbucks?” I say ignoring Sam. “Ohhh Y/N got laid!” JJ looked over at Sam and hit his arm, “Your being rude.” He says to Sam, making me chuckle once while sipping my coffee. “And to answer your question yes we did.” JJ says to you. “Well, thanks for the caffeine.” I smile. I could see Jack making a small smile and I walked over to him slowly and as soon as he was in a reachable distance I grabbed his shoulder for support and whispered “This your fault.” He only smiled and helped guide me to the spot on the couch.

“So Y/N, did you get the D last night or not?” Jack says giving me a suspecting look. I was kind of confused at first, that was until I figured out he was trying to play along. I simply shrugged my shoulders and took out my phone pretending to be occupied. Soon enough you found yourself on Instagram looking for a cute selfie to post. About 15 minutes later Nate and Swazz had arrived and we were all just hanging out until I got hungry and had to go and get food… in the kitchen… which means I had to get up and walk again. “I’m hungry.” I said, to no one in particular. “Then get food.” John said. I groaned looking at Jack who looked back at me. I rolled my eyes and sat up slowly getting up and wobbling over to the kitchen. I could hear the guys talking:

“Why is she walking like that?” It sounded like Nate said. “I think she got laid.” Sam says. “With who?!” John exclaims. “I don’t know.” Sam replies. “Guys really, even if she did get with someone it’s none of our business.” JJ says. I smile to myself, mentally thanking Johnson for ending the conversations. “But still, It’s Y/N. When was the last time she got some.” Nate adds. I walk back into the room and rest my hand in my hip my body resting on the wall. “I take offense to that” I say in a sassy manor. “But seriously.” John says. I look over at Jack. Who had a look of subtle alert.

“It was Jack.” I said quickly walking back into the kitchen. The guys started freaking out and screaming, just like any guy would. I walked back in with my hot pocket say back down next to Jack who was being yelled at. He looked at me and shook his head in disapproval. Once they guys has remotely settled down. Sam yells “You fucked our best friend!” And all I did was laugh and lean my head on Jacks shoulder.

A/N: hooray to an awkward ending.


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