bailey banks & biddle


The children were better behaved today but I had a pocket full of confiscated toys.

Then I managed to lift heavier weights than I anticipated and tried some new moves (thanks to NROLFW Stage 3).

I cleaned myself up a bit for Tuesday night laughs with amft that included sangria and Spicy Two Pork and Cheese sandwich (not pictured). Of course, we never just eat dinner so we headed elsewhere in search of a drink (it was really an excuse for me to commandeer her time just a little bit longer). More laughs, stories, reliving our marathon, and an encounter with a stranger that proved just how awkward and uncool I am (sorry, Angela).

Best Tuesday.

P.S. Most depressing trivia ever on the bar coaster. Great advertising, Bailey, Banks & Biddle. I’ll forever associate weddings with death now.