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just really beautiful songs

Kelsey Lu - Dreams / 현경 과 영애 - 다시부르는노래 / 梶 芽衣子 - 修羅の花 / 나훈아 - 대 동강편지 / 이문세변진섭 - 우리의사랑이 팔요한거죠 / Angela Bofill - Still in love / A Taste of Honey - Sukiyaki / Gary Clark Jr. - Things are changin’ / Elizabeth Cotten - Spanish flangdang / Vashti Bunyan - Wishwanderer / Lianne La Havas - No room for doubt / José González - Heartbeats / Minnie Riperton - Our lives / Merry Clayton - A song for you / Corrine Bailey Rae - Love’s on its way / Roberta Flack - The first time I ever saw your face / 요조 - 세상애 없는 과자 / 현경 과 영애 - 아름다운 사람


Starboy” by The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk | Choreography by Matt Steffanina

Assisted by: Andy Torres, Ken San Jose, Bailey Sok, Charlize Glass

YIIK Release Information

- YIIK: A Postmodern RPG Release Information -

Hey guys, Andrew and Brian Allanson here.

We are really thankful for everyone who has supported YIIK since we first unveiled it about two and a half years ago.

We’re really proud of the reception our weird little game has received so far, and thrilled with what our team accomplished.

For those of you who don’t know, these are the credits for the development end of the game: Brian Allanson, Andrew Allanson, Brigid Allanson, Ian Bailey, Jose Alfaro.

Then of course, we have our awesome casting director Brittany Lauda, and our great cast: Chris Niosi, Michaela Laws, Andrew Fayette, Melanie Ehrlich, Clifford Chapin, Anthony Sadinha, Daman Mills, Michele Knotts, and Nicole Dugan.

So, development of the core game finished about three months ago, as you may have noticed with our percentage counter on Twitter. We did a pretty big beta test, and got a lot of feedback, and we’ve been working ever since tightening things up, and even replacing some areas based on feedback.

We’re pleased with the end result.

Here is the reason it’s not out yet and we didn’t rush it out: our mother is very ill. She has pancreatic cancer, and it has been advancing quickly. While we’re still actively working, it seems to be a terrible idea to prepare to release the game when we know she doesn’t have much time left. Releasing a game is a complex process, and we need to be support any unexpected issues with quick updates on steam, and be ready to answer emails.

So, we’ve decided that releasing the game now would be a very bad idea. Instead, we’re going to hold on to a bit longer, and release it once things have settled down a bit.

I hope you understand. Cancer is very difficult on the entire family, especially at this late stage.

Thank you for understanding. 

-The Allanson Brothers.