Baby Bump - Ethan Imagine

When you found out you were pregnant, you were excited beyond words. Ethan was even more excited than you! You guys had been married for a little under a year and had already talked about having kids soon, so when you got pregnant… it was all you needed to complete the both of you; it was what the both of you dreamed for. As time progressed, so did the things you each got for your baby. From onesies and the crib to the closet full of diapers and bibs, you had a bunch of stuff already. You hadn’t even had your baby shower yet, either! Today, you had just turned five months pregnant and each month, Ethan would draw another line of how much you grew on the wall of the baby’s room. Within the past month, you grew 7 more inches! (don’t judge me, I don’t know how fast babies grow???) As Ethan kissed you bump, your stomach growled, causing a giggle from your lips. “You hungry?” Ethan asked with a grin. You nodded excitedly and knew just what you wanted. Pizza, but not any pizza. Pineapple pizza with pickles and ranch! You told Ethan what you wanted and he just shook his head. “That is a disgrace to pineapple pizza.” He muttered under his breath. Ethan grabbed a couple of things from the counter in the kitchen, like keys and such, and you both headed off to the local pizza place.

You were regulars, so as you walked in, you were graced with a lot of “Welcome!”’s and “Nice to see you again!”’s. You and Ethan took your places at the booth and were served immediately with your drinks and some bread sticks. You ordered the pizza you were craving and Ethan ordered his. Chattering all around the two of you, Ethan moved over from his side of the booth to yours to hear you better and keep up conversation. You talked about everything under the sun before your pizza finally arrived. You face lit up as the server laid it on the table. You quickly got a slice, dipped in it ranch, and took a big bite of it. The flavors tastes heavenly on your tongue! You hummed and did a little dance in your seat because of how well it tasted. Ethan, again, shook his head at you, but still whispered how much he loved you in your ear which caused you to smile even wider. You knew that Ethan was going to make a great dad when your baby came in a short three months. 


While Bailey searches for her next challenge, Hector looks for the fastest way to the exit… though what he finds instead is something he isn’t entirely apposed to. Including his newest team member, Bolt the Magnemite!

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After Hector got his solo comic last week, here we have Bailey’s! A bit more on the lighthearted side to give some breathing room after last week got a kinda serious.

Unlike Hector, Bailey acquires the Zygarde Cube from Dexio and Sina. Twitch evolves during her battle with Hau in Paniola Town before having some fun at the ranch, and then it’s time to meet the edgelord and defend Hau’s honor. What will be the result of their battle?

Oh, and Bailey also occasionally has the power to break the fourth wall!

Like my art? Be sure to check out my Redbubble store!