Too Sweet || starring: Sophie Turner, Lee Pace, and Chris Pine

It’s summer vacation and 16 year old Daisy (Turner) is on the verge of her sexual awakening. She’s ready for two and a half months of booze, skinny dipping, and sneaking out. 

But, when new neighbor Thomas (Pace) moves in next door she hatches a plan to use her newfound sexuality to seduce him so she can finally lose her virginity. Her plans are changed when her older brother brings his friend Emmett (Pine) home from college. Caught between two men much too old for her and a libido that’s beginning to make decision for her, Daisy has a lot to sort out before school starts in September. 

Sp/lit (or something like that) | Starring Tom Hiddleston as Geoffrey Kane, and Anton Yelchin as Charlie Pine.

Geoffrey Kane is Manhatten’s best homicide detective. Smart, cunning, stealthy, but he has one thing holding him back. Geoff has a split personality disorder. He could be Geoff one day, and someone completely different the next. He has never let this get in the way of his job, until the day he wakes up with blood-soaked clothes and  a knife in his hand. He is confused, worried, and most of all, terrified that it might happen again. His former partner Charlie Pine knows something is up, but he too has a big secret of his own, and it might just change the face of this deadly game of personality versus personality.

Containment || starring: Simon Pegg, Jensen Ackles, and Jocelin Donahue

Phase 1 of Infection: Bleeding from the gums.

Phase 2 of Infection: Bleeding from the eyes and nose.

Phase 3 of Infection: Rashes form on the torso and neck and any skin not infected becomes flushed .

Phase 4 of Infection: Fingernails begin to fall off, as does the skin affected by the rashes. Eyes and nose begin bleeding again.

Phase 5 of Infection: Full-body convulsions, foaming at the mouth, and coughing blood.

Phase 6 of Infection: Total brain failure.

The year is 2037 and a new virus is spreading. It’s one that no doctors have a cure for and no scientist can decipher. It’s new and it’s lethal. Henry (Ackles), his girlfriend Lacey (Donahue), and a group of their friends from college are on the run in downtown Washington D.C. and find shelter in a biological containment facility, one that is supposed to be completely impervious to entrance from the virus. Dr. Kenneth Shaw (Pegg) is the head scientist and responsible for keeping the facility virus-free. After two weeks without incident, people in the quarantine suddenly begin turning up sick. Slowly people in the facility succumb to the illness and it’s up to Henry, Lacey, and their friends to figure out how the virus got in, and what Dr. Shaw has been hiding. The clock is counting down however, and it won’t be long until everyone in the containment catches the virus. 

Flash | Starring: Rose Byrne as Emma Lannister, and James Marsden as Kevin Watson.

Emma Lannister and Kevin Watson met under seemingly normal circumstances.  Emma had placed an ad in the newspaper asking for a twenty to thirty-five year old guy to pose for some pictures for her latest portfolio involving polaroid’s.  Kevin responded and they agreed to meet. Emma was drawn to Kevin’s mysteriousness and hired him. Things started off normal. They would meet for coffee, go back to her apartment to take the pictures, and then he would be on his way. A passionate relationship eventually develops between the two and they started seeing each other more. One day Kevin arrives at her apartment with suitcases and tells Emma to pack her things. He leads her on a trip of self-discovery, passion, and what it truly means to leave everything behind.

Camp Moon Runner - A 70’s Summer Camp Horror Movie 

you got to pick up every stitch, yeah
beatniks are out to make it rich
oh no, must be the season of the witch

Kelsey McIntyre (Jared Padalecki) is fresh out of college and on his way to Camp Moon Runner, a camp in Hendersonville, North Carolina that caters to children that want to get in touch with nature. When he gets there he meets Sam, the too-happy head counselor, her uptight and antsy husband Zack, and their incredibly rag-tag group of co-counselors: Jim, Rudy, Kitty, Amanda, and Scotty. Kelsey, along with other newbie Heath (Jocelin Donahue), are given the lowly counselor jobs like cleaning the outhouses and sweeping the docks. Aside from the pranks and boozy counselor parties, everything seems pretty normal amongst the staff. 

When the kids arrive, Kelsey and Heath begin to hear howls and crunching leaves during the night. In the mornings they find the carcasses of dead animals dropped on their doorsteps and blood smeared on the cabin siding. They assume it’s still pranks and the counselors have the kids in on it so they think nothing of it. They resume their normal counselor duties and start to forget about the growls and the blood.

It won’t be long until the new counselors learn just why the camp is called Moon Runner.