‘Mujeres Revolucionarias/ Revolutionary Women’
photo by: Chris Barberena (me)

I have truly understood that I am supposed to be sharing my photographs with the world. It is something that has taken me about seven years to understand.

These are modern womyn depicting strength and resilience. Paying homage to their hermanas before them, who help set the revolutionary path that they now continue to build. follow me on instagram @thankschris

Her dance is the most sensual. Laughs as Yemaya and shakes her arms to sound her bracelets. Oshun raises her arms above her body to show her enchantment. While dancing, makes voluptuous movements and calls for sex to men with her outstretched hands and makes sudden movements of the hips. She asks for honey, showing the sweetness of sex and life. She can at times imitate of rowing a boat. When she combs her hair or admires herself in the mirror, she looks over to those around her.