Quick Spell for Cleansing and Protection

Note: I used this in a deep cleaning of my office and bedroom, and it is helping me so much! Adds such positive energies.  I made this as an alternative to those gross synthetic carpet cleansers you vaccuum out of the carpets, since doing a floor wash is not an option for me!

- Dill (for protection, especially in house blessings / cleansing)
- Basil (for dispersion of fear and weakness.)
- Thyme (attracts positive vibes, provides strength and courage)
- Bay leaves (for protection)
- Fern (for cleansing and mental clarity) 
- Sea salt (cleansing) 
- Garlic (for positivity)
- Spearmint (for cleansing)

Not all of these are necessary by any means, I have access to a lot of fresh herbs and went a little crazy, but it’s working for me! 

Simply cleanse a mortal and pestle (I wiped it clean with water and a clean towel and then ground my sea salt first as a “witchy” cleanse) and grind all your ingredients together. I chose to vaccuum once beforehand, to get rid of all the dirt and negativity, and make space for my blessing, and then sprinkle it around the four walls, paying heavy attention to the corners! You can choose to vaccuum it up, or leave it in the carpet to have that fresh scent linger around a bit longer. (I did this yesterday afternoon, and it still smells *so* good.) 

I had a bit left after doing both rooms, so I put it in a little jar, tied it close with white twine and have it up on my desk since this is my most frequented space.

Hope this is of use, and blessed be!