“Phantom faces at the window, phantom shadows on the floor… Empty chairs at empty tables where my friends will sit no more….”

Friendly reminder that authors often have to include situations and character behaviors that they do not agree with/condone to their story in order to move the plot forward and that they do not deserve hate for putting those behaviors/situations in there

anonymous asked:

hiii there! i was wondering if you have any les miserables blogs to recommend to me? i really need to follow more. Thanks in advance! Have a nice day uwu

hi sweetie!

i’m sorry if i forget people here or if my response sounds weird. i’m having a panic attack so my mind is not very clear but i’ll do my best

i don’t know if you already follow any of them but







































bonus : all of them are absolute treasures and i can’t say how grateful i am for them

since it’s summer and i haven’t done a follow forever since christmas, i thought i’d do another! have a good summer everyone! 


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I know I’ve said this before but I have to say it again bc @cakemakethme and @bahoreal are literally incredible sounding boards and they make my writing 10,000 times better and also they’re just amazing friends and great people I just want to say thanks again to them (end of rant about how amazing my friends are)

mariuspontbambi mentioned you in a post: “hiii there! i was wondering if you have any les miserables blogs to…”:

…any of them but@just-french-me-up@jehan-in-the-flowers@its-better-than-an-opera@permets-tu-not-permettez-vous@persephonah@pocket-sized-enjolras@orpheusgone@acynicandanidealist@loverofliberte@pntmrcys@flower-at-the-bayonet@imsorryfortheinconvenience@baenjolras@grantaire-the-drunken-artist@enjolrasoftheday@bedazzledstrider@enjoltairemyass@granteares@dorkstar-brat@belongtohufflepuff@courfeyr@just-a-colour-bandit@sunnyjolras@sassyfeuilly@secretlygrantaire@ see-you-on-the-barricade @todaysgonebi@enjholras@bibliophile-extraordinaire@nakedbrownie@bahoreal@marius-pont-de-bercy@vivalar@vivalamusaine@inauspicious-bossuet@boys-of-the-barricade@theblazeofmemory@glitterfeyracbonus : all of them…

*dies* thank youuuuuuuuuu <3