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Disabled mannequins will be eliciting astonished looks from passers-by on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse today. Between the perfect mannequins, there will be figures with scoliosis or brittle bone disease modelling the latest fashions. One will have shortened limbs; the other a malformed spine. The campaign has been devised for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by Pro Infirmis, an organisation for the disabled. Entitled “Because who is perfect? Get closer.”, it is designed to provoke reflection on the acceptance of people with disabilities. Director Alain Gsponer has captured the campaign as a short film.


I am all about seeing ourselves in media and advertising - ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability… when we see ourselves in media we start to build normality in society. Not that we all need or want to be normal, necessarily, but I think we can agree that most of us do want acceptance.   

My professor/boss once pointed out that the challenge with increased media representation is that the media then dictates what is reflected to us…what an older adult should look like, what a lesbian looks like…but I think the media is starting to include the people they want to represent in their research. and it’s paying off.

One step at a time. 

One major problem with text messaging / emails is that i no longer have words to describe my feelings, i just feel so :3