پدرم مي گفت 
پدر بزرگ ات ، دوستت دارم را
يک بار هم به زبان نياورد
مادر بزرگ ات اما
يک قرن با او عاشقي کرد

My father used to say:
“Your grandfather not once uttered 
the words ‘I love you.’
Yet your grandmother,
spent a lifetime in loving him.
—  محمدعلي بهمني
Archaeologists dig up evidence of dynasties settlements in 45 villages

PUNE: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has stumbled upon thousands of archaeological specimens in around 45 villages falling within the 80-km stretch of the Girija valley in Aurangabad.

Archaeologists said that the antiquities indicate the existence of rural settlements of the Satvahana dynasty, Vakataka dynasty, Yadava dynasty, Bahmani and Mughal, Maratha dynasties. They said that this stretch and the 51 villages in it have hitherto remained unexplored and were earlier thought to contain no archaeological remains of historically important dynasties. The find is therefore the first of its kind in Marathwada, indicating the existence of the rural settlements of these dynasties here. Read more.