1) I love squatting
2) M-effing handstand push-ups ugh
3) Coordination = zero
4) Not breathing /= fun


STRENGTH: 5x3 front squat with 3 sec pause at the bottom. Build weight.


Goal was to do almost all of these above 60% of my max. And ✔️ since that is 125#.

These felt good until the last set. That was a grind for sure. Definitely near the pass out point on rep three. Probably shouldn’t hold my breath for the three second hold huh?

METCON: bahhhhh garbage (me, I’m garbage)

For time -
250m row
8 burpees
10 hspu
20 CTB
10 hspu
8 burpees
250m row

Rest as needed AND repeat 😒

7:27 and 8:47 RXd

My hspu have gotten worse. There was a time when these were solid. W. T. F.

CTB weren’t great either. My hands hurt a lot today. I would do 7 and then bite off another chunk and then lose it a bit for the last 6 reps.

And then I practiced butterfly CTB at the end because that would just be so much easier and faster. Hence the lack of coordination comment.

For the row- luckily today I listened to the rowing podcast on Girls Gone WOD. How opportune! I found myself forgetting a couple of the things as I went, and fixing it helped a ton. Recommend the listen. (I’m obsessed btw and it’s all I can talk about in general lately.)

I rested about 8:00 between. I did not have it today. Hspu were hard. And lots of singles. It makes me so sad.

And to top it off, rower malfunction for my last row. I got on, didn’t look at the screen and just started going. I was probably 8 pulls in before I realized it didn’t start. Whomp whomp.

I ended hyperventilating - what?! Yup couldn’t breathe. Got dizzy. Fantastic times. Today was supposed to be my reboot. I was supposed to have my shit together. Dammit.

Also - watched regionals all day here and there and then caught up tonight. Super impressed with Andrea Ager. She’s doing so well. Briggs is a favorite as well.

I’m excited for tomorrow’s events.

Oh and PS, yup regionals streaming with a bubble bath did in fact happen. How’s your Friday night stack up? 😜

mejelsafan asked:

Omg thank you! Your one of my favorite blogs and that notification made my day! I just accomplished a life goal thanks to you! Thank you!

ohohohohoh you so sweet and no probelm! ♥

but your blog is perfect and I reallyyyyyy like it tho 

*kawaii face*

Well I saw the most beautiful guy at the pool today...

Should have said hi or something.

I’m awkward. Bahhhhh

Bahhhhh I shouldn’t smoke weed, even if it’s a strain that worked last time. Especially with stimulants and alcohol in my system. Especially since I’ve been both working and partying phenomenally hard and I’m a bit depleted.

Upsides: I’ve come up with a great idea for a local metal band for my comic. I mean if the name hasn’t been used already. Trichignosis. They’re going to have a song dedicated to my succubus character called “Her name is Hungry”…One of my friends tried to type Ginger into their phone tonight and it autocorrected to Hungry, so. Not sure about the sub genre yet but it’ll come to me. Probably doom, post metal, sludge, something I kinda listen to.

Downsides: I’m being moony in the garden chain smoking and experiencing somewhat of a crisis of body image. I’ve also gotten really into Off To The Races by Lana Del Rey (who woulda thought) particularly the line “he loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart”…oh ha ha ha, thanks. Hope it gets better. Hope we can start hanging out again once I have my new room. But I’ll probably see less of you. Which is okay, I suppose. Can’t have nice things, no, never.

edit: reminds me of my ex-lady love too, cause after gothing all night she’d come back to our house for the afterparty and turn it on and sing it terribly. Double your feels, double your fun, right?

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BAHHHHH!!! :D You got the drum major position!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD

Woot Woot.

Now to wait for Kirby to take his sweet time announcing it to the band.