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omg like the actual ACTUAL script or what like how did you get tha tkjslhdfsajhdf

Yeah it’s an actual script. :) It’s not a final draft or anything, but it’s still fantastic. I’m friends with a cameraperson at Glee and it was one of my birthday presents from them. Signed by most of the cast!

I also got an Entertainment Weekly magazine signed by Darren and Chris:

In other words, best birthday presents ever.

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i am now on a super speed jet plane okay i miss youuuuuu i want it to get there fasterrr :-( omg NOooo i didnt wtf maybe tumblr is broken

i’m sure you can make it go faster, tell the pilot theres a sick kitten on the plane and they must arrive asap ASAP. 

what really?? not even the one i sent now? ok well it’s okay i copied it just in case i’m gonna try sending it again

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i think the pineapple monster was the first one i had… bad experience haha. but i had some natural pear energy drink when i went to the harry potter midnight premiere last year! :)

Haha, the pineapple monster is the one I just had actually (M80). I LOVE it. And NOS is grapefruit flavored and it’s really good too. Yep.