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Blind-paradise requested a cute Andy Imagine, and a cute Andy imagine she shall get. Also if you don’t mind, and if I’m taking too long to handle your requests you should try and ask pinksliverdawn1100 to do it for you, I’m sure she’d be happy to do it. :) Anyway, enough of my ramblings, let’s get to the Biersack Fluff :)


You were watching your favorite show, a show Andy knew was your favorite show, and you were into it. You’d had your eyes glued to the TV for the last three hours, and Andy was getting impatient, and wasn’t willing to share your attention with the TV much longer.

“Babe.” He said, poking your cheek. You looked at him, irritated, and he smirked, glad to get a reaction out of you.

“Babe.” He said, poking your cheek again.

You tried to ignore him as one of the most climactic scenes of the episode came on.

“Babe.” He said, laying his head in your lap and poking you cheek again.

“I’m busy.” You growled at him, putting a hand over his mouth.

“Bahb.” He said around your hand, poking you again. You could feel his lips curling into a smile beneath your hand.

“Andy, I will play with you in a minute,” You told him, pressing your hand harder over his mouth.

“Immalikyu.”He said, and then you felt his tongue on your palm.

“Andy!” You yelled, pulling your hand away from his face and wiping it on his arm.

“I love you.” He smiled up at you and chuckled as he reached up to play with your hair.

“I love you too.” You smiled down at him.

“I can see up your nose.” He laughed, poking your nose lightly.

“Andy!” You yelled, covering your nose.

“No, it’s cute.” He laughed, pulling your hand away against your will. “I’m going to bite you.” He said, nipping at your fingertips.

“You’re such a weirdo.” You laughed, covering your nose with your other hand.

“Stop that,” he laughed, grabbing your other hand. “I’m going to eat your hands if you don’t stop.” He told you and you laughed, turning your head away.

“Hey.” He said, tugging on your arms.

“What?” you asked, and he whined.

“Come on, look at me.” You looked at him and the pout that he’d been wearing turned into a grin.

“I love you.” He said, and you laughed.

“I love you too, you gazelle legged weirdo.”

“You know you love these gazelle legs.” He laughed, putting his leg up in the air and running his hand over it in a mock-enticing manner.

“I’ve never denied it.” You laughed, leaning down and kissing him.

“Good, because I love all of your awesome animal related qualities, you’re the most beautiful woman since forever.”

“You’re such a kiss up.” You laughed kissing him again, but he didn’t let you pull all the way up when you pulled away, just held your head a few inches away from his.

“What are you doing?” You asked him, not fighting his grip.

“I just want to stare at you for a while, is that a crime?” He asked, a smile tugging at his perfect pink lips.

“No, I was just curious,” You laughed, pecking his lips again. He just looked at you intently with love in his eyes that always made your stomach do little happy flips.

“It’s official.” He said out of the blue, making you laugh.


“You’re perfect.” He smiled at you, and you blushed.

“Shut up.” You told him, your smile widening.

“No, you shut up, because it’s true.“

"Whatever.” You laughed, trying to pull away, but he held you in place.

“Andy, let me up.”

“No,” he pouted.

“Andy.” You said sternly, but he just glared playfully.

“I’m not done taking in your beauty.” He grinned.

“Oh my gosh, just shut up.” You laughed, pulling away from him.

“Let’s go do something.” He said, reaching up to play with your hair again.

“Like what?” You asked, running your hands through his short locks.

“I don’t know, just something fun. Let’s just get away from here.”

“How far away?” You asked, and he smiled.

“Far far away, so no one can bother us.” He chuckled, and you just shook your head, laughing with him.

“Whatever you say, Andy.” You smiled, tracing the defined features of his face with your fingers lightly, but rather than getting up he just closed his eyes and hummed contently as you played with his hair and caressed his face.

“I meant it when I said you were perfect (Y/N).” He smiled, not opening his eyes.

“And I meant it when I said shut up.” You laughed, and he just shook his head, a big grin on his face.

“One day I’m going to get you to say that you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but someday, and when that day comes I will be the happiest man on earth, knowing that my girl is confident in herself.”

“You’re a real dreamer, Biersack.” You chuckled, and he just grinned, opening his bright blue eyes to pierce you directly with his loving gaze.

“They don’t call me The Prophet for nothing.”

anonymous asked:

☘ Are there any other blogs on here that you love or think are cute?


  • @ask-emilz-de-philz who is a total cuttie and always puts stuff out (i odn’t know how they do it) they are also super sweet and i can’t get over their muse i just cant
  • @askaphdaddy even though I’ve yet to work up the guts to talk about them I just absolutely adore what they do AND THEIR FUCKING ART STYLE MAN
  • @ask-la-istmena even though i don’t think kami likes my hyperactive personality much it always makes me smile to see her art and when i do get her to talk to me she is always civil
  • @ask-millionaire-alfred/ @ask-avatar-alfred fucking deli supported me despite my cringy blogs and bad personality not only that but she drew the best response to my ask about millionaire’s dog tags how can you not love someone who gives your angsty alfred
  • @ask-aph-nyofrance / @ask-globetrotter-anya for being such a cuttie and also giving much needed love to so many female characters 
  • @aph-ghosttown for being a spontanious friend and also slapping my ass into gear with getting this blog a FAQ
  • @askmauritius chair is lowkey my lady crush and I also can’t get over her character too. Him and his sly yet playful personality i can’t even
  • @ask-the-smol-italian they are so cute and I just love our rps
  • @aph-american-college-students for having a black american character which makes me so happy and lowkey inspiring Alfio and John who is to be re-introduced at a later date and also for their super cute art style i just love how they shade things
  • @ask-slytherin-kirkland who is such a god damn cuttie and also so sweet like I’ve had senpais who turn out to be assholes they were the exact opposite (which is ironic since their character is such a sassy little fucker XD ))
  • @ask-devilamerica Ive been admiring their art from afar for a long time now and if you wanna see a cool art style check them out!  also their character had a lot of influence on Monty who again has yet to be introduced
  • @ask-monster-hunter-jones I don’t know them very well but the depth they but into their blog is just super admirable
  • @ask-aph-nyo-sealand The smol is so cute follow for cuteness
  • @ask-miss-israel You wanna meet someone with an uplifting personality meet them! They are such a cuttie and their support of female characters makes me so happy
  • @ask-agentbeilschmidt One: THE GOD DAMN ART STYLE two: CUTTIE PATTOTIE three: jfc can they write a story. within that mun exists the holy trinity to become the next steven moffat 
  • @knightofrageandhope for being a good friend and just talking to me so much. I really enjoy every moment. 
  • @askpriest-gil another blog I’ve watched from afar but it makes me happy to see someone doing so well with traditional art! Also their style is A+++ and super cute 
  • @ask-the-maple-prince DEFINATELY on the cute blog list i mean seriously how could you not though their lineartless style is kinda intimidating
  • @askthemaplespirit great personality matched with great blog. Mun and muse are both cuttie material. 
  • @cartoonsys because they are sometimes the only reason I can keep this blog going
  • @ask-scientistgil for my daily dose of a sciencegasm i mean seriously it is so amazing to have someone to talk about big things with I MEAN SERIOUSLY IF YOU TALK CYBER TERRORISM AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE TO ME I WILL FALL IN LOVE
  • @chase-de-grandpre who as volunteered for the anti-fuckboy army that will beat navy out of his sexist ways
  • @ask–romana for their beautifully sassy muse and matching awesome personality. Muse and mun definitely make it on the crush list.
  • @ask-americaaa their hunky muse and them definately make the cuttie list 
  • @ask-twentieth-century-usa I don’t even need to explain this one scout has been on the cuttie list since before there was a cuttie list
  • @ask-murderer-apprentice-ivan bahbs don’t even fight me on this one your style is too cute
  • @askmodelkiku @askgakuenkirkland angie and their art and blogs has been a love of mine since the begining
  • @askcreepykirkland for A+ character and A+ plot and of course A+++ Mun, that and i lowkey wonder what would happen if our muses hooked up i mean really it is an odd pair
  • @asktheolddominionva for giving that sassy bitch that is the state of virginia a worthy muse (i mean really if you know what virginia is like then you know how difficult this is)
  • @worldneedssomecookies gracing the world with Alex is definately something worth loving
  • @ask-the-son-of-liberty because who can’t love someone who talks dirty to them? And by dirty i mean down and dirty with the facts of this nation and its history i love this mun and her insight
  • @askathens bc i luv mah mama gloo
  • @ask-the-russian-vampire floop and her amazing insight and god damn art that keeps getting better and better
  • @ask-cosplayukraine-please because official cutie award goes to this girlie who is inarguably the cutest of them all
  • @askbikerkuro who has been following me for a surprisingly long time- like i never noticed that! Strange- they must have see the blog at it shittiest. Anyways, their art has always been goals along with their accepting personality
  • @ask-keyholderalfred who through friends of friends I have heard a lot about how cute they are- that and the awesome art gets them up here too!
  • @ask-dreamelia even though they seem to have dissapeared i miss them and even if they never come back i will always love the influence they had on all of us at DG


hahaha anyways imma probably lose followers for this spam but in many ways everyone here has done so much and Navy probably wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for their influence and support

and if i missed anyone forgive me it is late and im tired its not that i odn’t love you cuz i probably do