Day 4. Moldova and the Youth Conference (16th)

Image 1: First view of Moldova
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Image 2: Czech-Slovak Conference Group
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This is the first day at one of the 114 Baha'i Youth conferences all over the world. Ours was in Moldova, and this is our Czech-Slovak conference discussion group. The programme was about community building and how to approach it systematically. The group above made my potentially terrifying ‘5 day trip away from anyone I had ever met before’ pretty wonderful even though as a group we spoke 4 different languages, so when the answer to 'how to community build’ was 'together’ I was pretty pleased. 
Also, it shouldn’t matter, but it always helps that the weather was glorious and the venue was pretty idyllic at summer camp facilities by a river.


Day 3. When in Transilvania… (15th)

Image: Transfagarasan Highway

After reuniting Czechoslovakia (on a bus) we started off to the Baha'i youth conference in Chisinau in Moldova together. It was a fairly eventful 35 hour trip across what felt like most of Europe.
1. Slovakia (Bratislava) - It was dark and I fell asleep, thats all I can say really.

2. Hungary - Yup, still asleep.

3. Romania - Varied. They have everything. Vampires who live the misty forested mountains; to rolling hills with tiny villages where horse and cart is still the best way to work; to sprawling cities with gardens of statues, skyscrapers and charming old cities.
We travelled on the Transfagarasan Highway, as seen in Topgear, described as the ‘greatest driving road in the world’. I imagine there must only be a  slight difference between travelling via coach Vs. A Lamborghini Gallardo right?

4. Moldova - You need a visa for Australian passports. OOPS. OUR BAD. We were pretty keen to keep our Australian/Czech family so after a 5 hour detour and nothing short of a miracle, we returned to the border, visa’s in hand after a quick embassy visit and entered the country.

5. Transnistaria - Super communist and not a really a country legally, but did’t stop them having a border check with armed soldiers in ditches. We arrived here about 4 or 5 am. 4 hour nap then, CONFERENCE TIME.