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is it just me or is bulletproof pt 2 still kind of a bop??? or am i living too far in the past. cause bdksndghsjkbbnsg u better believe that part in chorus where they like "OOOOOHHH" and jimin comes in with those iconic lines still get me to fuckin ooooooooooo

also (from bulletproof anon) the dance breakdown part at the end when jungkook does the hat thing, bahahaha. i love old bts

not at all. lmao. all of bts’s songs are bops. i still listen to all their old albums because they’re bops. like, every single song they’ve released. and !! the chorus and dance break really get to me in bulletproof pt2. like, bts DID THAT. but no for real, i will never get over the older songs. 


> Hello
> This is Jin
> What are you guys doing?
> VAPP+ is a really good app
> I can talk to everyone like this
> I will make a 삼행시/samhaengshi using VAPP
> Burritos are delicious
> This is delicious
> App..?
> ..?????
> Everybody put your hands up
> Everyone must have a great day today
> Yes, please do that
> ARMYs have to be happy in order for me to be happy
> Byeeeeee

삼행시 is a three-line word poem with each line starting with each letter of a name or word

trans: jhope-shi | do not repost without giving credit

so I think it’s beautiful irony that Disney used Michael J Fox (among others) as inspiration while creating the character Aladdin

charismatic heartthrob. yet when they actually hire him for an animated movie, they cast him as this gUY

Lmaooo yet it’s honestly ??? perfect. nobody could play him better.

but it made me really think, there is such a difference between the roles MJF plays onscreen and the ones he does voice work for. He typically plays confident smart asses (Aladdins lol) yet in Homeward Bound, Stuart Little and Atlantis, he’s the sweet underdog. And literal dog. I suppose isolating the voice from his good looks & perceived type emphasizes the youthful tone and friendly quality to him that mesh so well with his onscreen counterparts, like Milo.

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Prompt: Sanvers passionately making out. Like, intensely. Not like, penetrational sex. But like, intense. Catch my drift?

She needs Maggie’s lips on hers like she needs oxygen.

Nothing bad happened – not today, at least – but she had to leave extra early this morning, had to leave when Maggie was still wrapped up in their blankets, in their bed. 

She still can’t quite believe it’s their blankets, their bed.

But it is – theirs – and their blankets were warm, their bed was warm. Hell, Maggie’s mostly naked body was warm, and that was the part that was so damn hard for Alex to leave.

So now? After an eighteen hour shift and a six hour text chain of how badly they missed each other, wanted each other, needed each other?

Alex needs Maggie’s lips on hers like she needs oxygen.


More than she needs oxygen.

“Can I kiss you?” she asks the moment she opens the door to her home. Their home.

“Of course, Danvers,” Maggie’s response is immediate, but her brow is furrowed and her head is tilted in confusion.

“No,” Alex clarifies, kicking off her boots and putting both guns in her waistband down. “I mean like… really kiss you.”

Maggie bites her lip as her breath hitches, her pupils suddenly dilating, her body suddenly melting.

“Please do,” she husks, and Alex doesn’t wait another moment, because after receiving Maggie’s invitation, she doesn’t think she’s capable of waiting another moment.

They both part their lips almost automatically, but there’s nothing automatic about the way Maggie makes her swoon, the way Maggie’s palm cups her elbow, her comfort spot, her passion spot, her stabilization spot.

Stabilized, that is, until Alex urges her body back until the backs of her thighs hit the couch, and when Alex hesitates to check if the progression is alright with Maggie, it’s barely for a full second, because Maggie is suddenly moaning into her open mouth, and her hands are suddenly everywhere.

Alex’s hips, the hem of her shirt. Her elbows, her shoulders. For a moment, her ass. For another moment, her breasts.

Alex writhes with each movement, with each time Maggie can’t make up her mind, because she wants to touch Alex everywhere, everywhere, all at once.

And Alex wants the same.

She doesn’t take Maggie’s shirt off – she doesn’t want to take their lips apart long enough to do that – but she does murmur into her mouth while her hands cup her cheeks, run down her shoulders, the small of her back, encouraging their bodies closer together.

“I missed you today,” she whispers, and Maggie’s mouth turns upward into a smile even as she flicks her tongue across Alex’s bottom lip.

“Mmm, did you, Danvers? I couldn’t tell,” she teases, which has the exact affect she wants it to.

Alex practically growls, and Maggie lets herself be putty in Alex’s hands, one of which suddenly finds hers, interlacing their fingers as she softens their kiss, slows their tempo, but somehow increases their intensity.

“I love you,” Alex tells her now, and this time, Maggie has no sass. Because this time, Maggie swoons as hot tears spring to her eyes.

She rises to deepen their newly slowed kiss, trying to put everything she feels for Alex into the contact between their bodies, the intermingling of their breath.

She succeeds.

Alex swoons, this time.

“I love you back,” Maggie tells her, and they don’t stop holding hands until long after they’ve stopped kissing.


Finally finished(?) it XwX;;;; It’s sequel to this pic.

P.S. Riko and Yohane being karaoke buddies come from Riko’s Typical Off Day Schedule from her char intro magazine page


Karlie Kloss being sunshiney in the kitchen. (X)

bonus gifs ;)

Drabble #6

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Fluff - #9 - “You’re soft and warm and I don’t want you to move.” and #1 “I love you. I hope you know that.” + Luke Alvez

It was still dark out, mostly, barely a glimmer of sun peering up over the horizon, casting an odd gray and pink shade through the window as you two curled up in bed. The sounds of Roxy’s feet padding across the floor pulled Luke’s focus as he turned his head to try and see her in the dark, but you huffed, latching onto him a little tighter so he couldn’t move. He laughed softly, turning back to see you.

“What’re you doin’?”

“You’re soft and warm and I don’t want you to move. So stop moving,” you mumbled, curling up a little closer and burying your face into his shoulder. He scratched his fingers lightly against your back, shaking his head as he pressed his smile into your hair.

“I was just lookin’ at Roxy,” Luke hummed in response, shifting back against you, and pulling you close.

“Too early.”

“Roxy doesn’t wear a watch, Y/N.” That made you snicker into his shoulder, and roll your eyes as you snuggled in against him.

“Neither do I. And I still know it’s too early. Come back to sleep with me,” you voiced, tilting your head up to see him, smiling sweetly as he dragged his hand down your hair, fingers warm as they brushed your neck. “What?” you asked, realizing he was just staring at you, smiling, in the dark.

“…I love you. I hope you know that.” Your entire face blushed, then, and you wriggled up, nodding as you caught his lips in a soft kiss.

“I love you too.”

Drabble List courtesy of @of-badges-and-guns