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andramion  asked:

Hello! For the promtathon i wanted to request a tsukihina if that's okay! I really enjoy your tsukihinas! In which tsukishima and hinata have recently started dating and tsukishima is a LOT more into casual touching than Hinata had thought and it's really not good for Hinata's heart

Such as:

“So I told Kageyama, no, I’m not going to let you throw volleyballs at my head for three hours, I get enough of that during practice,” Hinata is telling Yamaguchi when Tsukishima strolls up, resting an arm over Hinata’s shoulder and heaving a sigh. He ignores Hinata’s squeak and leans against him, ruffling that soft mop of hair and closing his eyes, content to hang onto his boyfriend for a little while.

“And then?” Yamaguchi prompts after a long moment. Hinata mumbles a little, peeking up at Tsukishima, who keeps his eyes closed, oblivious.

“Er, yeah… and then he threw a volleyball at my head,” Hinata finishes feebly, and Yamaguchi laughs, but Hinata is too busy trying not to blush over the warm heaviness of Tsukishima’s arm.


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