Sometimes I have an idea for how to tell a story about Alim but it doesn’t work out. This was going to be the chin scar story for tommorrow’s entry in the 30 Day OC Role Playing Challenge but some things weren’t working art and story-wise.

I’m posting the first bit anyway because it’s basically Alim’s version of how he got kicked out of the Circle. :D

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ma non le trovi stupide ste bimbette che si tagliano? Bah...

Dovrei trovare stupide le persone che si tagliano solo perché stanno male e nessuno se ne accorge? Sei una brava persona, veramente.

Humour du mardi matin
  • — J'ai du Tragédie dans la tête bordel
  • — Ah bah c'est triste
  • — C'est une vraie tragédie oui
  • — ...
  • — (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
  • — [râle d'indignation mâtinée d'amusement]

“By the  Lord of the Ka'bah, I have succeeded.”

The words that Hazrat Ali ebn Abi Taleb (AS) said, after beeing hit with a poisoned sword during prayer. Today, the 21st Ramadan marks the Imam’s (AS) martyr. A day where the Umah lost the best man after the Prophet (S), lost justice, the door to Allah (SWT) and the merciful father who all orphans are missing.

Paladins and the Nature of Evil

I must preface this that this all my personal deductions on both the character archetype and it’s greatest nemesis. 

The original paladins, the foremost warriors of the half legendary king Charlemagn, also known as the twelve peers. We only know of them from accounts such as the Song of Roland. We know them more as symbols than as actual people. The root word of Paladin can be traced to palatinus, an official title in the Roman Empire with connections to Palatine hill, where an imperial palace resided.

Over the years, the word has become associated with paragon examples of knights and practitioners of chivalry. In modern times, the word became more familiar with paladins thanks to the work of Gary Gygax and his creation of Dungeons and Dragons. From that came the cultural icon of a holy but uncompromising knight, a servant of order and good. Such a person is meant to challenge evil at its darkest. In a black and white world, their role is simple as it is monumental: to remove evil from the world.

Yet the unfortunate fact is that evil isn’t a solid, tangible force. There is no Dark Lord, or army of shadows ravaging Creation. Evil is a disease, one that infects the eyes of humanity, blinding us to the atrocities we commit upon each other. Prejudice, tyranny, hate, greed, all the myriad darkness that makes mankind capable of committing terrible crimes upon each other. It is so prevalent that while some argue that what is good is a matter of opinion, the reality of evil is far more difficult to deny.

Yet, though the nature of the enemy is more insidious, so to can the means of combating it adapt. And the thousand year old concept of the paladin can evolve to a more mature champion of the light. By promoting compassion, understanding, and an unswerving dedication to those under their protection, the Paladin can undo more evil than a thousand battles. In the only battle that matters, the paladin can’t remain static. 

And yet, faith, honor, compassion, mercy, and justice are pivotal to being a Paladin. Those traits, the pillars to a paladin’s role are consistent as ever. A paladin can still be true to the age old codes that first birthed the idea. And in the face of evil, those are the best means of combating it.

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I'd love to see your take on Supergirl, (70's through 90's eras [or even the tv version-blue & red costume]) sometime. Fantastic stuff, sir. :)

I have started and given up on maybe 2 or 3 Supergirl drawings since the tv show stuff came about. I am really excited about Supergirl all of a sudden but just can’t seem to work her out at the moment. Bah!

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Bah bah bah, BA banana!

i didn’t know what this meant so i googled it and the first thing that came up was minions i feel so betrayed

Sarcastically speaking there’s nothing more refreshing than being consistently belittled by your mother and older brother for uncontrollably making accurate sheep sounds. Not being sarcastic anymore, if I could actually control my random outbursts, I’d stop going “BAH!” every 2 to 5 seconds.

Alors là, j'suis méga fière parce que j'ai vraiment fait tout ce que j'ai dit que j'allais faire même plus parce qu'avec Pénétrator on est allée manger enfin en attendant le ftour on est allée voir Lovely Robert parce qu'elle part demain bref on a graille comme des grosses et on a parlé des disneys et on a fait des snaps et on a raconté de la merde comme prévu, c'tait trop bien. Et j'suis contente parce qu'au final je sais qu'el Oso bah il ne me boude pas, il me reparle normalement et il m'a même dit qu'il m'aimait et ça me fait trop plaisir parce que même si on est ami depuis ultra longtemps bah on s'dit pas ces choses là.



awal cerita yang selalu bahagia

adalah skenario yang ditawarkan cinta
namun hanya Tuhan yang tau Kemana
perjalanan ini kan bermuara nantinya…

kita sedang bahagia
jangan buang waktu menerka nerka akhir nya
tenang aku disini selama kau disisi
aku bejanji tak ke mana mana

mungkin saja esok mungkin saja lusa
mungkin saja dunia sekejab jadi berbeda
perasaan dan segenap cinta yang kau
dan yang aku punya

Kan tetap sama …

masa depan yang aku inginkan
adalah membahagiakanmu
mulai hari ini…

bagai bulan dan bintang kita takkan terpisahkan
kita trus bersama warna kita selalu terang itu jadi pegangan
janganlah pikirkan masa depan yang jauh
tujuan masih jauh nikmatilah saat ini
toh bah kita bersatu kan kupegang tanganmu serta pelukkanku
cerita nanti biar nanti syukuri ini dulu

kita sedang bahagia
jangan buang waktu menerka nerka akhir nya
tenang aku disini , selama kau disisi
aku berjanji mulai hari ini hingga tua nanti

Tak kemana mana
Tak kemana mana

First 3 portraits of my Raekterrna characters in their anima forms for one very awesome meme xD Last months have been loaded with different business and issues AGAIN, coming back to creative direction once more 

So! These are Setanu, Sarysheen aka Rage and his twin-sister Malenah.
I swear I’ll draw them in their true forms very soon, bah!