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Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Yuri Plisetsky, Makkachin (Yuri!!! on Ice), Yakov Feltsman
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Series: Part 17 of yuri!!! on ice

When Victor Nikiforov is asked to make nice to the heir of the Katsuki Hospitality Group, he has no idea what he’s getting into. The thing is? He doesn’t care.

quite a bit expanded from the tumblr version fyi, also thanks @ladyofthelog for the last minute check!

On S7, Jon, Sansa, & the weirwood

Prior to 7.02, there was lots of hope among Jonsa fans (aided by glimpses in the S7 promo) that we might get a scene of Jon and Sansa by the Winterfell weirwood before he left to go south. And yall let me tell you, I get it, I do. This is the NedxCat parallel that I *LONG* for. But before 702, I prepared myself for the likelihood that it was not yet time for this parallel right now. I know some fans were disappointed we didn’t get that scene in 7.02. I wrote this up in my drafts last week and it got lost and never got posted. But in effort to spread some Jonsa positivity, I thought I’d share. This was my rational for why 7.02 was not the time for a Jonsa weirwood scene, but not to discount one in the future:

In the books, Sansa, like all the Stark kids, has been tied to the godswood since AGOT. But in the show, I only count twice that Sansa has been there: her wedding to Ramsey in S5 and then LF declaring his intentions to her in S6. When we see Sansa sitting peacefully under its leaves in 610, it’s as if Sansa as reclaimed the weirwood back as *hers* after reclaiming Winterfell and committing Ramsey to death. And then here comes LF, tarnishing the weirwood all over again. So I reason LF has to die (at Sansa’s hand) before the Winterfell weirwood be—for lack of a better word—"purified" in Sansa’s eyes, for a true Jonsa weirwood scene.

Also, we’ve already had so many the NedxCat parallels going on already. There’s only so many NedxCat scenes left to parallel, so they have to save some for S8!

The original NedxCat scene at the weirwood is my absolute favorite and super iconic. Where Cat brings Ned the raven about Jon Arryn’s death and King Robert’s visit, which both understand as a call for him to go South.

My hunch was that doing a Jon x Sansa scene by the weirwood in 7.02 would have been a little bit TOO on the nose right now. Especially if they’re not going to take the same path–unlike Ned and Cat, a reunion for Jon and Sansa is practically mandatory.

Also, in terms of pacing for these final 13 eps, it’d be too early in the narrative, for the same reason Jon probably will not reunite with Arya until S8. Both are these iconic scenes from the first two episodes of the show (or first 150 pages of the book, whichever way you look at it!) that will most likely be bookends to the series.

So, if I were to bet on anything in the series, it’s that Jon and Sansa will get a weirwood scene before the series closes. We’ll just have to have patience.

Non deve per forza essere spettacolare, pieno di sfumature o creare contrasto con le nuvole.. per farti emozionare❤


…you should watch black sails

But they talk about morals and freedom! Even if they’re cynical I can’t handle pirates or you know, quasi-pirates talking about morals and freedom. 

Also just…I know the shows that will annoy me and I know, sadly, Black Sails would annoy me. So I’d rather just leave it as a “one day maybe!” show than a “UGGH THAT SHOW” view. idk. i’m weird with tele. 


jan 29 2016, 8:17 am // For one of my seminars, starting next week we each have to do a book review and present it to the class and then we also have to lead discussion on the assigned readings one week.  And guess whose book review is due and who leads discussion next week?  She must really hate me…

10/100 days of productivity

the signs as famous lyrics

Aries:We’re no strangers to love 
Taurus: you know the rules and so do I
Gemini: A full commitment’s what I’m thinkin’ of
Cancer: you wouldn’t get this from any other guy 
Leo: I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling
Virgo: Gotta make you understand
Libra: never gonna give you up
Scorpio: never gonna let you down
Saggitarius: never gonna run around and desert you
Capricorn: never gonna make you cry
Aquarius: never gonna tell a lie
Pisces: never gonna tell a lie and hurt you