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what are some of the worst matches you have ever seen on a pay per view event?

  • Vampiro vs Sting, Great American Bash 2000
  • Mike Awesome vs Vampiro, Halloween Havoc 2000
  • Vampiro vs KISS Demon, Bash at the Beach 2000
  • Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon, WrestleMania 26
  • Al Snow vs Big Boss Man, Unforgiven 1999
  • Hollywood Hogan vs Warrior, Halloween Havoc 1998
  • Undertaker vs Big Boss Man, WrestleMania XV
  • The Bushwhackers vs Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, Heroes of Wrestling
  • War Games, Fall Brawl 1998
  • Sabu vs Sandman, November to Remember 1997
  • Steve Austin & Terrence Taylor vs PN News & Bobby Eaton, Great American Bash 1991
  • Rick Rude vs Masa Chono, Halloween Havoc 1992
  • Rick Rude vs Jake Roberts, WrestleMania IV
  • Ivory vs Tori, SummerSlam 2000
  • T&A vs Head Cheese, WrestleMania 2000
  • Jenna Morasca vs Sharmell, TNA Victory Road 2009
  • John Cena vs The Miz, WrestleMania 27
  • Awesome Kong vs Sojourner Bolt, TNA Destination X 2009
  • John Cena vs Randy Orton, Unforgiven 2007
  • Buff Bagwell vs David Flair, Halloween Havoc 2000
  • Steve McMichael vs Brian Adams, Road Wild 1998

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Artists: Russ Bagwell. Main artist (full right leg) and Casey Hull on the left leg minus a large half sleeve Kitsune done by @rtb_royalavetattoo. by rachel_avenue

I'll be meeting Robert Knepper

Holy Shit. I’m sorry, I’m dumbstruck. Speechless. holy molly mother of god. I’m meeting Robert Knepper. Okay let me have my hysterical moment… okay I’m good now.

This man is an all time favorite actor of mine. I’ve saw him first as the villan Theodore Teddy T-Bag Bagwell from Prison break. It was the first actor I loved to hate and hated to love. For me he was what Malcolm Merlyn now is in Arrow.

In Arrow and Flash he was the clock king. the man responsible for shooting Felicity AND her little scar on her shoulder… “you will always be my girl…” *sights*

And he is coming to this Paris Super heroes Con. Where I was already meeting my Unicorn (yes lostritaurie she’s also my unicorn) and my other hero David.

Can I fast foward time to next weeks weekend?

I was tagged by epidemicpandamonia  to list my 10 favourite characters from different tv shows.

Lloyd Lowery - Breakout Kings

Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell - Prison Break

Lorna Morello - Orange is the New Black

Jedikiah Price - The Tomorrow People

Crowley - Supernatural

Sophie Burset - Orange is the New Black

Perry Cox - Scrubs

Debra Morgan - Dexter

Vernon Schillinger - Oz

Nicole “Nicky” Nichols  - Orange is the New Black


Meg Myers - Sorry from Andrew Donoho on Vimeo.

Producers: Alex Orr, Cameron Boling
Commissioner: Alex Bitton
Director: Andrew Donoho
DP: Nate Hurtsellers
1st AC: Jessica Hershatter
2nd AC: Brett Bagwell
Steadi Op: Donovan Henneberg-Verity
DIT/Rental: Chance White
Key Grip: Tyler Winegar
Grip: Steven Walton
Gaffer Jon Titus
Swings: John Tregalles, Gabe Pippas, Alex Lubitz
Production Designer/Art Director: Aimee Holmberg
Wardrobe: Lorraine Coppin
Make-up: Katie Ballard
Hair: Alex Zakar
Edited by: Patrick Perry, Andrew Donoho
Starring: Anna Stevenson, Matthew Hughes
Management: Stacy Vaughan, Reprobates

remember in 2013 when ryland and alex inexplicably brought back the dick bagwell/vincent twice act except dick bagwell was now a hippie because he’d found enlightenment in yoga after his wife divorced him

i think about that a lot

Terror Tract (2000)

Movie: Terror Tract

  • Director: Lance W Dreesen
  • Stars: Allison Smith, Brenda Strong, Bryan Cranston, Carl Strano, Carmine Giovinazzo, David DeLuise, Fredric Lehne, Harrison Held, Jodi Harris, John Ritter, Katelin Petersen, Marcus Bagwell, Paul E Short, Rachel York, Ray Lykins, Shonda Farr, Wade Williams, Will Estes
  • Release Date: October 18, 2000
  • Run Time: 96 mins
  • Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Horror

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Feature Story: All Your Friend’s Friends

I wrote about a K Records showcase happening at Volume, The Inlander’s annual music festival. You can also read this story here.

In Seattle, Sub Pop Records is often synonymous with the local music scene. But down the I-5 corridor in Olympia, it’s all about K Records.

Since Calvin Johnson founded K in 1982, the label has worked with everyone from Beck and Kimya Dawson to the Pine Hill Haints and Bikini Kill, focusing on indie and punk rock.

Recognizing the impact K has had on music and wanting to celebrate the region’s strong hip-hop scene, Brooklyn-based MC ePRHYME and Smoke M2D6, a member of the Northwest’s biggest hip-hop crew Oldominion, pitched the idea for All Your Friend’s Friends to Johnson.

A lifelong local music junkie, Johnson was immediately on board.

The duo dug through K’s catalogue and culled samples from artists like Jeremy Jay, Ashley Eriksson, Mirah and Beat Happening. Those samples made their way into beats, which were sent to musicians with one instruction: Do what the beat tells you.

Those artists, including the Chicharones, Heddie Leonne, Barfly, Free Whiskey and Grayskul’s Onry Ozzborn and JFK, did just that. All Your Friend’s Friends is an eclectic sonic scrapbook that shows where the Northwest music scene has come from, and just how far it can go.

An eponymous documentary about the album, screening at the Bartlett this weekend, will show Spokane what Olympia is all about. Friday night, a K Records-affiliated showcase hits the Red Room Lounge stage. Here’s a taste of the acts.

CANDIDT: If you’re not already familiar, Seattle MC and Oldominion member Candidt’s latest, Sweatsuit & Churchshoes, is the perfect intro to the rapper, who’s been at it since the 1996 release of Dookiebraid Soul. On Sweatsuit, Candidt balances streetwise flows and soulful beats. He’s currently working on his next release, a project called Homie Handshake.

IAME: Portland-based lyricist IAME, also a member of the Sandpeople and Oldominion crews, likes to keep busy. Since releasing Lame$tream in 2012, he started a record label (Heaven Noise Recordings), teamed up with Goldini Bagwell to release an album as McJameson and recently released Homie Garden under the name of his “one-man band” Wool See.

XPERIENCE: Another Oldominion member, XPERIENCE is as excited about performing as he is about helping others perform. The rapper, who combined hip-hop and gospel on his latest, The Revelations EP, has organized two Spit showcases, which feature local and national wordsmiths, so far this year.

GOLDINI BAGWELL: Portland native and Sandpeople cohort Goldini Bagwell released his latest full-length, Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut), last year as a follow-up to 2013’s Secondhand Smoke (X-Ray EP). This year, he’s releasing a new song for free on the 14th of each month as part of the Smoker’s Jacket Series.

SMOKE M2D6: One of the masterminds behind Friend’s, Smoke M2D6 is a producer and artist in his own right. He’s added his genre-crossing touch to tracks for artists like Talib Kweli, Gregory Isaacs, Devin the Dude, Osborn, Bagwell and many more. ♦

K Records and THEE XNTRX present All Your Friend’s Friends with Candidt, IAME, XPERIENCE, Goldini Bagwell and Smoke M2D6 • Fri, May 29, at 9:45 pm • Red Room Lounge • 521 W. Sprague • 21+ • All Your Friend’s Friends, the film, shows Fri, May 29 and Sat, May 30 at 5 pm • The Bartlett • 228 W. Sprague • All-ages

Goldini Bagwell - Tattoo

It’s that time of the month again, which means we’re getting another installment in Goldini Bagwell’s monthly Smoker’s Jacket series. “Tattoo” is an incredibly somber experience, thanks in part to the beautiful Sade sample provided by DJ Epik, and Goldini’s presence on here is transcendent, effortlessly working with the production to give the listener a chilling and unforgettable performance.

“'Cause chicks dig guys with scars, especially when it’s disguised as art.”


Wendy Bagwell: Fire On The Bus