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New GOT7 mini series teaser

Genre: Romance / mystery / drama

Inspired by the American television series

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Crash Landing Prologue

So i saw a request for a plane crash fic, and since i’ve wanted to do a group fic for a long time i thought i’d take it on. Jinkx, Alaska, Sharon, Phiphi, Willam, Detox, Manila, Raja, Katya, Trixie, Courtney, Bianca, Adore, Violet, Fame, and Pearl are all featured. That means all combo’s are possible, i just gotta hear from you first to know what you want. i have them boarding the plane in my suggested “pairs” but i’d love shake ups and such. Hope you like.

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[화양연화 on stage: Epilogue in Manila] Goodie Bags from fy-taekook!

We are extremely grateful that fy-taekook has reached 26k+ followers in the past year and a half. Following the success of our last Goodie Bags event at The Red Bullet in LA, we want to celebrate this feat and thank you guys for the enormous support by giving out 4 goodie bags filled with yummy snacks, cute stationary and more at 화양연화 on stage: Epilogue in Manila

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Rick Castle had never been so nervous for anything in his entire life. That included his first date, first kiss, first—and then second—wedding, as well as both proposals, first book launch party, and every subsequent novel released under his name.

He hadn’t felt this nervous the first time he went to meet Kate Beckett after their—apparently—one-night stand and he’d been sweating bullets back then. He’d also been a nineteen-year-old kid back then, not a best-selling mystery novelist. Which probably made the fact that the bouquet of lilies he was holding—which he’d bought at a fancy floral shop on the Upper West Side—was practically slipping out of his hand every few seconds all the more pathetic.

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