bagpipes lol

Lennox’s Ultimate Scottish Playlist (narrated by Lennox):

SCOTLAND THE BRAVE (listen). I don’t really understand some people’s aversion to bagpipes. Majestic instruments that pull the heart strings - if I could play, I would. ‘Scotland the Brave’ makes me remember home, and nothing is better than when a marching band plays it.

DOWN BY THE RIVER, Strawberry Ocean Sea (listen). An obscure band, a good rock song, poetic lyrics. Fuck whatever Mozart was doing, listen to this.

LOCH LOMOND (listen). Sad, sweet. 

WOKE UP HURTING, Frightened Rabbit (listen). Pride of Scotland, Frightened Rabbit would be every song on this list if I could. Listen and weep that your country can’t produce better.

HIGHLAND CATHEDRAL (listen). I’ve watched my family members get married to this song for as long as I can remember, so one day I’ll do the same. The vibe in the church when this song starts up fills my chest with nothing but happiness. And longing, too, I guess.

BESIDES THE POINT, Woodenbox With a Fistful of Fivers (listen). Obscure and offbeat. Love this band.

AMAZING GRACE (listen). For my mother.

I HOPE YOU LIKE THE SMITHS, We See Lights (listen). ‘And I never knew I was waiting, and now I’m only waiting, and I never knew I was waiting for you.’ Do I like the Smiths? Not overly, but I like this song - simple, cute.

SISI, Washington Irving (listen). Sick song.

BLOOD UNDER THE BRIDGE, Frightened Rabbit (listen). ‘Pick up your sorrow, this is not who we are. I won’t cry uncle, having come so far.’ I listen to a lot of Frightened Rabbit at home - they’ve got great lyrics and melodies, and always cut straight to the heart of an emotion. 

AULD LANG SYNE (listen). At my wedding, this’ll be the song we dance to last, and everyone will join in.


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