Who would have believed that the perfect Wikipedia photo caption could have been improved on? (Alan Ferrier on twitter)

I love this as an example of Gricean humour. Grice’s Maxims say to only say things that are relevant (i.e. interpret everything someone says as if it adds relevant information to the conversation). In this case, the caption is “improved” by adding (right) after the name of the bagpiper. In many photo captions, (left) or (right) is used to tell us which of several similar-looking people the caption is about. If there were several bagpipers or even humans, (right) would be a neutral, informative information. 

But here, the only entities in the photo are Piper Kerr and the indifferent penguin. It’s very easy to tell the difference between them. So adding (right) brings with it the absurd interpretation that (right) is relevant information, i.e. that the piper and the penguin are hard to tell apart. 


Medieval Spectacular! VLOG

NEW VIDEO! Join me at a magical Medieval Fantasy festival :D

Trying to get back into the swing of things as they say, after having been so bloody ill. Enjoy!

“What about these pipes, unca Scrooge?”

“Can you play it?”

“Well, when I was still a young lad in Scotland, my poppa taught me how to play some songs. It’s been a long time, boys, and I’ve never played the pipes again. But… let’s see if this old McDuck still remembers his clan’s traditional song.”

Phan hc 😫😫👌🏾👅💦💦

Summary: Phil confesses his love to Dan 👅💕💕

Warnings: cumming in pants, FLUFF OMG, potatoes, bagpipes 😥💗


💋 Dan and Phil are at a beatiful beach and there are fairylights everywhere

💋 Phil takes Dan’s hand in his and gently caresses it “Dan, I love you more than garlic bread” Phil says quietly while looking Dan in the eye lovingly

💋 Dan flushes red and then he looks at Phil and his eyes are so blue that he cums immediatly. He feels a wet patch grow in the front of his jeans.

💋 “Dan.. Did you just.. Cum?” Phil asks carefully

💋 “Y-yeah..” Dan stutters “And also I hate you bye” Dan says and runs away to Oklahoma and starts a potato farm.

💋 Phil is just stood there and then he shrugs and starts playing the bagpipes for a living.


Thanks for reading this was my first ever hc 👅👅💕