bagpipe player


Friendly reminder to CLEAN YOUR INSTRUMENTS. dangerous bacteria and fungi can grow and cause severe lung damage or even death. It’s been brought to light recently after a bagpiper died, and suspicion is cast upon the various things growing in his instrument. I’m a brass player and I can say for them they /should/ be cleaned once a week. Remember your mouthpiece also!

-Appreciation post for the Bagpipe Player

So I made one for the bagpiper! Which is kind of random, but I like bagpipes. And clearly this guy gets up early in the morning to go play bagpipes on the dock. And if there’s any good way to wake up that early in the morning, it’s to bagpipe music. (I know from experience. :D ) So, this nameless guy is doing a service to them all. And I wrote out the tune of the main theme in solfege…..feeding the inner music nerd.