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Oh no manders, those sex scenes just make me want to puke also don't give more ammunition for that people hating on Claire because she enjoyed sex with Frank quite a lot... while Jamie literally cried before getting laid with Mary, in some way as non book reader like me, I felt kinda betrayed by Claire, she didn't think about Jamie anymore, not even when she gave birth Bree.

You’re perfectly entitled to your perspective, but I can think of several times she thought of Jamie:


  • When she cooked dinner over the fireplace and the neighbor said, “you’ll never find a man like Frank again.” She shut her eyes because that wasn’t true.
  • When she stared at the bird and wished she was in Scotland with Jamie.
  • When she flinched when Frank tried to place his hand on the belly containing Jamie’s child.
  • When Frank mentions the Stuarts in the list of things he fought for in WWII.
  • When she reveals the miscarriage to Frank and the Doctor, meaning she almost had TWO children with the love of her life.
  • When she woke up and was scared she almost lost the last physical tether to the man she was tragically separated from.
  • When she realized the baby lived.
  • When she held her daughter for the first time.
  • When the nurse asked where the baby got her red hair.


  • When she masturbated to his memory, picturing him there with her, recalling a time when they were happy and together at Lallybroch.
  • When Frank said, “come to daddy,” to her daughter, but her expression clearly showed she wished it was Jamie who was there to say that to her.
  • When she said “I miss my husband,” and we ALL know who she really meant.
  • When Frank told her he knew when they were together, she was with Jamie.
  • When she pushed her red-headed daughter in the pram and she smiled up at her.
  • When she LITERALLY says in voiceover, “But the man I had loved was Jamie…”
  • When she walked past a bagpipe player SIX YEARS after she returned to the future and still teared up at the reminder of Jamie and her time in the past.

Claire can’t talk about Jamie. That was the bargain she made with Frank and she kept it. She also believes he is dead. She’s not betraying anyone. But we’ve seen her struggle to forget these past two episodes, so don’t tell me she hasn’t thought about Jamie, because it just isn’t true.

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For the sentence ask meme: "Do I even want to know why you're wearing that?"

“For a case,” Sherlock replied, then frowned as he realized Molly was saying the words right along with him.

“Do you get to play the bagpipes as well?” she asked with a giggle as she stirred her coffee, stifling a yawn and hitching her - his - dressing gown back up her shoulder.

“No bagpipes,” he replied, “although I could manage if I had to, thanks to some unfortunate summers spent with cousins in Aberdeen.” He squinted at her uncertainly. “Why, do you like bagpipe players?”

Molly shrugged, but doing her best to hold in her giggles as she replied, “What can I say, I love a man who knows how to wrap his lips around a blowstick.”

Her shrieks of laughter echoed pleasantly through the flat as Sherlock, kilt and all, chased her around the flat in mock outrage.

Fridays with Jack (Jack Lowden x reader)

(not my gif!)

Fridays with Jack are energetic. It’s the same stereotypical feeling that everyone gets when this day comes: it’s easier to get out of bed knowing you don’t have work the next day, you’re looking forward to the plans you’ve met for the evening and even the late night snacks you’re going to get when you get the midnight munchies. 

You’re thinking about this as you watch a shirtless Jack make your breakfast as you sit on the breakfast nook.

“Any plans for today?” you had asked him earlier as you laid in bed a little while longer.
“Just hiding your ring where you’ll never find it, you li’l minx.”

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Road Trip

Pairing: Merlin x Reader
Warnings: none
Request: @enthusiastic-french-toast “Hi!! I just read a whole bunch of your Merlin imagines and your a fantastic writer!💕 Can I have an imagine where the reader and Merlin go on a road trip with their kids please?”

“Ma, where are we going?” A little boy, aged 4 with curly dark hair asked in the back seat of your car, as your husband drove. You was taking them to Disneyland Paris, but was keeping it a top secret until you got there.

“You’ll see soon, darling.” you said softly, turning around in the passengers seat to give him a snack, your other child, a girl aged 6 was fast asleep. You smiled softly.

It was silent for a while, until John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads started playing on the radio, Merlin piped up. “I bloody love this song.” 

You laughed, turning it up slightly. “I know you do, Hamish, you insisted we had the bagpipe players play it at our wedding.” 

Hamish laughed at the memory, taking one hand off the steering wheel to hold yours. 

“Dad, where are we going?” your son asked again, starting to get wildly impatient now, pouting.

“We’re almost there, I promise, just a few more minutes to go.” he said, stifling a laugh and you gave him a look, “What?” he asked.

“Should we tell them now? I mean, we’re going to be there in a few minutes away and they’ll be all excited.” you said, smiling sweetly at your husband, hoping you’d persuaded him. It had been ridiculously painful to keep the secret for six whole months. Merlin nodded in agreement, humming along to the radio which made you smile.

You turned around in your passenger seat, gently shaking your daughter awake. “Shall I tell you where we going now?”

Both children sat up in their seats excitedly, grins on both of their faces. “Yeah! Ma, tell us! Tell us!” they cheered, making you laugh.

“Dad’s taking us to Disneyland!” you said, and you could’ve sworn the look on your children’s faces was priceless. 

Merlin looked into his rear-view mirror and smiled, taking your hand again. Life couldn’t feel more perfect for him right now.

This is why we can't have nice things

For context, we’re a group of fairly new players with a brand new DM, and we just made these characters. I’m a bagpipe playing Tiefling bard named Fear. The thing is, I made the whole table listen to bagpipes whenever I played them in game. I asked the DM, and he said it was ok for this to happen. No modifiers, if I roll a natural 16 or higher, I can use my attack to play bagpipes so horribly that creatures withing 10 feet literally kill themselves and I get the kill. My first kill of the campaign is… WITH BAGPIPES.

Goblins: So how’d you’re friend die again?

Goblin 2: Bagpipes.

Today, I fucked up by buying tickets for the Red Hot Chili Pipers.

I haven’t gone to a concert in a few months, so this morning I decided to google events that would be taking place in my area in the next month or so. Turns out, the Red Hot Chili Pipers would be performing in a nearby city on March 15, and so I bought a ticket. Problem is that I misread and mistook them for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is the band I originally meant to buy tickets to go watch.

Satisfied with my purchase, I text my friend, who is also a fan of the Peppers, to tell him I just bought a ticket. He asks me for the information of the concert, and calls me saying, “please tell me the concert you bought tickets for takes place March 15 in Parker Playhouse”. He tells me to look up the event on Google, and so I do. That’s when I realized that I fucked up.

I guess I will be watching a Scottish group of bagpipe players perform on March 15.

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What kind of music do they all listen to? (Assuming they do enjoy music!)

They do, my dear anon.

The overall musical genre shared by the bros is actually Rock. Because brits. Also this is going to be the most stereotyped musical stuff ever. Be warned.

Ireland is probably the musician of the group, so he would be full Celtic music, Folk (including soft folk with harp and such), Rock, basically everything that screams “HELLO YES MY PATRIOTIC MUSIC IS THE BEST SHITE EVER I RULE THE MUSICAL WORLD”, such as The Dubliners, The Pogues, U2… and even non-irish band that plays Irish music (dropkick murphys, rumjacks, etc). So he’s fond of celtic punk too, of course. As long as it’s stamped “IRISH/CELTIC” it’s his jam. (fun fact : irish songs are usually FUCKING SAD but with a jolly melody. If this isn’t the most IRISH THING EVER THEN IDK)

Scotland has basically the same tastes, but I think he likes military music too. Because bagpipes and of course he’s the best bagpipes player right (and on a personal note, bagpipes always make me PUMPED AS HELL. if this doesn’t make you feel like kicking englishmen’s arses, idk what will)

Wales is more on the soft side I’d say. He may enjoy calm and soft folk music, but also choirs, the very very welsh choirs. (this being one of my fav ever). But don’t be fooled. He does like rock a lot too. 

Celt, because I miss this old fart and should probably do a lot more with him, is really a musical guy. Of course it wouldn’t mean anything to say “what does he listen to” but. I just wanted to point out that he sings a lot. From jolly stuff, to military stuff, and even some soft and nice lullabies. yes.

England, OF COURSE, likes rock in lots of its forms. The Beatles, The Stooges, The Sex Pistols… He’s quite vintage/sixtiesandseventies4ever in his tastes though.

Norn likes lots of things, but they followed their brothers on many levels. Pop-rock, Punk Rock, Britpop, and our lord and saviour Van Morrisson.

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Hey you once said you are a fan of the twilight zone right? Got any recommendations for good episodes from the original series?

Oh hell yeah.

Just going down the list for ones that I personally love:

“Where is Everybody?”

The pilot episode and the premise is all there in the title - a man is walking around with no memory of who he is, how he got where he is, and can’t find a single other person.

“The Lonely”

Yeah, you’ll see a theme of loneliness and isolation among my favorite stuff. Don’t know if that reflects on my own personality, but it just hits me somehow. A prisoner is condemned to life imprisonment on an asteroid with no company aside from an occasional ship that drops off supplies. A Captain takes pity on him and provides him with an android woman to serve as company.

“And When the Sky Was Opened”

Two men return from a trip to space and- hmmm? What do you mean there were three?

“What You Need”

This one’s just a very basic little short story - no big dramatic twists or turns about human nature or aliens or anything. It’s just about a bitter jerk who finds a kindly old man who uses precognition to give people “what they need,” usually something small and insignificant that ends up making people better. The jerk wants to use the old man’s power to his own benefit.

“I Shot An Arrow Into the Air”

A group of astronauts crash in a desert of an alien world and find themselves struggling to survive.

“The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”

A classic story of paranoia and mistrust as a neighborhood finds themselves without power of any kind - electricity is off, cars won’t start, and people begin to wonder if everyone is who they claim to be.

“Night of the Meek”

A classic little Christmas story about a drunken department store Santa who finds a garbage bag that is able to pull out gifts magically and he gives them to everyone he can find.

“The Invaders”

A woman in a cabin, all alone, must fend off tiny attackers.

“Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?”

Two State Troopers discover a crashed spaceship in a frozen lake and fresh footprints leading to a diner, where a small bus has stopped for a time. There are only supposed to be six passengers on the bus, yet there are seven people who claim to be from the bus. Is someone not who they claim to be?

“The Obsolete Man”

In a totalitarian future, Burgess Meredith plays a librarian who has been sentenced to death for being considered obsolete.

“The Arrival”

A plane lands on a runaway… but nobody is onboard. No pilot to land it, no passengers, nothing in the cargo hold.

“The Shelter”

When news hits of nuclear war possibly beginning soon, a family retreats into their bomb shelter… only to find the rest of the neighborhood wants in, too.

“Five Characters in Search of an Exit”

Pretty much what the title says - an army major, a clown, a tramp, a ballerina, and a bagpipe player are inside of a room with no exit and no clear way how they got there. They don’t know who they are or how they got there, but seek a way to escape.

“Showdown with Rance Mcgrew”

An asshole TV actor famous for an over-the-top Western where he plays the title character gets taken by the spirit of Jesse James to get a lesson in humility.

“Little Girl Lost”

A little girl’s parents find that they can hear the voice of their daughter… but can’t find where she’s disappeared to.

“The Changing of the Guard”

During Christmastime, Donald Pleasance plays an aging teacher who is being forced into retirement. It’s kind of cheesy near the end, but it’s all worth it for Donald Pleasance’s monologue in the middle.

“Death Ship”

This episode, along with the next few, is a longer episode - the fourth season was done as hour-long episodes because it was replacing another series that had run an hour long. Rod Serling may not have liked it being so, but these episodes, I feel at least, are greatly helped by the longer length - giving us time to really develop the characters and situations.

Three astronauts detect something strange on the surface of a planet - their own crashed ship and dead bodies.

“Printer’s Devil”

A fledgling newspaper owner is about to commit suicide when he’s approached by Burgess Meredith, a wealthy newspaper man himself who claims he can save his paper. Longer episode.

“The New Exhibit”

A man who has spent years looking after a group of wax sculptures of famous murderers learns that the wax museum is shutting down, so he takes the sculptures home to care for them. Longer episode.

“On Thursday We Leave for Home”

A large community of survivors of a doomed space colonization have been living on a barren planet for 30 years. Rescue finally arrives, but their leader is apprehensive about them leaving and splitting up.

“Last Night of a Jockey”

In a one-man performance, Mickey Rooney plays a bitter, jackass jockey contending with his own mind as he claims his only wish to be a big man after being treated with so much “disrespect.”

“Living Doll”

A jerky step-father is upset when his daughter gets a talking doll… one that doesn’t like him very much.

“The Old Man in the Cave”

Ten years after a nuclear war, a group of survivors tries to live off the instructions made by an old man in a cave… until a group of soldiers arrive claiming to know better.

“The Masks”

A rich, dying old man gathers together his terrible family and promises to give them his fortune after he dies… but only if they wear grotesque masks in his final hours.

“Stopover in a Quiet Town”

A man and woman wake up in a strange environment where everything is fake, no one is around, and they can hear giggling on occasion.