The graduation practice nearly starved us to death– because most of us, including me, weren’t able to take breakfast and lunch before practice– so, we decided to fulfill our hunger needs at LaMesa Grill in MoA and enjoy our last moments with each other as classmates. Sad stuff over here, bro.

Anyway, I was so hungry I ordered a huge plate of Bagoong rice, tofu sisig, and unlimited lemonade for only 290 bucks–VAT Included!!! See for yourself.

This is a crappy picture.  But I could not NOT post it, because it was really delicious meal.  This is Bagnet Sisig with bagoong rice from 8065 Bagnet (another hole-in-the-wall restaurant in our neighborhood).  The serving was generous and the price was the best.  Only a little over P100.00! :)

Bagnet is crispy pork belly.  Sisig is a local specialty.  For this, the Bagnet was covered with the sisig sauce… Heaven! :)


Dat’s Mix Best Sellers
April 13, 2012

Dat’s Mix is my new found love and these are two of their best sellers: The Bagoong Rice with Topping (P99) and the Sisig Rice with Egg (P99).

The Sisig Rice was a mix of tofu and pork topped with an over easy egg paired with plain rice. It was just an okay meal. I don’t know what’s missing. Maybe it’s just different when you’re sisig is not sizzling. 

The Bagoong Rice was just heavenly! Topped with strips of green mango and scrambled eggs, together with tocino-like pork strips paired with bagoong rice. Just perfect combinations of flavors!

Click the pictures to see the hi-res goodness. 

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Bagnet is a famous specialty from Vigan made of deep-fried pork or chicharon but it still has its laman kinda similar to lechon kawali.

8065 Bagnet is located near our school, Leon Guinto Street, Malate.. Though I currently study @ St.Scho and I actually have heard a lot about how good their banget and bagoong rice are, It was just now that I had a chance to try this sinful platter and you know what? I regret nothing!  this fatty food is so good!


My Favorite Victoria Corazon Combo
May 25, 2012

If you’ve been an old follower of my blog, you know that I always order from Victoria Corazon. This is my favorite combination to order, the Bagoong Rice and the Grilled Liempo. The quality of the grilled liempo is not the way it used to be anymore though but the bagoong rice is just as good as before.

If you want to know where Victoria Corazon is, just go to my home page and click the Locator at the sidebar. There’s a guide there on how to find the place you’re looking for.