My family, my boyfriend and I had an impromptu trip to the newly renovated Buenos Aires Mountain Resort in Bago City. It’s been 6 years since I was last there , and although to me nothing has changed, I guess most of the renovations were centered on the pool area which we did not go to. We decided a dip in the river would be just as refreshing–my grandfather certainly enjoyed himself!

The overnight cottages were newly painted, and the gardens are now much more beautiful and colorful. The name “Buenos Aires” roughly translates to “good air” and I believe its just appropriate. It’s a refreshing place to be because there are so many trees, and the temperature is cooler compared to Mambukal Mountain Resort in Murcia. 

We had lunch at The Hostel, it’s located at the top of the resort. You can either drive up there or climb the stairs from the bottom. The food was ok, nothing fancy. Mostly home-cooked meals. What I love about them though, is that they served brewed coffee haha!

Entrance for the resort is P50.00 for adults and P30.00 for children 12 years old and below. Overnight cottages and hostel rooms range from P1,250.00 - P3,500.00 a night. Day use cottages range from P200.00 - P400.00. They also have various pavilions and function halls for seminars and the like. 

For inquiries and reservations you can e-mail or call (034) 4610 540.