bagnet 8065


BAGNET 8065 <Revisited>

Pork loin and lomo b oiled till it’s fall of the bone then deep fried and allowed to sit for days before it gets deep fried again before being served. Tell me who doesn’t like the sound of that? Laden it up with your favorite pinoy viands’ sauce like Dinuguan, Kare-Kare or Pinakbet, I’m sure that this would give you ecstasy.

Bagnet 8065 offers a variety of sauces for the Bagnet and you ought to try them all and my favorite? The classic sinigang. Imagine sipping the soury soup of the Sinigang and munching on the crunchy skin of the bagnet, it’s just amazing. 

I live near Bagnet 8065 and I eat there every chance I get. This is my kind of comfort food, simple yet satisfying. Comfort food that you would eat on a lonely rainy evening, coz’ crying yourself to sleep or reminiscing on whatever dark and cold past you have is way too mainstream and dreadful for me.

Each serving of their budget meal would just cost you 120.00 pesos. SUPER SULIT! And Im sure you would order another cup of rice anmd it would be for 30.00 pesos. That would be the best 150.00 pesos that you would ever spend!

8065 Bagnet 

8065 Estrella St., San Antonio Village, Makati City

Telephone: +632 519-6511

Operating Hours: 

Monday to Saturday 11am – 12mn; 

Sunday  5pm – 12mn


Binagoongang Bagnet from Bagnet 8965, Leon Guinto Branch.

This stuff is way too sinful, every serving is packed with real pork goodness, plus the sweet-salty bagoong sauce, it will also surprise you with a mild spicy zing as you bite down on chili peppers hidden in the sauce. 

I guarantee, you’ll order another cup of rice when you’ve had this.


Steamed Cream Dory in Spicy Gata Sauce of Bagnet 8065

Okay, dahil ilang beses sa isang linggo na ako nag babagnet, I tried out naman their fish menu, medyo na-HighBlood nagsawa na ako sa kakakain ng Bagnet.

The Fish was good, perfectly cooked, not super dry or crumbly to the point na you can just flake it. Flavorful and moist.