Not All Of Them Are Anonymous

I decided to introduce to you a few “insekts” (Baginya users), or, as Valeria used to call them, “fat ugly jealous housewives all covered in cellulite”, who don’t hide the real selves.

I believe that I don’t violate the rights of these ladies, because they don’t position themselves as anons, and they are very easy to find.

I also would like to add that being non-Anonymous is out of favor among the insekts, and usually, when some users try to post pictures of themselves in comments, they are being attacked by others for attention-whoring, and the following girls are not an exception.


1. Anastasiya Eden

I can say only two things about this girl:

1. I like her and I think that she is quite a smart and nice person.

2. Other “insekts” hate her for her nose contouring, wearing a wig and belts that emphasize the waistline, and blame her in being Valeria wannabe.



2. Akasha Atma aka Akasha

The “veteran” of the community, follows Valeria since the beginning of her internet life in 2004. The most noticeable thing about this lady is that she is the only “insekt” who says everything that she thinks on Valeria’s VK and never gets banned by Valeria. Of course, she is never being too rude in expressing her thoughts, maybe just ironical/sarcastic, but Valeria banned hundreds of people even if they were very polite, so Akasha’s immunity is something really extraordinary. In my opinion, Valeria respects her. But I don’t know why. Maybe just because she finds her enough pretty for making critical remarks?


3. Anastasiya Ban'kina aka Koroed (rus. “Bark Beetle”)

This girl became famous among the insekts and Valeria’s fans when Valeria posted pictures of hers and wrote “Ahahah!!!))))) look, this girl is trying to be me)))))))) she even wears the same cowboy hat, but only a brown one!!!! I have a black one, and Olya [Dominika] has a white one!!)))))” (I personally have two hats like this, and I got both long before I found out about Valeria, and I can say that it’s just a cheap cowboy-like hat that can be found anywhere for about 8-10 bucks)

Most of the insekts don’t trust this girl because she doesn’t position herself as an anti-fan or a fan, and also because she was a fan of Valeria’s before she found out about her ugly personality.

I can’t say that I like this girl, but I like that she is always trying to judge people objectively, without going into extremes. She seems to be a smart and friendly person to me personally.