since I live near a lot of pokestops and suffer from an embarrassment of riches I thought I should share this information

  • it is possible for your bag to fill up
  • you have a capacity of 350 items and if you have 100 pokeballs, that’s almost 1/3 of your bag
  • if your bag is full, pokestops will not drop any items
  • however, you still get exp and credit for checking in at a pokestop even if your bag is full
  • so it’s still worth it to check in for leveling up purposes

okay that’s all feel free to hate me for living in a heavily populated urban center

January 20, 2016- Selena Gomez made a chic exit from JFK airport last night wearing a Co Ribbed wool and cashmere blend turtleneck sweater in color black. You can find this sweater on on SALE for $663.

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She wore it with Jimmy Choo boots and a Louis Vuitton bag

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