since I live near a lot of pokestops and suffer from an embarrassment of riches I thought I should share this information

  • it is possible for your bag to fill up
  • you have a capacity of 350 items and if you have 100 pokeballs, that’s almost 1/3 of your bag
  • if your bag is full, pokestops will not drop any items
  • however, you still get exp and credit for checking in at a pokestop even if your bag is full
  • so it’s still worth it to check in for leveling up purposes

okay that’s all feel free to hate me for living in a heavily populated urban center

basically random people on the internet shouldn’t be your emotional punching bag

if most of your interactions on the internet consist of being bitter towards everyone over everything, regardless of whether or not it’s deserved, it’s time to take a step back probably