baghir (as)

What would I be in this earth if it was not for Muhammad and Aale Muhammad (Allahoma sali alla Muhammad wa Aale Muhammad)? I learned morals from Muhammad (saww), I learned honour from Ali (as). I learned patience from Hassan (as), I learned sacrifice from Hussain (as). I learned spirituality from ZainulAbideen (as) and the importance of teaching from Baghir (as). And how important it is to disseminate knowledge from Sadiq (as) and how to hold back my anger from Kadhim (as). How to be pleased with Allah’s (swt) words by Reza (as) and how to be generous by Muhammad ibn Ali (as). How to be a man of piety from Ali ibn Muhammad (as), how to be a man that gives all he has to Allah (swt) from Askari (as). And I learned forbearance from Imam Zaman (as,ajf).
—  Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani

“The more Allah (swt) loves a servant, the more Allah (swt) will drown them in the ocean of suffering.” - Imam Baghir (as) ❤️

But why, oh Imam (as)?

“Our followers are like gold, the more they suffer, the more they shine.” - Imam Baghir (as) ❤️

Even our calamities are blessings! Alhamdulillah❤️